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Before You Start

Beta Version: A pre-release & incomplete piece of software that is given out to users to test under real conditions. You join Beta-testing of KetoDiet at your own risk.

Existing KetoDiet Users

Existing KetoDiet users must back up their device(s) on iTunes. If you don't back up on iTunes and you lose your data, we won't be able to help you.


  • An iOS device running iOS8 and later - ideally latest iOS
  • Users will need to install TestFlight from the AppStore. TestFlight is a tool used to install & upgrade Beta Releases.

How Do I Provide Feedback And Ask Questions?

Your feedback matters, please use our dedicated forum to let us know what you think. Do not send us support emails for the Beta version. You'll only get a response if your post your question in our forum.

What's New?

The new version of KetoDiet includes barcode scanning, branded products (under ingredients) and several improvements to make planning and tracking more intuitive.

How Do I Join?

To be included in Beta testing, reply to this message with the device(s) you'll be testing on (iOS only)

What Should I Be Focusing On?

Please focus on the new barcode scanning features. Searching for ingredients will list any matching branded products. Please note that internet connectivity is required for these features to work.

Branded Product Data Sources

We currently utilise four different data sources to provide nutritional data:

  1. USDA Branded Food Products Database (US)
  2. Open Food Facts (World)
  3. Nutritionix (World)
  4. Tesco Labs (UK/ Europe)

We have designed our branded products service so that we can easily integrate more data sources as they become available.

Data Trustworthiness

We developed a system to rank product data (we call it "trust level") so we can always offer you the most reliable result from the various data sources we are using.

When a product fails our validation checks, we still allow you to scan it but you cannot add it to your planner. Instead, we offer the option to create a custom ingredient using the product as a template so any corrections can be applied quickly.

KetoDiet Beta iOS

Enhanced Planning & Tracking

We enhanced the Planner and day stats so you can quickly see if you're meeting your daily macros. We've also improved the Macros chart under Progress and the nutritional facts screen for Ingredients so that they load faster and are more informative.

KetoDiet Beta iOS

KetoDiet Beta iOS

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