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New KetoDiet Update

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Hi everyone, there is a new update of the KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Apps pending approval on the AppStore! As usual, I'd like to give you some details about what's new.

Note: The new versions are awaiting approval and are not on the AppStore yet. They should be available on the AppStore in 7-10 days. If you like KetoDiet and want to help us do even more, please, don't forget to leave a review on the AppStore, it really makes a difference!

So here is what's new...

New Recipes

New recipes have been added to the optional packages, bringing the total number to 252. To see all new recipes, simply type "new" in the search box when you update to the new version - you'll find: Bacon & Jalapeno Mug Muffin, Chard & Pumpkin Hash, Czech Meatballs, Eggnog Smoothie, Pesto Mug Muffin, Tartar Sauce and Tiramisu Mug Cake. As always, you'll be getting even more free recipes via our integrated blog.

New KetoDiet Update

New Restaurants

New restaurants have been added to our database. You'll find 3 new restaurants that have been added based on your requests (Olive Garden, Wagamama and Black Bear Dinner) so you can easily check for keto-friendly meals when eating out. More restaurants will be added in every update. We collect our own restaurant data - we don't rely on third party sources that are often inaccurate.

Other Improvements

More foods have been added to the KetoDiet database so you can easily create more custom meals.

Our Progress and What's Next...

The previous major update made KetoDiet Basic universal. This means that you can now use it on both the the iPhone and iPad.

How about the KetoDiet App with planning and monitoring features - when is it going to be on the iPhone? Our initial estimate for the universal KetoDiet iOS App was end of this year. However, as we've been moving forward, we realised that there is a lot more work than we originally expected. Creating an app and maintaining it is far more involved than creating, say PDFs and e-books. Thankfully, it's also far more useful to our users which makes it rewarding to us. Stay tuned, we will keep you informed about our progress in every update. Everyone who asked to be included in the beta-testing will be contacted as soon as we get there.

So here is what we've achieved so far...

  • We made KetoDiet Basic universal and created a brand new user interface to improve the user experience. You can see more details in this post.

New KetoDiet Update

Here is what we're going to do next...

  • make KetoDiet a universal App with support for all iOS devices (iPads and iPhones)
  • bring KetoDiet Basic and KetoDiet to Android
  • provide access to all advanced features for KetoDiet Basic users through in-apps. Not everyone wants to use the advanced features in KetoDiet (planning and progress monitoring) but we want to make it easy for those who change their mind to upgrade.
  • When the KetoDiet universal App is live, we will start adding even more features driven by your feedback. You can learn about some of the popular requests at the end of this post: KetoDiet App FAQ. Have any suggestions or feedback? Please, leave a comment!

New KetoDiet Update

How About KetoDiet Android App?

There is some great news for those with Android devices! The beta-testing for first the KetoDiet Basic App will start at the end of this month - I'll send an email to all who signed up when it's done. If everything goes as planned, the KetoDiet Basic App will be on Google Play in December. After that, in early 2016, we will run beta-testing for the KetoDiet App (with planning and progress monitoring). This post explains the difference between KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Apps.

What you see on the photo is the current state of the Meals tab - almost there!

New KetoDiet Update

Beta Testing

We will soon run a beta-testing program for the KetoDiet App to collect user feedback. If you'd like to join hundreds of others, let us know by sending an email via this online form. I won't be able to add you to our list if you only leave a comment below this post.

Beta-testing for the universal KetoDiet iOS App and KetoDiet Android App will be available in early 2016. KetoDiet Basic for Android will be out this December and beta-testing will be available by the end of November. This post explains the difference between KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic Apps.

The KetoDiet Cookbook

My first cookbook will soon be printed! I've been working on this cookbook for over a year it will finally be out in January 15th. The date has been postponed from November due to additional edits.

If you like my recipes, you can support what I do by preordering my book now. I'll soon be sharing some fun facts and sneak peak photos of my new cookbook so stay tuned! :-)

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Martina Slajerova
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Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (12)

I cannot figure out how to delete a day in my logs.  I accidently skipped ahead and now I can't delete.  I do not like the new update for this particular reason.  Can someone tell me how I can delete a day.  I haven't found help on google that helps.

Hello Jodie, thank you for using our app! Unfortunately, I can't tell whether you have iOS or Android and although they are similar, they are not the same. For that reason it's always best to contact us via the app support in the app instead of leaving a comment on the blog. When you send us a support email, we can also see the operation system you are using.
For iOS: To delete a day, simply go to the Planner > tap on the day you want to edit and the swipe from right to left to delete an entry (meal). We do this because it's a standard iOS feature. Same applies to Android - we always support the standard features. The guide on how to use the app is under Help > How to use KetoDiet (iOS). To contact us via email, go to Help > technical support.
Finally, this is a very old post. Since this post our app has gone a long way and the look and the UI is completely different - it is for sure not related to this update.

I have tried about 10 times to sign up for your newsletters and nothing happens. No link in my e mail. I have preordered the newest book which will be released January 1. I have downloaded the app and am ready to go. But I can't seem to get anywhere. Please help. Very excited to get going.

Hi Jacinta, I can see you are subscribed - let me resend the welcome e-mail with all the links & free ebooks. Thanks for letting me know! (Just clarify, the book will be released on January 22 unless the date has changed))

I am new to the keto diet but not new to paleo. I'm not going lie. Fat scares me a little.
I would love to see a calorie / carb / macronutrients advanced system on here. Right now I use SparkPeople and their layout and functionality is really great.
P. S.  Love the recipe layout and being able to favorite them.

Thank you Kimberly! You can still see all the macronutrients in all recipes - I think you meant using additional tracking / adding daily goals for all macronutrients in the Planner feature (not just carbs and protein)? You can still see your daily breakdowns and we plan to support macronutrient tracking even further by integrating KetoDiet Buddy (our keto calculator) within the app 😊 This will all happen after we finish the universal app.

I have been hoping you would add the app for android devices!

Hi Julie, we are working on it now (see post above) - trust me, it's a lot of work but we are doing our best 😊

Hi, I would like to get apps from you. I can use it on my iPad or iPhone .
Thank you

Hi Gwen the apps are now on the iPhone and iPad. If you want to be one of our beta testers for KetoDiet universal iOS app, please, contact us via this form so we can add you to the list: Thank you!

"Universal App" actually has specific meanings.  It implies an app on Windows-based devices.  Incidentally, I would love it if you actually made a Universal App, because I use Windows 10 devices for everything; Windows Mobile, Windows Desktop, Windows Tablets.

Hi Brian, by universal app, I was referring to universal iOS app (I believe it has specific meaning for iOS apps too). We have been working on Android and will eventually bring it to all other platforms - they are all on our list for next year 😊