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New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

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Hi Friends!

There is a major update of the KetoDiet Basic App pending approval on the AppStore!

We will also run a beta-testing program for the fully featured universal KetoDiet app to collect user feedback. If you'd like to join hundreds of others, please, let us know by sending an email. It will soon be available for testing! Keep in mind that software development is complicated and sometimes unpredictable. It always takes time, especially when developing a complex application such as KetoDiet - please, stay tuned!

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Here is what's new in the upcoming update of KetoDiet Basic...

Note: the new version is awaiting approval and is not on the AppStore yet. It should be available on the AppStore in 7-10 days.

KetoDiet Basic is Now Universal

What this means is that you can now open and use KetoDiet Basic on the iPad, not just iPhone! To find out the difference between KetoDiet Basic and KetoDiet, have a look at this post, point 2.

Brand New UI

We have created a beautiful brand new user interface that is intuitive and easier to navigate. We've spend a lot of time thinking how to make our App even better and I think you will love it! This work extends beyond KetoDiet Basic and we'll apply the same approach to the fully-featured KetoDiet app!

Improved Functionality

  • Improved readability and navigation (cleaner fonts, better spacing and full support for all different screen sizes)
  • Toggle step photos. You can now show/ hide step-by-step images in every recipe.
  • Improved printing in the Meals tab and sharing & printing in the integrated Blog and Basket tabs.
  • Basic and detailed nutrition facts are displayed for each recipe.
  • Improved search in the KetoDiet Guide tab. You can now quickly switch between chapters.
  • Items in the Basket can now be grouped by: Ingredients, Food Groups, Meals or Time. This will help when you go shopping!
  • "Favourites" have been added to the integrated Blog tab so you can save your favourite meals out of over 270 FREE recipes (and counting!).
  • Improved filtering in the integrated Blog tab with the addition of viewing unread posts and more complex categories (recipes, diet plans, articles, challenges, etc.)

"Current" vs "New" KetoDiet Basic App

Below is a list of visual comparison between the current KetoDiet Basic App and the upcoming update. All screenshots were taken on an iPhone 6 Plus device with the old version on the left and the new version on the right.

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

Full iPad Support

Here is what the upcoming KetoDiet Basic app looks on an iPad device...

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

So How About KetoDiet iOS App?

As you may know, we're working on a major update for the KetoDiet App. We plan to enter beta-testing soon! Here is a glimpse at the advanced features KetoDiet is going to have compared to KetoDiet Basic...

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

How About KetoDiet Android App?

For those who have been waiting for the Android version of KetoDiet, we are still working on it and it's going great! We have almost completed the basic functionality and will soon move to more complex features. It's still early days and I will keep you updated once we have a better understanding of timelines. Let's just say that the Android App will be done in early 2016 :-)

What you see on the photo is the current state of the Meals tab!

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

What's Next

Releasing the KetoDiet Basic App is the first phase of our big project:

  • make both KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic universal Apps with support for all iOS devices (iPads and iPhones).
  • bring KetoDiet to Android
  • provide access to all advanced features for KetoDiet Basic users through in-apps. Not everyone wants to use the advanced features in KetoDiet but we want to make it easy for those who change their minds.

New KetoDiet Basic Update and Future Plans

When the KetoDiet universal App is live, we will start adding even more features driven by your feedback. You can learn about some of the popular requests at the end of this post: KetoDiet App FAQ. Have any suggestions or feedback? Please, leave a comment!

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (20)

Love the app, one big thing missing to me is sync with my Withings scale. If you can add smart scales that would be wonderful

Thank you so much Steve, I will look into this! We have a long list of features we have been working on and it's always more complicated to add new without making the app too complicated so we will do our best and if it's possible we will add it 😊

Hi Martina, I've had to reset my iPad. I can now call see, 'View Recipe' in Planner.
So enjoying your App. Easy to use and so cleverly made! Cheers Jen.

Thank you Jennifer and sorry for the late reply. It takes a while to go through all the lovely comments and approve / reply to them. I'm glad you found it - it will be even better with the upcoming universal iOS app. Just like the Basic App, there will be a new UI so that our users have the best experience using the app 😊

Dear Martina, Fantastic App! I'm new using you're App. What I have discovered is all the recipes in your Update/ News section where I can choose to add to Custom recipes.
What I would love to be able to do in the Added to Custom recipes, is choose a recipe, then open it to access the ingredients and method info, as well eg: open the recipe completely. If I have missed a step I'd love to know about it! Looking forward to your App's growth!
Thanking You. Cheers Jen.

Hi Martina, love your app and all the work you put into it. Now this is a bit unrelated but what do you think of these exogenous ketone supplements? I have mixed feelings about it because it feels like those who praise it also sell it if you know what I mean... Any thoughts?

snake oil in my opinion.... when I started eating clean and paleo, I also decided to stop taking weight loss pills. it's sad to see people buying this expensive xxx... trust no one who sells it they just go for the $$$

Hi Kelly, this is a bit of a grey area but I'll get to more details in one of my posts. I'm going to try the product myself and share my thoughts. In short, it may be useful for some people to manage a disease or enhance their performance. However, I'm not convinced it's a weight loss product and there is no proof that high level of ketones will enhance fat loss. As a note, I am not and will not be affiliated with anyone selling these products.

I have a theory that they might be useful to jumpstart ketosis if one is just getting started or has seriously fallen off the wagon or taken a holiday. But I think you would want to use them in while starting a keto diet just to get into ketosis as fast as possible. That would be a very short term use, though, a day, maybe two. Of course you can do a hard workout and/or a short fast to jumpstart as well.

I think that considering the high price, I would just go for the workout and/ or take some extra coconut oil. What I mean is that the vast majority of people won't need exogenous ketones. Our body still needs a few weeks to adapt, even if we manage to get to ketosis slightly faster.
Again, it depends on what you want to achieve. The use of the ketogenic diets for therapeutic purposes is still being examined but looks promising. We happen to be a part of one study, as we provided our app to the research team - we built a special version just for the study. If it was to be used for therapeutic purposes, high levels of ketones may be beneficial. What I don't like is all those apparent weight loss benefits that are unproven and purely anecdotal - mostly claimed by those who sell this product. "Fast weight loss" simply seems like a better phrase than "high energy levels" from sales perspective.

My favourite app by far! Thank you Martina.

Thank you Juria, I really appreciate that!!

Hi, are you planning to add more tracking options like glucose, ketones etc? Great news about the universal app, thanks!

Thank you! Yes, this is in our to-do list (see end of this post): KetoDiet App FAQ 😊

Hi Martina, will there be an option to track exercise? Or switch between accounts on one device?

Yes, that is in our to-do list (see the end of this post): KetoDiet App FAQ The Multi-user function will be in the universal KetoDiet app and the exercise tracking functionality will follow in future updates after the universal version.

Amazing app! I can't wait for the universal version. I'd have paid ten times more for what it offers compared to other apps out there. I've paid hundreds of dollars for cookbooks and advice from keto "professionals" and then I got your app for a fraction of everything. Thank you for you blog and app, keep up the great work!!!

Thank you Sam!!!

This app is beautiful as it is but I love the new look! Can't wait to get the update and the option to upgrade to get the planner. Thanks for all you hard work!

Thank you so much Kathryn, I really appreciate your support!