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Ally's Keto Success Story

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The next KetoDiet Challenge starts tomorrow - Are you ready for it? :-)

I thought we should start with a success story. Ally is one of the participants and a bonus prize winner of our previous 60-Day Keto Challenge and would like to share her fantastic results with you. I hope Ally's story will inspire you to eat healthier, so you can feel great, get in shape and stay on track. Others have done it and so can you!

About Ally

I am a 51 y/o American female living in NZ. I work for an Outdoors Retailer, Inward Goods Department. I was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic in October 2015. I stopped 2x day juicing which I told my doctor was the culprit.

Ally's Keto Success Story

I tried cutting carbs and following NZ guidelines for diet and my glucose dropped back to middle pre-diabetic range. I attended a diabetic education appointment and was astounded by the amount of carbs they recommended to be eaten per meal/day.

I tried cutting the carbs but I was having terrible cravings for pasta and rice, and then sugar cravings began. I heard about the Keto lifestyle and searching the internet I found your amazing site just days before the April 11th challenge began. On this 60 day challenge I have lost 14 pounds (6.35 kg). But the amazing part is total centimetres (inches) lost as you can see in my photos.

Why did you join the challenge?

I joined the Keto Challenge for weight loss and overall health, and especially Type 2 Diabetes prevention. Given my family history, heart health is especially important.

My mother and father both died of congestive heart failure seven weeks apart in 2003 at the ages of 69 and 76 respectively. My eldest sister died of the same in 2005 just three days before her 52nd birthday. They were all overweight and had terrible eating habits and I am sorry to say I feel I was heading in the same direction with all of the take-away and processed food I was eating. All of it was simply because I was not interested to take the time to eat healthy and I easily followed trends because it suited what I wanted to eat, not what was best for me.

As my photos show, I was carrying an extreme amount of fat in my abdominal area which has been shown to be indicative of future heart health issues. Lastly I am interested in improving the way I look so I can enjoy clothes shopping like I used to when I wore a smaller size. I didn’t like the way I looked or felt, tried lots of things – vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, low-fat, high protein, gluten free, you name it! And I “fell off the wagon” every time due to hunger and cravings. All of that has changed thanks to this Keto Challenge. This is no “diet” Keto is a lifestyle change in every sense.

  • Starting weight: 88.9 kg (195.99 lbs, 13.99 St)
  • Final weight: 82.2 kg (181.22 lbs, 12.94 St)
  • Loss: 6.7 kg (14.77 lbs, 2.32 St)

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What helped you stay on track?

A few things helped me stay on track. I would say the major contributing factor that helped me stay on track was the fact that you, Martina, took all the work out of what I needed to do in order to change my eating habits and lifestyle.

The food list and delicious recipes (more of them than I can count) that you have made available to us, which were not difficult to follow for someone like me who has never really cooked much. The fact the meals were so well balanced that I felt comfortably full after every meal was also something that kept me on track.

Having recipes available to use where I did not have to figure out what to eat, how to make it taste good, not having to constantly count calories, and having the nutrition and macros available was paramount to the success I have had on this Keto Challenge. It was also fun to be able to make my own condiments and sauces and share them with friends and co-workers.

In the past I gave up on so many diets because I was always hungry. I personally feel I adapted quite easily and quickly. It would be fair to say the hunger I did experience at the start of this challenge ceased after about 7-8 days making it really easy for me to stay on track.

Ally's Keto Success Story

Prior to beginning this Keto Challenge, I was eating carbs for every meal and even my snacks were high carb. For about 2 weeks prior to beginning the Challenge I had cut carbs from one meal a day. Unfortunately for me within a few days this caused serious headaches, some progressing to migraine, as well as major sugar cravings. (you can read more about keto-flu in this post)

I have always been a pasta, bread and rice girl. I have never really been much of a sweets eater. For the first time in my life I have learned to eat when I am hungry and not eat when I am not hungry. The Keto Diet challenge helped me to break seriously bad eating habits I have had for many years in just 2 months.

This Keto Challenge also helped me to bust myths that fat is bad, breakfast must be eaten every day, eating multiple meals a day is required, low fat diets are healthy, etc. I use the Keto Diet in combination with 16/8 intermittent fasting and it really agrees with me. I feel (and look) amazing!!!

How has KetoDiet Challenge helped you achieve your goals?

I definitely lost significant amount of weight. But other than the weight, the amazing part is the loss of total centimetres (inches). I lost a phenomenal 43.7 centimetres (18.62 inches)! My jeans went from a US size 40 waist (101 cm) to a US size 32 waist (81 cm)!!! My belt had 5 holes. When the challenge began I was using the 2nd hole.

I have since added 2 additional holes to my belt. I have not yet hit a plateau causing me to adjust anything. I am thinking once I do hit plateau that will be my body telling me it is now time to switch gears and go from fat burning mode into maintenance mode.

What are your favourite recipes from the KetoDiet Blog?

My favourite Keto recipes are the ones that appeal to my life-long favourite dishes. I have always loved Italian and Asian food. The recipes for Spiced Chorizo Meatballs, Fool Proof Cauli Pizza, Easy Paprika Chicken, Salmon Stuffed Avocado and Prawn and Noodle Stir Fry were being used a lot.

For treats I have grown to enjoy the Double Chocolate Muffins, Maple and Pecan Fudge Fat Bombs, Raspberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs, as these became a very special part of enjoying the challenge.

I was able to share them with my friend and former partner. He was supportive of my quest for a lifestyle change. And while he recently passed away, he was able to eat and enjoy the fat bombs as meal replacements when he did not feel like a full meal and this helped to give him energy.

How can we improve the KetoDiet Challenge?

I know that for me it is perfect the way it is therefore I cannot think of any way to improve the challenge. However if I may give one suggestion, I would say that while the Macros are available in percentages, also adding the grams per serving that equals the percentages would be beneficial for those of us who relate to grams easier than percentages. - Thank you Ally, it's in our to-do list!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I just wanted to update you on my test results for my 3 month diabetes check. At the time I submitted my Keto Challenge results I had not yet gone for blood work as it was due on 6 July.

In October 2015 I was considered diabetic at 57 and stopped juicing and changed my diet but apparently was still eating too many carbs. I didn't lose much in the way of weight or inches until I began your Keto Challenge in April.

The pre-diabetic range starts at 40. For the past 2 tests 6 January and 6 April, I was mid pre-diabetic at 44. I am ecstatic to report my results came in yesterday at 39!!! My report stated: "Diabetes Virtually Exclude".

This is SO far from being told by the local diabetes clinic that within 5 years I would most likely be on medication, possibly even injecting insulin. I was also told I do need carbs and the best would be grains due to fiber. Shame on them and hooray for you and all your hard work!!!

Much appreciation to you and your partner for all you do to help those of us choosing health and wholeness over erred medical advice !!!

Ally's Keto Success Story

Why Join the Challenge?

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (6)

My friend looks wonderful after I
Using your diet plan. So I really think it might be worth my while to give it a try.

Congratulations! I discovered keto at the beginning of June 2016 a and 2 months later, i had my tummy back flat where i could see my abs again! I lost 7.9kg (17.5 lbs 1.4 stone). Not only that but my body fat went from 24,5 to 20%!  
The great thing about the lifestyle is that you don't feel bloated and gassy, or like you are carrying around a spare tire. You don't crave sugar, and the strange thing is once you put bread/pasta in your mouth (as a supposed treat) - Within minutes, you have that bloated feeling - and you wished you hadn't.
I will say, i do at times have a very small portion of white rice or sushi, and have had no bloated affect. (I discoverd this when I had a prolonged stomach bug/food poisoning, and after it continued for a week, i went to the hospital. After they understood my eating regimen - blank stares - they made me promise to eat rice - my condition was gone by the next day! - This may be handy advice If you have similar simptoms).
Like many of you, i find the internet full of good and bad, but I will say Between KetoDiet, and the great books by Maria Emmerich and Martina Slajerova, we will have the support and evidence that really it is the key to a better lifestyle!
For the lucky people in the UK, they have amazing ready made Keto meals in the supermarkets, so really, it is an indicator that Keto/paleo/LCHF is being considered as lifestyle choice. I hope that one day soon, more restaurants will follow suit and list ingredients and no carb modifications.
And of course, besides world peace, it would be wonderful if the global prices if erythritol, xilitol, almond and coconut flour dropped drastically, so that bakers could afford to bake us yummy treats on the go!
PS - just bumped into a friend who i had not seen for years. I was shocked, as his nickname was 'gordo' fatty. He has been on keto for two years, and lost 32kg. Looked like a different person!

Thank you so much for this great result story. Congrats for your success. I'm hopeful to have positive results, too!

Ally! You are inspiring! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your story! Good for you! I'm doing this as well to never be Type 2 diabetic again and live a healthy life. You look like you lost a lot more than 15 lbs! OMG! I have taken off about 30 lbs with Atkins. I love this site and support from Martina and others in the challenge. I have remained on an Atkins forum for 4.5 years and those folks have provided so much fun and support that has kept me locked in.
I too am so impressed with Martina and her partner! How this is all provided free of charge is amazing and I feel I have helped them a little by buying the app and extra meal packages. I am humbled by the generosity!
Continued success! Success to us all!

I am exited about getting started on a new life of health and way of eating.  So many confusing information on the internet, about what to eat and what not to eat, like peanuts and oats.  I too, need to learn to eat when I'm hungry and definitely cut carbs.  See you all tomorrow.

Great job! This is so inspiring!
My favorite quote from this: "I easily followed trends because it suited what I wanted to eat, not what was best for me." I really needed to read that! My biggest stumbling block for keto has been not getting my mind right with it. I have loads of good reasons to do it, but I keep going back to "what I want" and I'm not honoring "what is best for me". This is a big kick in my butt, and now I feel extra motivated to start this challenge! Thank you!