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KetoDiet Beta Android

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Before you start

Beta Version: A pre-release & incomplete piece of software that is given out to users to test under real conditions. You join Beta-testing of KetoDiet at your own risk.


  • An Android device running Lollipop and later (API Level >= 21) - Sorry we don't support older versions.
  • Users will need to have a Google Play account - no other Android stores are supported.

Quick overview

Our current plan is to Beta-test over the next couple months or until we feel KetoDiet for Android is ready for release. Your feedback is vital - this is not just a chance to try KetoDiet on Android, but an opportunity to provide feedback and help make KetoDiet a truly great app.

How do I provide feedback and ask questions?

Your feedback matters, please use our dedicated forum to let us know what you think.

Please, do not send us support emails for the Beta version. You'll only get a response if you post your question in our forum.

What's new?

The aim is to include all features available on KetoDiet for iOS. This Beta version does not include Data Sync (that will be enabled later on in Beta testing). Here's a summary of features included:

  • Profile section with integrated Keto Calculator allows you to estimate your macronutrient targets
  • Custom Meals, Ingredients and Restaurants - find, create, add to the Planner
  • Blog meals are auto-imported and ready to be used (under Custom meals)
  • Planner & Progress allow you to plan & track your diet and monitor your progress
  • Branded products and barcode scanning coming soon

What it took to create KetoDiet for Android

People often wonder why it takes so long to port applications to other platforms, such as Android, or to add new features. Developing a complex app like KetoDiet takes a lot of effort and time. Here's some stats of what it took to port KetoDiet to Android:

  • It took us 2 years to develop the fully featured KetoDiet app for Android
  • A total of 912 commits in our KetoDiet for Android code repository
  • KetoDiet is built using 473 Java source code files excluding resource or auto-generated files
  • In total we've written 50K lines of code and several tools needed to build KetoDiet (data packaging, code gen, etc)
  • While working on the fully featured version, we also maintained KetoDiet Basic for Android. In total we've done 32 releases of KetoDiet Basic on Google Play

And this is just the beginning...!

How do I Join?

To be included in Beta testing, reply to this message with the device(s) you'll be testing on (Android only). Please make sure you reply to the existing message using the link above. Users posting new messages will not be included in Beta testing.

What should I be focusing on?

Users should focus on testing the overall UI and usability. Let us know how you find the app, e.g. creating custom meals, custom ingredients and planning your days. Is there something you find confusing? Something seems wrong? Please, let us know by posting in our forum.

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