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KetoDiet App FAQ

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Haven't found what you're looking for? Please, feel free to send us an e-mail or leave a comment if you have any questions. We'll be happy to answer!

1. Who Created KetoDiet?

KetoDiet is an on-going project I started with my partner Nikos in 2012 and includes KetoDiet for iOS and KetoDiet Basic for iOS and Android. Apart from the apps, I have authored several low-carb cookbooks (my third cookbook will be released in spring 2017).

KetoDiet app is a complex app and took several years to develop. Since the launch in 2012, we have continuously been working on more features and improvements. It's a full-time job for us.

2. I Paid For the iOS App, Can I Get the Android App for Free?

We appreciate your support and we would love to be able to do this! Unfortunately, we have no control over the pricing when it comes to charges between platforms. Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) are different platforms that don't share profits. Since we only receive a part of the proceeds, we can't give the app for free even if you already have the Android or iOS app.

Important: If you want to use our app on the second device, make sure to sign up via Profile > Data Sync. When you sign in to your second device, you'll have all your data synced. Without this step you won't be able to restore your data on another platform.

When it comes to the two apps (iOS and Android), there are no major differences between the two apps. Although we strive for feature parity, some features may temporarily not be available as we have different teams working on both apps at the same time.

3. How Do I Get a Refund?

If for any reason you want to get a refund, you can do it in iTunes (iOS), or on Google Play (Android).

Please, keep in mind that app developers don't have access to transactions and can't issue refunds. To get a refund in iTunes, follow these steps. On Google Play you can do that within 15 minutes of purchase that Google Play provides for this purpose.

4. I Got your "Keto diet app" and Want to Get a Refund

We get a lot of support requests and complaints for other unrelated apps that use the same or similar names. In fact, we filed DMCAs for several as they are sometimes using our recipes too.

Please contact the support of the app you are using. If you find an app that uses our recipes, please let us know, we appreciate your help!

How do you know if you have our app and not an imposter app? Our app has the egg & fish icon.

How to Cancel App Subscriptions

If you believe that you were being misled and find it difficult to cancel the subscription or to contact support of this app, here's how to cancel the subscription (you do need to do that or they will keep charging you) - for Android, google “how to cancel subscription in Google Play”.

Apart from using several shady tactics, imposter apps (and recently even some well established apps that have changed their names) are parasitizing on the good of our app by using the same name such as "Keto Diet App" or "KetoDiet" or "Keto App" which is the same name we used for our free app. Unfortunately, it's hard to do anything about apps that only break ethical rules.

Leave a Review on the Apple Store/Google Play

We have to deal with user complaints which creates overheads for us. Instead, we would much rather spend our time working on our app. If you feel that you were being misled by other apps, the best thing to do - apart from getting a refund - is to write a review.

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5. Is the KetoDiet App Free? Is There a Subscription?

Update:The KetoDiet App is now free to download on iOS and Android with an optional subscription plan for advanced features including full access to over 1,500 customizable recipes that can all be added to your Planner, advanced tracking including ketone, glucose and cholesterol tracking, full KetoDiet guide, adding recipe steps to your custom meals, syncing with Apple Health Kit and much more!

When it comes to Apps, the expectations can sometimes be unrealistic and I'd like to explain how we run our blog & apps so there is complete transparency.

Since 2012, with the ever increasing traffic, costs to run our blog also increased. We don't use AdThrive or other advertising services because we want to have complete control of what our readers can see. We only use the Amazon affiliate program and promote a few products we buy ourselves and trust (always with a disclosure). This currently helps us run the blog as it covers the costs of hosting, but it does not cover maintenance and development.

It's a full-time job for me and my partner. The app is only part of my job. I've spent several years creating the content: recipes, articles, reviews, diet plans and challenges. Additionally, creating content costs us a lot of money; hundreds of dollars per recipe cerated by recipe developers and a lot more for expert articles.

The overall feedback we receive has been brilliant and keeps us motivated but there are some people who may complain that our app is expensive.

I'd like to give you some background and explain how our pricing works. Since 2012, we've been adding new features at no extra cost with no subscription fees which is not sustainable long term.

we simply realized that if we want to be able to keep adding features and content, we have to make sure we can afford it. We want to make sure our app is the best it can be via constant development and content creation.

Keep in mind that similar online services that offer same or even fewer features would charge you over 30 USD every month.

Free Recipes, Articles and Diet Plans

There is only so much free content we can provide: hundreds of recipes that we also provide via our integrated blog in the App itself, articles, diet plans and challenges. All this is very rewarding, but also takes an incredible amount of time to create and maintain. Some people take all this for granted but we can only continue doing this if it's sustainable.

The illusion many people have is that creating an app will make them rich. Nothing can be further from the truth. Just ask any app developer and they will no doubt advice you to steer clear from developing an app. The chances of recovering your development costs are minute and a large part of the proceeds is used for further development of the App.

So Much More Than an eBook

Compared to an eBook, our App has required years of commitment and continuous maintenance. In fact, I know what it takes to create an eBook - I have created several free eBooks that you can download here. Even a regular printed cookbook would cost you $15 - $20 and that is just for a fraction of content we offer in our apps.

Free KetoDiet Challenges

We run Keto Challenges (Note: temporarily stopped as we are working on improvements) that are free to join, with access to our members-only community, useful tools and eBooks. It has been a fantastic experience. At the same time it has also been a very time-consuming process but we are determined to keep improving it. We know that community support and accountability are the most powerful tools to help you achieve your goals - and that's why we created the KetoDiet Challenge!

Our priority is to protect our investment and make the app the best we can for our legitimate users.

What Features Does Your App Include?

  • An app that is beautifully designed specifically for low-carb diets and strictly focused on providing quality content with precise nutrition data.
  • A complete guide to the Ketogenic diet (a book in its own right).
  • Planner and monitoring features (iOS) to track your progress - the most complex part of our app.
  • 1,500+ delicious low-carb recipes, all including step-by-step photos and useful tips.
  • Fully integrated blog with frequent weekly updates including recipes, diet plans and articles from experts.
  • Print-friendly & easy to export shopping list to make managing your shopping easy.
  • Support - we always try to reply as soon as possible. Please, keep in mind that due to our very busy schedule, this may take up to a week.
  • Apple Health Kit support
  • Users can create their own recipes and include photos and recipe steps.
  • ... and many more features!

KetoDiet is an ongoing project we've been working on for several years. In order to add new features and new recipes that are often requested by our users, we need to keep this project sustainable. Please, support us by writing a review!

6. Can Multiple Users Use KetoDiet on a Single Device?

Not yet but it will be possible with the upcoming update (see more details here).

The iPad is fundamentally a single-user device (at least for now) and we had to build our own infrastructure to support this feature.

The only way to use KetoDiet on the same device is to create two accounts via KetoDiet > Profile > Data Sync. Please keep in mind that you have to sign in and out every time you want to switch. Depending on the amount of data required to sync, it will take time for your device to sync so be patient.

7. Can I Track Exercise with the KetoDiet App?

Not yet but we are working on integration with Apple Health Kit. Many apps use partial integration which is easy to do but full integration is complicated and requires a lot of work. Almost there!

8. Does the KetoDiet App have a Barcode Scanning Feature for Adding Ingredients?

Barcode scanning is now in beta testing and will be out soon.

Our priority is accuracy and quality of our database, not quantity as common for most apps. Please read more about our food database and barcode scanning here.

9. Do You Provide Professional Advice?

No, I'm sorry, we don't offer this service.

Our admins will be happy to give you tips or share your questions on our Facebook page, in the KetoDiet Support Group or by leaving a comment on our blog. However, I can't promise I'll reply to e-mails asking for health/weight loss advice. This is down to two reasons:

  1. I'm not qualified to give you professional personalized advice. If you are looking for personalized advice, please, contact a dietitian or speak to your doctor.
  2. I have a very busy schedule and very little free time. I take any advice or opinion I share seriously and offering a brief reply is neither helpful nor appropriate. Please, do not get offended if I don't reply to your message.

If you do need to speak to a professional, you can contact a qualified low-carb / keto expert.

10. Future Plans

Most of the features we've been working on have been driven by your feedback. Please keep in mind, KetoDiet is a complex application and adding new features takes time and a lot of effort. Here is just an overview of some of the features we've been working on, and features we are planning to add in the near future:

  • Allergy filtering options
  • Apple HealthKit & Watch support, activity tracking
  • Custom Ingredients: adding custom serving sizes and being able to specify values per slice, tablespoon, cup, etc.
  • Add option for recipe notes in custom meals so that you have all you need to make your favorite recipe (instructions, cooking time etc.)
  • Basket: improvements when adding meals from the Planner so they always list minimum amounts required to make a recipe, even if you only eat one serving in a given period of time.
  • Integration with KetoDiet diet plans: my free and premium keto diet plans with just one click

  • KetoDiet Challenges & community integration so you can get live support via the app!

  • Even more advanced tracking options including custom tracking (anything you want to track that is not in the options)

  • Add nutrition facts to hundreds of recipes included in my cookbooks so you can quickly add them to the Planner

  • (Potentially, although a very complicated feature) Multi-user account support with data sync and fast user switching. This feature will be free for the first account.

If you have more questions about KetoDiet, please let us know! If you'd like to see a feature that is currently not supported, chances are it is in our to-do list. We really appreciate any feedback and will get back to you as soon as we can. Send us an e-mail or simply leave a comment below!

Here's what we have done so far:

  • More tracking options (ketone levels, glucose levels, water intake, cholesterol and triglycerides) --> this has been done
  • Option to change e-mail address when using multiple devices and syncing
  • Adding "favorites" to the Planner so you can quickly add frequently used meals
  • Adding new meals into the Starter pack and existing optional recipe packages (once you get any package, any recipes added in the future are always free!)
  • Make KetoDiet Basic a universal App with support for all iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) --> this has been done
  • bring KetoDiet Basic to Android --> this has been done
  • Make KetoDiet a universal App with support for all iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) --> our current task. Beta testing will start in November 2016, the app will be released in December 2016 or January 2017 --> this has been done
  • Provide access to all advanced features for KetoDiet Basic users through an in-app. Not everyone wants to use the advanced features in KetoDiet but we want to make it easy for those who change their minds. This will be done in February 2017 --> this has been done
  • Bring KetoDiet to Android and enable an upgrade path from KetoDiet Basic on Android --> this has been done.
  • Copy & paste planner meals for easy tracking --> This has been done in 2019.
  • New recipe packages, favorite recipes requested by our users --> This has been done by integrating KetoDiet Meals with Blog Meals
  • Unify KetoDiet Meals with KetoDiet blog meals so that any filtering can be applied universally --> Advanced filtering is our current focus.
  • Enable cloning & editing KetoDiet Meals --> This has been done in 2020.
  • Universal search across all recipes, meals and ingredients when adding them to the Planner --> This has been done in 2019.
  • Option to add recipe steps to Custom Meals --> This has been done in 2020.
  • Continuously updated: Adding new restaurant chains to our database to quickly find keto-friendly options when eating out. More free recipes and articles. We will keep adding even more free recipes and articles more frequently via our fully integrated blog!

You can learn more about our Apps, my cookbooks and future plans in in this interview with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt of Diet Doctor and podcast with Brian of Ketovangelist.

11. AppStore Reviews & Clarifications

I would first like to thank everyone who has left a review on the AppStore. Reviews & feedback is what helps us improve KetoDiet and enables us do our job the best we can. If you like what we do and want to support us, please, don't forget to leave a review!

KetoDiet App FAQ

Although we get excellent feedback from our users there are occasions where people leave misleading feedback. This creates some confusion as people are unsure about the features in the app. The App Store recently enabled developers to reply to reviews but it does not completely solve the problem.

We have no illusions: We know it's impossible to please everyone and users have the right to express their view as they should. What I want to do is to clarify a few points that are incorrect and may cause confusion.

Lastly, there are other developers selling apps whose interest is to downrate other apps. It's not unusual to see reviews that make no sense or complain about non-existing issues. Since the AppStore doesn't give an option to comment on reviews, the only way to deal with them is to get honest reviews from those of you, who actually use our app. That's why honest reviews are so important to us - it's the only way to support us in we do.

Complaints about pricing and in-apps

This is the most common reason for bad reviews on the App Store. In fact, most apps are facing the same issue when it comes to pricing and in-apps. It's a race to the bottom.

We have explained the pricing in the previous sections. If you're unhappy with the in-apps or anything else, you don't have to buy them. In fact, you can get a refund for any app including in-apps. We do all we possibly can to make it absolutely clear that our app contains in-apps: we have the details on the primary AppStore screenshot, in the AppStore description and on our website. Also, AppStore clearly tags apps with "Offers In-App Purchases".

Unfortunately, people who leave bad reviews because of pricing and in-apps have unrealistic expectations. Our app is our livelihood, not just a hobby, and although we give away a lot for free, we have to keep this sustainable. The expectation of paying less than 5 dollars and getting new content for free forever is simply unrealistic.

And don't be mistaken, very few apps are truly free. Apps that are "free" either use advertising or collect your data for marketing purposes. This is something we will never do.

We Need Your Help to Fight Fake Reviews

Over the last few months, our app has been the target of fake reviews on the App Store. Initially, we assumed that this was just a coincidence - we're not naive to expect that everyone will like our app. But we soon realised that this is not a coincidence based on the consistency of the false claims.

Although developers like us can now report fake reviews and respond to them directly, the only way to counter balance this is to persuade genuine users to leave honest reviews. To prove our point, I include a few of the fake reviews below.

Exhibit A: the elephant in the room

KetoDiet App FAQ

Top prize goes to "Awesome tracker" who forgot to change the name before leaving a negative review. It wouldn't be the first time our competition used shady tactics to mislead people in an attempt to damage the good name of our app.

KetoDiet App FAQ

Exhibit B: the deceiver

KetoDiet App FAQ

The user claims there is "no tracker" and there are "no recipes included" for our fully featured KetoDiet App. Ironically enough, tracking is the main feature of the KetoDiet app which also includes hundreds of recipes.

KetoDiet App FAQ

Exhibit C: the serial app store abuser

KetoDiet App FAQ

Apple detects unusual behaviour and in the case below, they refused to offer the reviewer a refund due to "evidence of fraud, refund abuse, or other manipulative behaviour".

The review below was changed several times, each time with a different story, until the "reviewer" decided to go with the single line of "I didn't care for this app".

KetoDiet App FAQ

Our message to those using our KetoDiet app is simple. If you want us to work on improving the app and creating more free recipes rather than spending our time filling up forms to report fake reviews, then please leave an honest review on the App Store or Google Play. It only takes a minute and will help us focus on what really matters - making our app the best we can. Thank you for your support!

Need Technical Support? Send a Support Email!

Please, do not use comments on the blog for technical support. We get a lot of support requests for other apps that use the same or similar name. To ensure you have our app, please contact us via our app under Help > Support. I'm afraid we can't guarantee a speedy reply to any blog post comments.

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Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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I have read the reasons for missing features which is understandable however I am at a loss as to why there is no HealthKit integration. Happy to pay $15australian for a great product but given that lots of things like Intermittent fasting, sleep, smart water bottles are caluated with other apps health kit would be great.
I also found it really difficult to find this page to reach out.
Beautiful layout of recipes FYI I’m just shattered about the other stuff.

Thank you Byron! HealthKit is indeed in our to-do list (see above). Everything takes time and we are doing our best to add the features users want most but given the low price if apps in general, app developers can only do so much at a time, and new features take weeks and sometimes even months to implement and cost money (if they are done properly). Just to clarify, the best way to contact us is via e-mail (in the App> under Help). Posts on the blog are only meant to be informative.

I am happy with the app, but my Goals somehow get recogfigured without action on my part. I am using the Advanced function to set my goals, it reverts back to the auto generated goals. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please advise!
Thanks so much.

Hello Shelly, I'm not sure I understand. Are you sure your are using our app? If it doesn't looks like this: it is not our app. When you tap on "Goal (in the Edit mode), you can select Custom Targets. There is no "Advanced" in the Profile section. Just to clarify, the best way to contact us is via e-mail (in the App> under Help). Posts on the blog are only meant to be informative. I'm afraid we can't guarantee a speedy reply to any blog post comments.

Question--  What types of things are the in-apps that are not included in the app purchase price? Additional recipes? Meal plans? Functions? Appreciate your help.☺

Hello DeAnn, The only in-app is in KetoDiet Basic and that is the upgrade path to the full list of features. The fully featured KetoDiet app has no more in-apps (we removed them in a recent update so all recipes are included). More about features at:

Dear KetoDiet team,
I’ve noticed that the nutritional facts on all of the different olive oils that I’ve tried to input are incorrect. I’ve logged them with the barcode and they all say 18 kcals per tbsp instead of 130 kcals which is the usual. The fats are also off with the olive oils. Why is this happening? As you can imagine logging this information incorrectly can make a great impact on intake.
Thanks ,

Hello Dani,
Here's what will explain all about any discrepancies in nutrition facts: Barcode Scanning and Food Database in the KetoDiet App
In fact, our database is one of the most accurate from the options available. Just to clarify, the best way to contact us is via e-mail (in the App> under Help). Posts on the blog are only meant to be informative. I'm afraid we can't guarantee a speedy reply to any blog post comments.

I’m looking through your blog and trying to find some info on fat content of food.
I’ve seen some tables on protein and carbs but not on the fat side. Where am I missing this info?
Just trying to see what my food intake looks like before I get into keto
I understand the calculation of my fats/ protein and carbs but need to figure what food they look like

I purchased this app with another phone. And I can't seem to get the app on new phone without another purchase. Please let me know what I can do to possibly fix this without another purchase. Thank you.

Hi Michelle, all your app purchases are linked to your iTunes account - not to a device so you should be able to find all your purchases as long as you use the same account. Please, make sure to back-up your data on the old device (you may have set this automatically) and restore your data on your new device. I hope this helps!

I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for months through the app and no one has responded nor is there an option to cancel in app.  Please help.

Dear Sara, there is no subscription fee in our app - this has already been addressed in this post including screenshots of similar support e-mails, point 5.
If you want to cancel your subscription, please, contact the makers of the app you are using. You very likely installed the "Keto Diet Tracker" which is free but charges a fee ($12 subscription) once you add more than a few meals to your planner. Once you install this app on your device, the name appears as "KetoDiet" - exactly like our app. We have to deal with user complaints which creates overheads for us. Instead, we would much rather spend our time working on our app.
If you were being mislead and find it difficult to cancel the subscription or to contact support of this app:
1. How to cancel the subscription (you do need to do that or they will keep charging you):
2. Report this app to Apple
3. Leave a review on the Apple Store

Hello there! I really want to first of all thank you for this app, because it is truly wonderful and has helped me get my health back on track tremendously. I love the custom meal feature as I do cook a lot of Indian food, which has always been difficult to measure for nutritional data, for me. I do have a question. Is there a way we can delete or edit our custom meals? When I was just starting to use this feature, I accidentally clicked save when the recipe wasn't finished so now I have a half-recipe in my custom meals.
I would love your input! Keep up the good work 😊

Thank you so much for your kind words Mirah! You can edit any custom meal by tapping on the meal you want to edit (under Custom Meals) and then tap the pen tool on top right. You can then modify or delete the custom meal. I hope this helps! 😊

Both my daughter and I are using the app. Is there anyway that when we eat the same meals to share the information when we eat the same meal without both having to enter everything.

Hi Traci, sharing custom meals is in our to-do list (see point 11 for all features to be added) 😊

Hi. I was just wondering if there is a printing function in the app to print my weekly food log. Would be good to see all on one page. Thanks

Hi Marle, this feature is not supported but we are planning to add the option to export stats (progress) and food log in a future update.

How do I transfer my purchased app on iphone to a samsung (s9)?
Please help
Joy A

Hi Joy, I’m afraid in-apps cannot be shared between Android and iOS devices - this is out of our control. iOS and Android are two different platforms and they do not share their sales. That's why sharing apps and in-apps is not possible.

I have the full app, but because I am a simple person, I am having trouble understanding how it works, so I haven't been using it much. I have it on my Fire Tablet. Is there a KetoDiet App page for dummies? 😊 I really want to use it, but I get confused by it. I know, it is very easy to figure out for your average person. 😄
It might be that I am trying to figure out how to use or get to things that aren't on the Android yet, and that might be the problem, but I paid for this app, and I really want to use it. Thank you.

Thank you for your kind words, Carol! It could be that you are looking for a feature that has not yet been added to the Android platform - we are now working on the next update to bring feature parity to Android. You can find a quick guide here: (also accessible via the app). We will work on this to reflect the latest updates.

Hi Carol I would be interested to know how you got the app on your fire tablet, I have tried on my amazon kindle fire but it won't allow me to download the app.

Hi Donna, the only way to download the app is through Google Play. If your device does not support Google Play, I'm afraid you won't be able to download it.

I have been using this App for 2 years now and still love it!  When I have had question they actually answered and quickly too.  I am always telling people about your App, what I have found to be the problem is people don’t take the time or maybe just don’t understand how to use it.  When I have sat down and showed them all the features it has they are amazed.   Maybe a video on exactly what all is on it and how to access it.  I feel like a commercial but I had tried others and this is worth paying for in my opinion.  Thanks for putting so much effort into following this lifestyle.

Mary, thank you so much for your kind words! The truth is that with more features, it’s difficult to keep an app simple as there is always additional complexity. We try to keep it simple but always have to reach a compromise. We actually had a video but the problem with it is that it becomes out-dated the moment we release another update which is on average every 2 months. Time-wise and cost-wise its a lot of work. I think what we need is to improve and frequently update the online guide (accessible via the app). We want to keep using screenshots and explain the app step-by-step in detail. Thank you again for such a lovely and useful feedback!

I love this app, thanks!  Do you have a feature whereby I can punch in my own information?  I use many recipes from various sources that list the nutritional value and want to sometimes manually add to my daily macro count.

Thank you! The best way to do that would be to create Custom Meals in the Menu > Custom Meals. You can then specify the nutrition facts or create a custom meal by adding ingredients. Also, keep in mind that some online sources may be using databases with errors - it's always best to create custom meals by adding the ingredients (if you have time to do that).

Are you able to track number of calories per day in addition to macros with the app?  I'd like to be able to generate a plan that includes calorie intake and macros.
Thank you

Hi Tresa, you can track all macros (total carbs, fibre, net carbs, protein, fat and calories). You can set a limit on Net carbs and then enter your stats in the Profile section so the app can calculate the ideal protein/fat/calorie intake based on your goal (again, you can set your own goal). I hope this helps!

I am interested in your app; however, it is for I Phones and I Pads.  I have a Mac Pro Lap Top computer.  Will it work on this?

Hi Jerome, I'm afraid our app is iOS and Android only. It will not work on a Mac/laptop.

wondering if there are any plans to be able to utilize this wonderful app on windows 10 format?  It would be so great to be able to add my favorite recipes using my laptop then sync with my phone app. (would be easier)
Didn't see any mention of this in future plans under your FAQ's section but thought Id ask in case I missed it somewhere.
Love the app, its fantastic.

Jen, thank you for your kind words! We do have plans for other platforms but I can't yet promise any specific date or format as software development is always very unpredictable and these things usually take longer than we think. We will do our best to make KetoDiet available on all platforms 😊

I just have a quick question.  I'm new to Keto and your app.  I discovered the bar code read under Create a Custom Meal Add an ingredient.  I was wondering if there was some place else that you can use the bar code read.  I find it an amazing feature but a little cumbersome to reach it the way I do.
I appreciate your help!

Thank you Joan! It is always challenging to try and keep an app simple as with every newly added feature, there is additional complexity. The idea is that when people scan for a barcode, they want to add an ingredient/meal to the Planner or when creating a Custom Meal. I do believe this is a great suggestion and we are planning to add the barcode scanning directly under Ingredients to make it easier to discover. It will still be in the Custom Meal editor and in the Planner. Thanks again for the great feedback!

In your opinion, do you think that it's bad to do intermittent fasting while doing Keto?

Not at all! Keto pairs really well with intermittent fasting: Practical Guide to Fasting

hi with the app is it suitable for Australian bar codes ect?

Hello Chantelle, we use several food databases but I cannot guarantee it will work for all Australian products. You can find more information in our post about bar code scanning: Barcode Scanning and Food Database in the KetoDiet App
I hope this helps!

I am wondering if I can make and freeze the buns and bread? I’ve made the hot cross buns and really enjoyed them.

Hi Gloria, I think you can freeze the hot cross buns (perhaps without the glaze) - these freeze really well:
Ultimate Keto Buns
The Best Low-Carb & Paleo Bread - The Ultimate Guide
I hope this helps!

Does your app calculate net carbs?

Yes, it does. You can set a limit on net carbs and our app tracks both total and net carbs.

I can’t seem to find where it is tracking net carbs. I just see carbs eaten and then if I look at the food I can see fiber but not sure if it’s calculating net carbs or not? Am I able to set it to see net and total so I know what I am consuming? Or is it already calculating net carbs.

Hi Desiree, that doesn't sound like our app -  we always list net carbs and in fact, the emphasis is on net carbs. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for other apps to use the same name we do (please, see part 5 for more information). To make sure you are using our app, please, contact us via the KetoDiet App directly under Help > Technical Support. Our app is this one: I hope this helps!

Hi! Never mind, all i had to do was scroll down and find my answer in a previous post! Love the app! 😊

No problem! Thank you for your lovely feedback!

Hi, is there a way to custom set my macros?

Hi! I have really benefited from your app, and perhaps you have addressed this somewhere and I missed it with so much information you have made available...  
Is there a desktop/PC version of the app? I would be able to make better use of what you have created than on iPhone due to some physical challenges (eye sight and issues with my hands).
Thanks for all you have put into this!

Michelle, thank you, for your feedback and your kind words, I appreciate that! Our ultimate goal is to bring the app to all platforms and we hope to achieve that this year, although I cannot promise that as it is a lot of work and we have to first focus on other high-priority tasks from our to-do list.

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