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Paige's Keto Success Story

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With the next KetoDiet Challenge about to start on January 2nd, there is no better time to share some inspiring success stories. Paige is the first prize winner of our 30-Day November Challenge and I'd like to share her motivating weight loss story.

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Paige's Success Story

Paige's Keto Success Story

I was following KetoDiet Challenge on Instagram for the 90 day challenge and continued for the November challenge. In total I have lost 48 pounds on keto in 4 months! I went from 201 pounds to 153 pounds.

This account was so motivating and helpful during my journey. I'm excited to have a healthy BMI at 5'6'' now. I am a nurse and I really wanted to show my patients what healthy living is and be an example at work. I also have a newfound love for running outside and I love cooking recipes I find on this website!

Why Did You Join?

I joined this challenge to lose weight and for the constant motivation. I also like the recipe ideas on the website. I am also very interested in the Taking Out the Carbage book and I would love to receive it. If not I love having motivation to keep losing weight.

What Helped You Stay on Track?

What helped me stay on track was positive reinforcement and determination from myself. I would also substitute my cravings. If I had an extreme craving for pizza I would make low carb pizza like the fat head pizza recipe on this website!

How Has KetoDiet Helped?

KetoDiet Challenge helped me achieve my goals by giving me wonderful recipes and daily motivation. I follow KetoDiet Challenge on Instagram and I loved reading the success stories and recipe ideas on there.

What Are Your Favourite KetoDiet Recipes?

I enjoy the fat head pizza and the cheesy chicken casserole. I meal prep for the week on Sunday's so I love any kind of casserole that keeps well throughout the week.

How Can We Improve?

I don't have any improvements to suggest but I would really love to win a cookbook ;) My instagram is ketomealprep

Paige's Progress

During the 30-Day KetoDiet Challenge, Paige lost a whopping 15 pounds and looks amazing!

Paige's Keto Success Story

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