Fudgy Keto Brownies

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I'd like to thank the amazing Kim of Low Carb Maven for reviewing my KetoDiet Cookbook and for sharing one of my recipes. Most of the 150+ keto recipes in my cookbook are savoury, but this one is for all of us chocoholics :-)

When I was working on this recipe, my partner took two batches to work and gave them to his colleagues to try them. Most of them don't even follow a low-carb diet and they loved them. In fact, it was one of the most popular treats they've tried from my cookbook!

You can find Kim's review and my paleo-friendly Fudgy Keto Brownies at Low Carb Maven. They are based on the Fudgy Grasshopper Brownies included in my cookbook - without the mint layer.

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Nutritional values per serving

3.8 grams 3 grams 4.6 grams 18.3 grams 9.6 grams 195 calories
Total Carbs6.8grams
Net Carbs3.8grams
of which Saturated9.6grams
Energy (calories)195kcal
Magnesium55mg (14% RDA)
Potassium187mg (9% EMR)

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (8%), protein (9%), fat (83%)

My brownies without the mint layer are only 3.8 grams of net carbs per serving. If you make the brownies with the mint layer, the net carb count will add up to 5.1 grams.

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By Martina Slajerova
Creator of KetoDietApp.com

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (6)

This recipe is perfect! I've made it 3 times since I got the book in May and I can't believe how easy it is to make. My husband loves it so much, he said I can bake this every weekend... he would love having a brownie every single day! Thank you so much for another fantastic recipe!


Thank you so much!!


Hi Martina,
A quick question. I don't have powdered sugar substitute, only the granulated kind. If I put it in a coffee grinder to powder it would I adjust the amount I put in the recipe? Or do you think the recipe would work with granulated sugar (substitute of course )
Thank you!


Yes, that will work too! This recipe will work with granulated sweetener too - I'd use slightly less or go by the weight. For recipes that require only powdered sweetener, I often use homemade. It's better if you powder it as you need it, because it tends to clump up.


I don't get it, this all sounds so great but where is the recipe for them??


Hi Madison, this is my recipe from the KetoDiet Cookbook reviewed by Kim of Low Carb Maven - full recipe is on her website (please, see the link in this post above).


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