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I love the app. I put my meals in the app a day in advance which helps keep me on track.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Suzanne

I have used the Facebook KetoDiet Support group and the keto app for 2 months and lost 15 lbs, love it!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Rose

This phenomenal app has been a wonderful tool! It’s helped me swap out ingredients, prepare incredible meals and eat healthy foods! Love cooking even more than I already did! In Gratitude!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Marla

I love using the app!! I am allergic to dairy, so I especially love how easily the app allows me to change recipes; it allows me to search for non-dairy alternatives, add them, delete the dairy, and then recalculates the nutrition/calorie count!! It’s awesome!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Pat

I absolutely love the App and the meals! I’ve introduced my 76 yr. old mother In-law and her friend to it and they love it too! I love the way you can vary the recipes easily and adapt to produce supply especially where I live and still maintain a Keto status! 2021 huge year for me thank you.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Sherrie

In 2015 I started this lifestyle and soon after I found your website. I've really made a lot of recipes. All equally easy and tasty. Have already translated many of your recipes for many Dutch people who follow me. Thank you for your time and energy that you put into your website, groups and social media.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Rita

The app is really user friendly and it is a wonderful platform to share different ideas. Meals should never just be about eating because you’re hungry... each and everyone should be enjoyed. I commend you for making it a lot easier and more enjoyable for individuals to become part of the keto community and I myself am looking forward to a the new keto lifestyle.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Alexis

Honestly the app was the best £8.99 I paid to get the knowledge and information I needed for Keto. I have lost so much weight and become so much healthier. All of my physical ailments have gone and it’s not gone unnoticed from family and friends. It initially started with a book I purchased and I’ve been hooked ever since. So much inspiration for things to make. I’m always in my kitchen now!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Stephanie

I cannot sing the praises of the KetoDiet app and calculator enough and am thrilled to give a review. The KetoDiet app is easy to use; has amazing, tested recipes, informative blog and keto articles to ensure success. I trust the information and guidance that the admins provide. I reached my own goals, and still use the application in maintenance mode. I could not recommend the KetoDiet App more.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Henri

I have used the Keto diet app since January of 2017 and it is by far the absolute best and most well-rounded app out there. I can track everything and the sections for recipes and information regarding the keto diet is so informative and extensive. I am able to track everything I need to! The Facebook group is awesome and so helpful. I never feel alone on my keto journey. Thank you so much for keeping me on track and reaching all my goals!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Kim

I am 80 and have been making changes to my meals for the past year. It has been a challenge since I have dentures, live alone and use a walker which limits my prep time. Yet, I have kept going and persevered losing 15 lbs and enjoying the recipes that folks have shared. I am excited and looking forward to trying the Yorkshire Pudding for my Sunday dinner next week. The website is important to me because of the inspiration and encouragement from the folks who comment!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Barbara

This is the best app to live a ketogenic life! I have been on this diet for three years and from the beginning it has been the most important tool along the way. The recipes are spectacular and simple for those of us who are not experts in the kitchen. Recently during the quarantine due to sedentary lifestyle I gained a few pounds, and again all the functions of the app have been fundamental to lose these pounds, mainly the planner allows me to evaluate where I have lost my path and also organize my days to maintain my goals.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Paola

Absolutely amazing app. Lots of information, articles, recipes. Easy to follow if you are new to Keto diet. Very well explained and app is updated regularly. Lovely recipes which are for every level of cooking skills. I love that you can add your food log every day and it automatically calculates your macros. The recipes are for everyone you can find lovely winter comfort food, easy summer recipes. The variety of cultures in certain recipes is spectacular. You can find amazing Eastern European delicacy next to American beauties, followed by exotic treats. I recommend this website and app very much.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Lucia

The KetoDietApp was the first site with real, science-based content that I found when researching about Keto. As a big nerd, I appreciate enormously all the scientific articles and the effort to explain things simply. I then downloaded the app, and what a game changer! A real database, tons of recipes, a great planner... and it does nothing but to improve. Every time Martina and Nikos update the app, it’s for the better. And I cannot forget the Facebook group, where I quickly found a community of nice, non-judgmental people and answers to every possible question. In a nutshell, KetoDietApp it’s the best!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Laura

My fiancé lives in London. I am in Orlando. We are waiting for him to get a visa to live here so we can get married. He sent me your book Quick Keto. He also has the book. We are going to start making recipes together from afar. It’s helping us stay positive with our long separation due to COVID. Thank you for renewing our interest in keto. We both fell off the wagon during lockdown. Your books, app and website have gotten us excited about doing keto again. Look better, feel better, and have had an amazing results to lower my weight, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid issues. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Linda

I absolutely LOVE your app; it offers so much information in what I think is a GREAT layout. Before I found this site, I had tried most of the other apps and didn’t really help me - Finally I found yours! Love it! I really love your program, cookbooks and app. I had tried to lose weight over the last two years and NOTHING was working. I was eating a HUGE amount of sugar and my figure and scales showed it. Since finding your program about mid-September, I have lost 25 lbs. I now want to lose 20 more which will be the smallest I have ever been but seeing your story and others I feel like KETO is the way. I need to exercise and be better about planning meals which will help me get there.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Brooke

Being a vegetarian, I was very unsure how I would do a low carb/keto diet without a variety of meats and seafoods to rely on. By a happenstance, I came upon Martina's keto diet website and the rest is history, as they say ❤️ From vegetarian keto lasagne to tikka masala to pancakes to bread - this website has it all!!! The recipes are tried and tested with detailed instructions and the results are always delicious 😋 Another thing I appreciate is the sheer number of comments that are very helpful and I note Martina is great about responding to them. Thanks to Martina, I have enough recipes in my repertoire to plan my meals as easily, or more easily, than my non low carb days 🙂 I also appreciate the educational articles on keto and health on the website and the Facebook group is wonderfully supportive! Thanks Martina, I highly doubt my husband and I could have made this lifechanging shift without the KetoDietApp website!!!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Archana

I joined the facebook keto diet support Group in 2015 after I moved to Florida for my first job as an assistant professor. I was overweight (200lbs ) because of not taking care of myself during my Ph.D. Finding the keto diet group was a game-changer in my life. From what I remember the app was not compatible with android at that time but shortly after it did become available. I used it every day to keep track of macros. In about 8 months I lost over 65 lbs, in the meanwhile I met my to be husband , got married and had a baby, I wasn't doing keto during my pregnancy but joined back after my baby was born, this time my husband joined with me, the keto diet support group helps in a lot of ways to keep you motivated, give ideas, shared triumphs, and also ask questions about new keto related inquires. I am really, really glad to be a part of it. I have a habit of picking up every keto book or magazine I can find. I also introduced my best friend to keto and our support group she loves it as well.

KetoDiet App testimonial by Chandrima

I started keto about 2 years ago but had lots of ups and downs with sticking to keto. I have recently decided to start back on keto but with a different mindset… this would be a lifestyle instead of a way of eating. I had tried a few of the other popular keto sites or apps and even paid for a subscription but never really liked them. When I decided to start again, I knew I would need the right tools to keep going. That’s when I came across the Keto Diet App page. I found it packed full of goodness! It was then that I realised I had 4 of Martina’s cookbooks! These are my favourite keto books so it was great to see so many more recipes on the website. Beware: You can easily get addicted looking through all the recipes! I tried the Pizza Chaffles and they are a game changer! I think it might be enough to get my husband on board! On the website, there are tools to help make sure you get your macros customised just for you. There are diet plans to get you started as well. Of course, there is also the app that you can track all your macros on your phone! I love that it shows your day with coloured circles, super easy to see where you are for the day. If you swipe to the side, you can see how much you have actually eaten as well. To top up all that great keto goodness, there is also a keto diet app facebook group! It’s great for support, sharing ideas and recipes, and asking lots of questions. The admin support is very good compared to other groups which makes this group stand apart. I’m now looking to upgrade my app to add the extra features, the extra features look great for streamlining your food entries and you get access to much more to help you on your way. I can’t wait to reach my goals and it’s great to be in company of so many others on their keto journey. I hope you enjoy and explore the Keto Diet App too!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Pamela

How to describe the way this website/way of life has changed my life. In 2019 my weight began to skyrocket. I knew I was 100% addicted to sugar but also felt something was wrong I thought maybe early menopause or just my genes etc. Fast forward to 20kg weight gain and a couple of doctors’ appointments and I got diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland. My tumor over produced hormones and although wasn't cancerous (thank goodness) my hormones were upside down and back to front. My endocrinologist told me it would be useless to try to lose weight until my hormones were more balanced but I was determined to do it. I began slowly tracking my food every day then really tracking my macro's too which was so easy. This way of life has literally given me my life back. The app is so easy to use. I live in the Netherlands and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the right products/brands but it works fantastic… a whole new world opened up for me. Today my hormones are completely under control and I've lost 13.5kg. The way I talk to people has completely changed. I feel like shouting it from the rooftops… to all those people who say nothing works...this works!! For all the people that say my hormones are out of whack so I can't lose weight... this works!!! I have so much compassion for anyone struggling with weight and/or health problems and feel like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. I know if they could experience the feeling of being welcome on this site that I felt, of feeling part of a community, of not being judged but feeling accepted. They would have the confidence to take the plunge and make that first change towards a healthy happy future. If I can do it.., a self-confessed 100% sugar addict then anyone can! This way of life has literally given me my life back. I'm proud to be a member of the Facebook group and my life has been forever changed… living the dream!

KetoDiet App testimonial by Adele

How is KetoDiet Different from Other Apps?

  • Free content added daily including recipes, articles, expert advice and more.
  • Accuracy is crucial for a low-carb diet - we don't crowdsource nutritional data.
  • We keep your data private - KetoDiet is not a free app in exchange for your data. best keto apps 2022

KetoDiet stands out for its in-depth progress tracking features, which include the ability to track your weight, body fat percentage, measurements, macronutrients, electrolytes, water intake, activity, mood, energy levels, ketones, blood glucose, and blood lipids. best Paleo Apps for 2019

The KetoDiet app helps you reduce your carb intake by adopting a whole-foods approach to nutrition. Learn how to keep your blood sugar levels stable and manage your appetite all while enjoying high-quality food sources. Browse recipes, adjust serving sizes, and review detailed, accurate nutrition facts to stay on track.
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