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The sun is out and it's the perfect time for barbecues and garden parties. Today I'm sharing one of my favourite summer meals. Burgers and Guacamole go perfectly together and you won't even be missing the buns... But if you do, you can always serve them with Keto Buns that are popular even amongst my "non-keto" friends :-) Adding healthy fats from Guacamole will help you get enough fats on a keto diet while keeping your protein moderate.

I took these photos during one of our BBQs. It was a big event and I prepared most of the meals in advance. Apart from burgers, I made some vegetable salsa, Guacamole, Greek salad, Melitzanosalata, chorizo meatballs, prawns, curried chicken skewers, lamb skewers and pork ribs. I'll be sharing many of these recipes during the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.

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Hands-on Overall

Nutritional values (per serving)

8 grams 9.5 grams 25.4 grams 40.7 grams 11.9 grams 525 calories
Total Carbs17.6grams
Net Carbs8grams
of which Saturated11.9grams
Magnesium66mg (17% RDA)
Potassium763mg (38% EMR)

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (7%), protein (20%), fat (73%)

Ingredients (makes 4 servings)

  • 500 g minced beef (1.1 lb/ 17.6 oz)
  • 1 tbsp Dijon mustard (you can make your own)
  • 1 tbsp freshly chopped thyme or 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 1 tbsp freshly chopped oregano or 1 tsp dried oregano
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste (I like pink Himalayan salt)
  • freshly ground black pepper
Serve with:

Notes: When looking for ingredients, try to get them in their most natural form (organic, without unnecessary additives).

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  1. Start by making the Guacamole. When done, cover with a foil to prevent the avocado from browning. Place the minced beef into a bowl. Add the mustard, thyme, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper. Bunless BBQ GuacBurgers
  2. Combine well using your hands. Divide the mixture into 4 parts and form 4 large burgers. If you are not cooking the burgers immediately, store in the fridge until the are ready for the barbecue.
    The burgers on the photo are smaller because I originally made 6 medium sized instead of 4 large. Bunless BBQ GuacBurgers
  3. Place the burgers on the barbecue and cook on high for 8-10 minutes. Flip the burgers half way through the cooking time.
    *Tips for pan roasting: Preheat a large regular or griddle pan greased with lard or ghee on high heat. Turn the heat down to medium and place the burgers on the pan. Use a spatula to lightly press them down. Cook them for 3-4 minutes on each side. When done, set aside and keep them warm near the cooker.* Bunless BBQ GuacBurgers
  4. Fold the iceberg lettuce leaves into serving bowls, add guacamole and top with the burgers. Serve with freshly made Lemonade! Bunless BBQ GuacBurgers
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Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Omg Thank you for this recipe I'm a truck driver and I have a large appetite.  But making these will help me so much.  Be blessed


Thank you Charles, hope you like it!


what is the calorie count?


It's 525 kcal (see the table in the post) 😊


Looks yummy! I think I might still use the buns though, it's the best keto bread ever! 😊


Thank you! Glad you like the buns 😊


I saw this one on your instagram last time and was waiting for the recipe. Thanks for posting!


Hope you like it! 😊