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Lost 4 Fat LBS First Week!★★★★★5/5

Version 8.0, 27 Jun 2015, US, KetoDiet for iOS

Went low carb/high protein (again) six weeks ago. After typical three pounds of water loss, my weight stalled even though Ketostix were purple all the way. Learned about LCHF while researching the reasons. After another week of research, decided to get this app and give LCHF a try. Lost four more pounds in 8 days. Crazy good for a 50ish woman with fewer than 20 pounds to lose! This app makes it easy to keep track of macros and hard to kid yourself about how snacks add up, both of which I needed. Love it!

KetoDiet Basic

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Limited time offer: $ 1.99 (USD) $ 2.99 (USD)
iPhone & iPadiOS
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Basic features:

  • KetoDiet MealsStarter package includes 94 low-carb recipes and 186 optional keto recipes organized in 6 packages.
  • KetoDiet GuideComplete Ketogenic Diet guide - the KetoDiet thoroughly explained.
  • KetoDiet BlogIntegrated KetoDiet blog with over 450 FREE recipes, guides, diet plans and more.
  • KetoDiet Shopping BasketIntuitive shopping basket to help you manage your shopping.
KetoDiet Basic
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Available for iPhone and iPad. Android coming soon.

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Advanced features (includes all basic features):

  • KetoDiet PlannerPlan your meals in advance in an easy, intuitive way and track every aspect of your progress.
  • KetoDiet Custom MealsCreate your own low-carb custom meals and custom ingredients. Discover keto-friendly meals when eating out.
  • KetoDiet ProgressSet your carbohydrate limit and goals using our built-in Keto calculator to determine how much you should be eating.
  • KetoDiet Data SyncSync your data across all your devices.
KetoDiet on the App Store
Note: Optional recipe packages (in-apps) cannot be shared between KetoDiet & KetoDiet Basic. KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic are two different apps.
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As Featured

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  • KetoDiet & KetoDiet Basic are paid apps, why do they have in-app purchases?
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