No-Churn Keto Chocolate Ice Cream

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This frozen treat is the perfect keto fat bomb for when you are craving something sweet. And it's easier than you think! You won't need an ice cream maker to make this fudgy chocolate ice cream. Although I have an ice cream maker, I'm a huge fan of simple recipes so this is a great addition to my No-Churn Keto Vanilla Ice Cream and No-Churn Keto Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.

I created this recipe for the very talented fellow blogger and amazing food photographer, Mellissa of I Breathe I'm Hungry.

You can check my No-Churn Keto Chocolate Ice-Cream on Mellissa's blog!

Nutritional values (per serving, about ¾ cup)

4.4 grams 1.1 grams 4.7 grams 25.2 grams 15.1 grams 267 calories
Total Carbs5.5grams
Net Carbs4.4grams
of which Saturated15.1grams
Magnesium39mg (10% RDA)
Potassium163mg (8% EMR)

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (7%), protein (7%), fat (86%)

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