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The New KetoDiet Universal iOS App

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Hi Friends, I have great news for you!

After over a year in development and almost two months in beta testing, the new KetoDiet universal iOS app has been released and is available to download on the AppStore!

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What's New?

iPhone Support

KetoDiet is now available on the iPhone and iPad. All features of the iPad version are supported on the iPhone, including planning & tracking features. Note: KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic are different apps and cannot be "merged" because it's technically not possible. Please, see "What's Next" below to learn more about our upgrade path.

Data Sync for iOS Devices

The new version of KetoDiet enables you to sync data across multiple devices. We have developed our own data sync solution and in the near future, we will enable our users to sync between KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic across all platforms (iOS and Android). Currently, data syncing is only enabled for KetoDiet iOS.

Integrated Keto Calculator

Our Keto Calculator is now integrated in KetoDiet to help you calculate your ideal macros based on your goals. It's fully integrated into the planner, and will help you stay on track.

The New KetoDiet Universal iOS App

Beautiful New UI

We have completely redesigned KetoDiet to provide an intuitive interface on both iPad and iPhone. Every existing feature has been improved.

Below are a few before & after screenshots showing the Planner to give you an idea of the new interface.

The New KetoDiet Universal iOS App

The New KetoDiet Universal iOS App

What's Next?

It's not over yet! We have many features we want to add.

What if I have KetoDiet Basic and want to upgrade to KetoDiet?
Stay tuned! Our top priority is to provide an upgrade path via an in-app so that KetoDiet Basic users can enable all advanced features found in KetoDiet including planning, tracking, etc. This will take 2-4 weeks to release.

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Next Update (February-March)

  • Upgrade path for KetoDiet Basic users (please, read above)
  • Copy & paste planner meals
  • Multi-user account support with data sync and fast user switching. This feature will be free for the first account. Any additional accounts will be available to buy for $0.99 USD per month to cover the cost of processing and storing the additional data on our servers.
  • Edit: Additionally, universal search across all recipes when adding them to the Planner (blog meals, KetoDiet meals, custom meals, etc)

Upcoming Updates

  • Barcode scanning (accuracy is your key priority and unlike other apps, we won't use a large crowdsourced database - we will use a verified database)
  • Data export, especially progress
  • Apple Watch support
  • Activity tracking & Health App integration
  • Ketone tracking, glucose tracking, and more
  • Integration with KetoDiet meal plans
  • KetoDiet Challenges & community integration
  • Add recipe user notes in custom meals

The list is endless and driven by your feedback!

How Much Does It Cost?

All updates are and will remain free. However, we will adjust the pricing and I will explain why and how.

Over the last 4 years, we offered KetoDiet at a 50% discounted price. During that period, we have added a lot of features and hundreds of recipes. But there is only so much free content we can provide, and the truth is that we have to keep the KetoDiet project sustainable.

We have spent over a year developing the universal app. And it doesn't end there. Creating such a complex app is an on-going task that requires continuous development, support and maintenance.

Here's how the pricing is going to change:

  • The current price of the KetoDiet app is $4.99 USD. The new price will be $6.99 USD
  • The current price for the recipe packages is $0.99 USD (per package of 30+ recipes each). This will increase to $1.99 USD
Note: The new pricing will apply once we release KetoDiet Basic with an option to upgrade to the full set of features via an in-app. As stated earlier, this will take 2-4 weeks.

The New KetoDiet Universal iOS App

How About Android?

We've been working on the fully featured KetoDiet Android app and we expect to release it in mid 2017. As with all software, it's very hard to give precise estimates and KetoDiet is a fairly complex app.

We'll provide frequent updates on our progress and will announce a beta testing phase for Android once we are close to release.

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (67)

I didn't get any new app after when I getting iTunes installation issue. I am enabled to get any new release about iOS.. Can you know what should I do for ignoring them fully? A while ago I am totally stuck with this. I already sent an email to Apple customer support at to get a advice to solve my iTunes error. I hope you understand what I said to you. Thanks.

Hi Martina, I'm sorry I'm not sure I do but to me this looks like an iOS issue or potentially an issue with your iTunes account? For future app support questions, please make sure to send a support e-mail so we can help & respond in a timely manner.

I have been following the blog for a couple of years and love your work. I am considering the purchase of the App but I am not really sure it's the right tool for me. I need a tool to plan and track diet for my husband and I, two different weights and body types. Would the App enable me to manage that? I mean pick a recipe and have the different portions sized for our respective macros?
Or is the only option buying one App each?
Thank you, I have tried to read through my I couldn't find an answer,

Hi Raffaela,
I assume you could just reduce/increase the serving size or add snack to meet your different macronutrient targets but there is no way to customise recipes for different macronutrient requirements in the same app/recipe unless you create your own in Custom Meals.
The question of multi-user is included in our FAQs - I hope this helps! KetoDiet App FAQ

I love my fit bit.  When will that be included I have been using SparkPeople of and on since 2006. Your program sounds really interesting

Hello Alberta, we are now working on Apple Health Kit integration and will look into integration with other apps too.

I just purchased the app for my iphone. Is there anyway to sync to my PC? I really would rather enter my data from my keyboard on my PC unless I am out and about. Easier to see and easier to type.
Thanks for the help.

Hi Valerie, I'm sorry for the delayed response! Our ultimate goal is to bring the app to all platforms which we hope to achieve this year. As always, software is complicated and adding features takes time. We have a long to-do list but we will do our best 😊
(Please, make sure to always send us an email to avoid any delays as we cannot guarantee we will reply to all blog comments).

My husband and I are using the full version of the KetoDiet app.   Often we eat the same things and same amounts. When I make a custom meal for both of us, we need a way to share the meal with him once I've calculated the ingredients.  I saw the comment below.  When will this feature be rolled out?

Hello Phoebe, thank you for your feedback. Sharing custom meals is in our to-do list: KetoDiet App FAQ
I'm afraid that is hard to tell. We have been working on several high-priority tasks and it's impossible to give accurate estimates, as software development is fairly unpredictable.  I'll post any updates on our progress on the blog! 😊

I would like to share my custom meal with another user who purchased the app.  Do you have a buddy system where we can share this kind of information?
Also when creating custom meals it would be helpful to be able to add Directions/Instructions on making the meal.  Will this feature be available in the future?

Hi Gilda, yes, this feature is in our to-do list. We will add sharing of custom meals in future updates. Also, we will ass a "notes" section for the purpose of adding recipe steps, etc. You can follow our announcements for more information: KetoDiet App News

Hi! I am new to the Keto lifestyle and this app has been very helpful for calculating my percentages. I would like a notes section added to the "Ingredients > Create" area and "Custom Meals > Create" sections. Thank you!

Thank you Tonya, this is in our to-do list and we'll do our best to implement it soon! 😊

Just wondered when the upgrade from basic will be available? I want the features of full version. I just got your books too! Am I better to pay for full version or wait? I have bought all the updates already on the basic one before I knew full version offered so much more

Thank you for your support Kevin! By updates I suppose you mean in-app purchases (recipe packages)? (All updates are free). I think it's best if you keep the Basic app and wait for the upgrade path. We are a few days away from submitting it to the AppStore so the upgrade path will be available soon, within a week.

Beautiful new app! One question, can we no longer add ketoblog recipes to custom meals?

Thank you Leah! We made it easier so that all blog meals are in the Integrated blog tab and Custom Meals tab (see Custom Meals-> KetoDiet Blog Meals). They can also be added directly from the Planner. So you no longer have to add them to from the Integrated blog tab 😊

Hi Martina,
Did you get my comment about the calculator?

Hi Boxie, I can only see one comment from you - maybe you left a comment in another post?

Mmmm, strange... no it was definately this one. Maybe something went wrong with posting it. 😕
The point is that I'm a bit confused about the calculator. The past year I used your online Keto calculator but when I started to use the calculator in the ketodietapp it stated something very different for fat. Usually I need up to 119 grams of fat at a moderate deficit, but in the app I can have up to 130 fat at a large deficit and the Total kcal are much higher. Could  there be something wrong with the calculation of the calorie deficit?
Thanks for all your hard work anyway. You really saved my life and I love the app and tell everyone I know! 😃

Hi Boxie, I now what you mean, now. I remember that someone posted this question on Facebook and we replied (it may have been you?). It's unlikely the calculations are different but to be absolutely sure, we'll need to investigate this with your data. Would you be able to send us screenshots of the Profile tab so we can see what you specified and then confirm it's the same as the ones calculated by our online calculator? My feeling is that you may be looking at a different calorie deficit. Thank you! Please, send the screenshots using this e-mail:

Thanks Martina,
I will! (Btw, it wasn't me on FB)

No problem! I realised that too after I got a reply from someone else on FB. I hope you got the reply (check your e-mail).

I did, thanks!
Apparently I put 168m for my height instead of 1.68m. I presumed it was in cm. My bad, sorry. Anyway, the macro's are now the same as with the online calculator!
Today is my first ketoversary and I'm so happy I found your blog and your app. You're a lifesaver! Keep up the good work.

No problem! We realised that the app shouldn't allow for that mistake to happen so we'll fix this in the next update.

The new version of the app is outstanding! Thank you for all your efforts.
Is it possible to add Trader Joe's products into ingredients. Many of their stores products are Keto friendly!

Thank you Sylvia! We have been working on a new update with bar code scanning which should be put in March and will help expand the database (there will be a few smaller updates before that).

I like how the new app looks, it'll take a little getting used to😁  Are the recipes saved from the blog still available in the app?  
The only thing thing I would add is the ability to input full recipes

Thank you Amanda! Yes, you can find them in the Custom Meal tab -> Blog Meals, plus in the Integrated blog tab. You can also add them in the Planner tab. Yes, we will add recipe notes for custom meals! 😊

Thx!  🤗
I did just find that in the shopping list, you can't view the recipes for what ingredients anymore.  That would be nice to have back

Thanks Amanda, the new basket offers different sorting and that's the reason we removed the previous ingredient-to-recipe view. If it proves to be a popular request, then we can add a similar functionality.

The update looks fantastic! I would like to have barcode scanning although even as it it I love it 😊

Thank you Sasha! For bar code scanning to work, we need to add brand foods to our database. The only reason we have been hesitant about this feature is that it's not an easy task to find a reliable food database that is not crowdsourced. Even nutrition facts provided by brands are not always accurate (not like the USDA database which is verified). Although the obvious advantage of bar code scanning  is a large number of foods in the database, it comes at a cost - accuracy. You can see that a lot in other food tracking apps that use crowdsourcing (double entries, missing macronutrients, etc). If the database is not accurate, it makes no sense to use it, especially when every gram of carbs counts. We will add this feature but we need to make sure it's reliable.

Hello Martina, thanks for the great work and the amazing recipes. I have just downloaded the new app and it looks great. I started to add a couple of my own meals, and accidentally hit "save" before I was done. There doesn't seem to be a way to edit my entry. Please could you help with this. Many thanks in advance. Åsa

Thank you for your kind words, Åsa! You can edit any custom meals in the Custom Meals tab -> tap on the meal you want to edit (not on the "plus" icon but the name) -> then tap Edit on top right -> ad or remove, change any ingredients, name, number of servings -> tap Save. I hope this helps!

Firstly thank you for all your great and hard work. Really like using your app. the "feature" i find most laking and would like to see in the future is integration with MFP (My Fitness Pal) or atleast exchange with its data via the iOS Health App (as i know this has already been planned).

Thank you Leon, I really appreciate that. Yes, integration with the Health App is in our to-do list!
I understand and would love to support integration with MFP. However, it's technically a very complicated issue. Most apps, including MFP, use a crowdsourced database which is large but also highly inaccurate. We'll look into this in case there is a way to get the basic progress data, such as weight, body fat, etc.

I also can not leave a review in the apple app store.I have tried many times.

I really appreciate that Sylvia! Perhaps you got the app with a promo code? In that case, Apple doesn't allow leaving reviews. I appreciate your kind support! 😊

Ok I went to leave a review, because I love the app, and do not like the recent bad reviews people are giving it. Just the ability to add custom meals, "which do NOT have to be named 'meal' is worth it". If people can not figure out how to name a meal, it's obviously not the apps fault. Plus people complaining about getting all the app features that most people would charge upwards of $20 a MONTH for without ANY recipes what so ever, yet they cry over 33 recipes for .99 cents. Seriously if you do t have 99 cents DONT GET THE APP! Ok done with the ignorant reviews. My problem is I don't know if it's the app or if it's the AppStore, it will not let me write a review. Saying you must have purchased or downloaded the app to leave a review. Well duh ya think? I've got the app, I've bought a couple of the recipes bundles, I have the full app, and it's great! It is much better than my fitness tracker app, which for KetoDiet is useless. I'd love to leave a real review, but until the AppStore figures out I have the thing I can't. Maybe when I load it on my iPhone it will let me. Right now I just have it on my iPad. I truly do not understand people who complain about having to pay a dime for anything. The saying "the best things in life are free" does NOT apply to apps! So don't listen to people who whin all the time about $5, your app is great. Plus I use a website to calculate my homemade big meals then transfer the date manually of course to the app using the nutritional values, instead of having to use ingredients. The work amazing together!

Thank you so much Edith, I really appreciate your support!! I think that you may have used a promo code and as far as I know, Apple doesn't allow leaving reviews if you got the app with a promo code. I still appreciate your kind words!
The situation on the app market is getting worse, it's a race to the bottom, and software in general is massively underpriced. Bad reviews are mostly about prices or in-apps which tells others nothing about quality/ usability of an app. What the vocal minority doesn't realise is that most apps are not free because it wouldn't make sense for developers, unless they have an app as a hobby and have a different source of income. Even when apps are listed free, there is either advertising or subscription fees. Some of them even sell user data without most people realising what they signed up for.
We do our best to make sure people understand that they can - but don't have to - buy optional recipe packages. It is, indeed, unfair when some of them claim we run a con for having in-apps or that they only have access to a few recipes (currently over 550 including the integrated blog recipes). I have to admit that what I truly don't understand is the rage - they can simply get a refund.

I've just gotten the ipad and iphone app and it seems really nice.  I have so many keto recipes already, I'm not sure how to get them into your app so that I can count my macros.  I don't see an import feature so that would be my #1 request.  

Thank you Melissa! You can easily create custom meals - it may take some time but it's the best way to do it. You can create custom meals as you use/plan them. Importing existing meals is problematic because of the multitude of random formats. Applications that support "importing" meals use fuzzy matching which is highly unreliable and results in inaccuracies which are hard to spot.

Love this app and I look forward to the full Android release. Keep up the great work.

Thank you Yvonne!

I look forward to the release of the same app for Android...with much anticipation! 😊

Thank you Alan, we will do our best to finish it asap 😊

What if I already own both Keto Diet and Katie Diet Basic apps? Is there a way to transfer my purchases from basic to keto diet?

Hi Paula, if you have both apps and would like to get in-apps you already purchased on KetoDiet Basic, please, send us an e-mail at
We will be happy to send you free promo codes for these recipe packages. Thank you!

Hope to see the Android product soon!

I've been following your blog for years and love everything you do. I got the Basic app a while ago and couldn't wait so I now bought the full app. And it was so worth it! 😊 I know I could wait for a few weeks for the upgrade but honestly I don't mind paying a little extra. Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words!

Excitedly anticipating the updated Android app this year and will wait patiently. I know it will be worth it. 😀

Thank you Shelly, we will do our best to finish it asap 😊

I love it and left a review! It's sooooo much clearer and easier to use! Well done on your hard work, can't wait for what's coming next 😊

Thank you Natasha!

Spectacular news! Congratulations Martina and Co. I look forward to saving, planning and sharing across devices. Hopefully we will be able to search the blog and your recipes - to have unified search results when looking for recipes! Notes and custom recipes will be a game changer.

Thank you for your support, Rod! Although this update doesn't support searching across all recipes, we have that in our to-do list for the next update because it's a minor adjustment. The universal search will be applied to the Planner when adding meals.

Perfect! Just set up my profile, and synced on iphone and ipad... flawlessly. Happy bunny!

Awesome, thank you for your feedback, much appreciated! 😊

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