Take the guesswork out of following a low-carb diet so you can enjoy eating real food, lose bodyfat & feel great!

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Version 9.6, 01 Mar 2016, Australia, KetoDiet for iOS

This app is fantastic. Very helpful tips and delicious recipes...

KetoDiet vs KetoDiet Basic

Our fully featured KetoDiet app provides all you need to plan & track your diet effectively.
KetoDiet Basic doesn't include the planning & tracking features by default. You can optionally enable them with a one-off purchase.


Available for iPhone and iPad and Android.

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iPhone & iPadiOS
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Advanced features (includes all basic features):

  • KetoDiet PlannerPlan your meals in advance in an easy, intuitive way and track every aspect of your progress.
  • KetoDiet Custom MealsCreate your own low-carb custom meals and custom ingredients. Discover keto-friendly meals when eating out.
  • KetoDiet ProgressSet your carbohydrate limit and goals using our built-in Keto calculator to determine how much you should be eating.
  • KetoDiet Data SyncSync your data across all your devices.
KetoDiet on the App Store KetoDiet on Google Play

KetoDiet Basic

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android

iOS Android
Limited time offer: $ 1.99 (USD) $ 2.99 (USD)
iPhone & iPadiOS
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Basic features:

  • KetoDiet MealsStarter package includes 96 low-carb recipes and 190 optional keto recipes organized in 6 packages.
  • KetoDiet GuideComplete Ketogenic Diet guide - the KetoDiet thoroughly explained.
  • KetoDiet BlogIntegrated KetoDiet blog with over 450 FREE recipes, guides, diet plans and more.
  • KetoDiet Shopping BasketIntuitive shopping basket to help you manage your shopping.
KetoDiet Basic
KetoDiet Basic on the App Store KetoDiet Basic on Google Play
Although we aim for feature parity, some features of KetoDiet are not yet available on Android. Here's what is currently unavailable in KetoDiet for Android:
  • Data Sync across devices
  • Daily Planner notes
  • Water intake, mood & energy tracking
  • Ketone, blood glucode & lipids tracking

We're working hard to bring all these features to Android.
As featured
As Featured

Frequently Asked Questions

  • KetoDiet & KetoDiet Basic are paid apps, why do they have in-app purchases?
  • Does KetoDiet support barcode scanning for adding ingredients?

New to Keto Diet?

  • Get free keto recipes, diet plans and a quick guide to the ketogenic diet.

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