No-Churn Keto Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream

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I haven't done any guest posting for a while and I was excited to share my new ice-cream recipe with the very talented Brenda of Sugar-Free Mom! I have always admired Brenda's blog because it's one of the best sources of healthy low-carb & primal recipes.

To make this creamy No-Churn Keto Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream, I combined two of my recipes: Keto & Paleo Condensed Milk and a keto chocolate cookie that I used to make truffles in my Fat Bombs Book. The big advantage of this recipe is that you won't need an ice-cream maker, it's a simple no-churn technique!

You can check out my new No-Churn Keto Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream on Brenda's blog!

Nutritional values (per serving, ¾ cup/ 3.5 oz/ 100 g)

4.5 grams 0.9 grams 4 grams 37.1 grams 26.1 grams 360 calories
Total Carbs5.4grams
Net Carbs4.5grams
of which Saturated26.1grams
Magnesium53mg (13% RDA)
Potassium239mg (11% EMR)

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (5%), protein (4%), fat (91%)

No-Churn Keto Cookies & Cream Ice-CreamPin itFollow us 49.4k

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Comments (3)

I love this recipe. Perfect for summer


Can I substitute coconut milk (or coconut cream) for the whipping cream?  I'm dairy intolerant.


I think you can do that - at least that's what I've done in similar recipes and it was fine. You can use whipped coconut cream instead. I just think that the ice-cream will not be as airy as with regular whipped cream.


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