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30-Day January KetoDiet Challenge

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Hi Everyone,

it's the holiday season and it will soon be time for yet another KetoDiet Challenge. The challenge will start on Monday, 4th January 2016 and you can sign up to be part of it from today until 3rd January!

Just like in my previous challenges, it's completely free for anyone to join. You can follow the challenge to lose extra pounds or simply feel great. I wish you all good luck!

Giveaway worth over $1,000

The challenge will start on Monday 4th January 2016 and will last for 30 days (4th January - 3rd February). And that's not all - I will be giving away amazing prizes that will go to 3 lucky participants!

First prize: iPad Mini 3 (16GB, Wi-Fi, colour of choice) + iPad cover of choice + the KetoDiet App + $ 200 Amazon gift card + a copy of my new book, The KetoDiet Cookbook

Second prize: $ 300 Amazon gift card + a copy of my new book, The KetoDiet Cookbook

Third prize: $ 150 Amazon gift card + a copy of my new book, The KetoDiet Cookbook

30-Day January KetoDiet Challenge

How To Join

If you are new to KetoDiet Challenges, please, make sure you click on "Create a free account" when signing up. If you already have a KetoDiet account, simply sign in.

When the prizes are announced, I will share your progress stats the same way I did in my previous challenges. What you'll share will be up to you and I will not share your email or surname with anyone.

The winners will be chosen based on overall accomplishment and their commitment to healthy eating, not based on the number of pounds lost. My aim is to promote healthy and gradual weight loss.

Everyone can enter this giveaway - the prizes can be shipped internationally!

Free Tools, Diet Plans and More

Here are several ways you can use my blog to help you stick with the challenge:

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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I was out getting groceries and had to grab a Valentine or three for the kids. I stood looking for something to get for my husband and there was NOTHING there that was not loaded with carbs and even more carbs!  Well it was just about then that I checked my email and saw your Valentine recipes! (Yes, I check my email in the grocery store...) I saw your Red Velvet mug cake and just about ran to the baking aisle to make sure I had grabbed everything I needed to make this for Valentines day!  Looking forward to trying another of your awesome recipes!

Hi! Love love love your site! It's sso inspirational. I started my Keto journey Jan 5/16 and am down 12 lbs so far. It's been tough as I'm a mom of 3 under 8, wife and also a full time nurse who works mostly night shifts. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on when I should be eating my meals? I like to get up and eat dinner with my family but then I tend to go back to bed to get a few more winks in before starting my night shift. I'm concerned that this prevents me from "working off" my calories. Should I be eating when I go to work during the night instead?  When I get home in the morning I will have a coffee with whipped cream while I help my kids get ready for school then go to bed until 4-5pm. And the transition from nights to my days off messes with my eating schedule as then I'm awake during the day like a normal person only to flip back again to nights a few days later.
Confusing I know! All these flips have played a huge part in gaining visceral fat and I can already see a change but have stalled in the last week with no loss noted.
Suggestions anyone?

Thank you Maureen - please, see my comment here - It just takes time for me to approve all comments: How To Low Carb: 15+ Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Martina!  Long time no blog!
Chaos! It has simply been crazy here!!...or maybe that's an oxymoron...simply crazy chaos?  The flu has been going around school and my kids brought it home and they SHARED it!!  How KIND of them! So, not only did I get to nurse them whilst they were feverish and (lets just say Unwell) I got to experience that JOY right along WITH them!
Now, this did make being on ANY diet a bit easier (not being hungry and all.) But I kept in mind what you had suggested and sent my husband to the store to look for bone broth. (Do you find any one brand better than another?) Sad to say he didn't have much luck (he finally ordered some online) but he did bring home some chicken stock and beef stock that we heated up.  
My 6 year old daughter and I sipped ours from tea cups. She thought this was brilliant, it helped to amuse her for a bit. Of course my 10 year old son just rolled his eyes.  Boys...what can ya do?
I want to wait until the 4th to do that final weigh and measure. Now that I am feeling better I am glad to be getting out of the house and traversing the neighborhood for some air.

Oh I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you! That must have been worse than keto-flu... I never buy it, I always make it. I cook a whole chicken once every two weeks for my pets so I always end up with some chicken stock. It's really tasty on it's own and I use it for cooking. Have you tried making your own broth? It's delicious! Keto Bone Broth

Hahahahaha! Well no wonder he couldn't find it!  We have made broth out of the left over chicken when we make chicken I just have never called it bone broth.  Huh.  I feel bad for making him hunt all over the grocery store for it! hehehehe.

Hello and Good Morning Martina!
Feeling better here in our house.  Kids are back in school and now I just have to get the house back in order.  When mom is not running at full strength nothing runs smoothly! My husband even made dinner one night!!! (It was very good...and keto!)
One of the things I have been concerned about is not overdoing the fat intake.  I made some fat bombs to supplement when I just don't have time to grab a healthy snack but feel hungry.  I have been limiting myself to only having one serving a day, which I can spread out if I need to, because one serving is usually 2 or 3 fat bombs (depending on the fat bomb.)
Have a great weekend!

What a good husband!! 😊 I know, fat bombs can be addictive... if you feel like you're eating too many, avoid them. Have 1/2 avocado instead - that will keep you fuller for longer 😊

Hello and Good Morning Martina!
Well. Everyone here has a cold.  So none of us are feeling our best right now. A friend of mine told me that instead of chicken noodle soup (which I was craving) to try just a bullion cube of chicken broth.  It REALLY hit the spot.
Also!  It's Monday! My day of the week I set aside to track my measurements. I am seeing some REAL progress!  It is so exciting to be able to eat (as in.. not starve myself on some low calorie diet) and see myself losing weight, inches and still having such enjoyable meals!
Thanks for all the effort you put into your recipes.  I am not much for experimentation, so I really DO appreciate that when I try your recipes and follow your tips, that I will get an edible masterpiece.
Have a great week, I hope everyone there is feeling well!

Try bone broth - that's perfect for cold winter months and keto-flu 😊 Congratulations on your progress! I totally agree, you shouldn't feel restricted and that's why low-carb diets are so great! Have a great week and keto on!  

Keto Challenge is going great!  I am in ketosis and love seeing the scale drop. For those people posting about having trouble or needing sweets, please just dive into Martina's recipes. I print out at least 4 a week and have the ingredients ready.  I try and make something different as a sweet and something crunchy so I have them to grab when those cravings hit. I also know that variety is key and having your kitchen pantry transformed. NO regular sugar or white flour found in my house!  I have a big bag of almond flour and coconut flour along with my truvia baking sugar on my shelves at all times.  I love using heaving whipping cream in my coffee in the morning to get my real fats in.  I personally stay in ketosis between 20-25 carbs.  I swim laps at least 4 days a week in a outside headed pool.  It's fun challenging myself getting in the pool when it is 29 degrees. I need both hips replaced and was told last spring, I could not get them done until I lost a bunch of weight. Being in ketosis and with Martina's recipes and a lot of prayer have helped me on my way.  I have been approved for my fist hip to be done March 7th! Oh, another thing is please get yourself excited about TAKING THE TIME TO PREPARE GOOD HEALTHY CLEAN FOOD INSTEAD OF REACHING FOR THE PROCESSED FOOD OUR STORES ARE FULL OF. Praying for your success!

Wow Carol, I loved reading your post!
Good idea preparing a crunchy and a sweet snack for the week. I will have to try that.  
I've been hunting and picking out different recipes to try out on my family just to see what we like.  The pancakes were a HUGE success! Just yesterday my kids and I made a keto birthday cake for my husband that ended up being very good.  We put berries on it (the kids did anyway.)
I feel your pain, trying to get some exercise when it's freezing.  I can not even imagine trying to get from the house and into a pool in 20 degree weather!  I've been trying to take walks, but it snowed here and has been hanging on around 10 degrees.
Prayers for you on your hip replacement surgery and healing!

Thank you Carol, I'm glad you're doing great, well done, what an accomplishment! Best of luck with the surgery and healing!

Hello Martina and Everyone else too!
Well it snowed here and is about 7 degrees outside!  It's just too cold to get out and take a walk for a little exercise, so I am trying to make a few trips up and down the stairs to get in a little bit of "natural" cardio.
I was at the grocery yesterday and they had some nice looking avocado's. (Well, as nice as an avocado ever looks...) So I grabbed a couple and now have every intention of making your 'Ultimate Keto Chocolate Brownies'!  (said with announcers voice echoing...)
And today is my husbands birthday!  We might turn these into BIRTHDAY BROWNIES!!!  Just add a few candles and voila! Low-Carb Birthday Goodness!
Have a great day!

Oh I never like exercising out when it's this cold. If it's cold, I just go to gym 😊  If you like the brownies, try these - they are from my new cookbook and I used them for my birthday party last year: Keto Double Chocolate Muffins

Hello Martina!
I finally got to weigh in yesterday and I LOST!!!!! Like even more than I had expected!  I am soooo excited so be seeing such awesome results!
I also met with some of my friends that are also Ketoing, and I shared your website and some of your recipes with them.  We talked about doing a potluck type get together next time and bringing our favorite dish and sharing the recipe around with everyone.  I think that's a great idea, as there are some foods I would never think to try and that's wonderful way to expand my horizons.  
OHHH, also!  I made your pancake recipe for my family for dinner (a few days after we had gone out for pancakes.)  They were FANTASTIC! The kids loved them and asked for seconds.  My 6 year old even asked if she could have them in her lunch box for school the next day... I laughed and told her I didn't think there'd be any leftovers the way we were going at them!
Having fun with recipes,

Thant's great Katie, well done! I'm glad you're doing so well! A potluck sounds like a great idea! Awww I'm glad you all liked my pancakes, thank you! 😊

Good Morning or Afternoon (whichever it is there) Martina!
Well I noticed that none of the new comments are posting so I am saving them on my computer now just in case I need to repost them.  Anywho... lets see, I got to have fried chicken. Real Fried Chicken.  It has been so long. But on the down side I also have had a little bit of trouble with cravings for sweets.  I love a cookie or pie.  I've found some fantastic recipes but am kind of afraid that if I make them when I am really really wanting something sweet I'll eat much more than I really need.  Not really sure yet what I'll do.
Thanks for this awesome Challenge!  It has been almost a week and still going strong! Can't wait to weigh in tomorrow! (just to see if I've had any progress...)

Hi Katie, thank you! That's because I approve all comments manually to avoid spam and I don't do it every day so sorry about that! I got them all and they should all be approved now. I think you can have a treat but maybe make something that is single-serving only just to avoid eating more of them? I know how tempting they are 😊 Some ideas are here:

Thank you for each of your comments.  I appreciate the time and effort that you put into your website and blog!
I will definitely have to try the mug muffin cake.  I hadn't even thought of making a single serving sweet.  Which is silly of me since I have seen them floating around here and there.  I just gravitate toward the "the more it makes the better" mind set I guess.  Not always the best thing to be thinking...
Can't wait to have a mug cake now,

I have been trying to register to your newsletter following the link above and it does not appear to be working for me I have been trying since the beginning of January

I'm sorry to hear that Paola, I can't find any issues. Have you tried it from here?

Well it's a lazy Saturday morning here in my house.  I had to keep myself from jumping on the scale this morning...I am trying to wait until Monday; so I will have a week between weighs.  I do really feel good about how the week has gone though.  So even if I am holding steady at my starting weight, I know I am doing something that will be so good for ME.  
I hope you and yours are having a great week!

Thank you Katie, we are! I think that once a week weighing is reasonable. All that matters is that you feel great!

Well it's Friday!  We went out for dinner last night (the kids were begging for pancakes.)  I have already gone through the pantry and gotten rid of all the temptation foods, including flour! I couldn't make them any pancakes!  
We loaded up the car and headed for the nearest breakfast for dinner spot.  Thankfully, they also served a wide variety of yummy options that I could choose from!  I got meat and veggies and okra (although I'm not exactly sure if okra is low carb or not, I was just kinda hoping it was...)  And the kids got their pancakes!  The funny thing is, the pancakes didn't even look tempting.

Pancakes are always tempting - well done! 😊

Am I crazy or did this post originally say you had until January 10th to send starting stats? Please let me know, I have them ready to email! And I think I have a pretty good story 😊 Thanks!

Hi Kelly, yes it did and it's still fine to send them to us. Sorry for the late reply - it always takes time to go through all the new comments 😊 The reason I removed "January 10th" it is that some people though that the 10th referred to "signing up" instead of "sending stats".

I re-started on Saturday and am LOVING IT!!! Thanks for the challenge and inspiration!!!

Awesome! Thanks for joining 😊

It's the 6th of Jan. and we still have our tree up in the living room, the house is a mess from all the family here for the holidays and I'm plum worn out. BUT! Yesterday I got my some time to myself (when the kids went back to school) and I got to try out a couple of delicious recipes.  I made a batch of keto bread and a fat bomb recipe and my husband was even being supportive and had researched (ON HIS OWN!!!) and given me a recipe that he thought sounded good.  I made that one for him to take to work this week.  Overall, a nice relaxing afternoon.

Hi Katie, thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you are enjoying my recipes!

Is it too late to start the challenge? I got back onto keto on 02nd January, took pics and stats but didn't manage to get signed-up in time.

That's fine Jack - if you subscribe + send me your starting stats, you are in!

Oh my goodness, Martina!
Day 1 and my fantastic dinner plan was a no go!  I had it all prepped and ready to make and then my little guys sprung Cub Scouts on me.  Well needless to say, they had to go to Cub Scouts, and I had to do a quick rearrangement of dinner plans (we decided on chicken, oh well.)  
Now, you may be thinking that I was just going to give up for today all together... But OHO... Not I!  
I looked through the abundance of recipes and we made ICE CREAM!  Yes, that's right, Ice cream.  The kids (the ones that were left home with me) helped me whip it up and we set it to whirl in our handy dandy ice cream maker. It was ready by the time the guys got home from Cub Scouts.  Merriment was had by all!  The kids got their ice cream and I got to have a healthy treat!
Ahhh, so far the keto life is sweet... hehehe...sweet...

Glad you are enjoying this way of eating Katie, keto on! 😊

I sent in request for challenge twice, but did not receive an email.

Hi Trish, I always receive hundreds of submissions and I can't promise that I'll reply to every single one of your emails but I'll do my best. You will all receive an auto-reply which means you are in! Just make sure you: 1. subscribe to the newsletter + 2. send me your starting stats. Also make sure you check your spam filter / junk mail.

Hi, Can I still join the challenge, I'm 5' 1.5", 54 years old. Weigh 13.7 stone. Is that all you need? Kind regards, Vicky

Hi Vicky, if you want to join, you have to follow the steps in the post. I won't be able to add you from a comment here 😊 Thanks!

Hello Martina.
I subscribed for the challenge yesterday, but too had no confirmation. Nothing in Spam folder...
The only reply I got was from the feedback address where I emailed stats and photos. Can you please check that we(my wife and I) are in the challenge? Thank you

Hi Yevgeny, I will now send the confirmation manually, I'm not sure why you haven't received anything - I can see that you are subscribed. I hope this helps!

This day is perfect for starting as I've come off a week and a half of non-stop events. I was able to keep it Keto through the holidays for the most part, but looking forward to adding more exercise and taking out the cheese and wine for this month.
Good Keto to all!

Hello!  I am very excited about this challenge! I am new to the Keto Diet but have done LOTS of research. I decided this would be the perfect time to jump in with both feet.  I love how much variety in recipes you have on your website and am so excited for your new cookbook!  I tried the Keto Pizza Dough recipe out on my family last night and the only complaint they had was that I didn't put enough pepperoni on the pizza! I am looking forward to trying many more of your recipes.  I already have dinner tonight bookmarked!

Thank you for joining Kate!! And I'm glad you liked my recipe - there is never enough pepperoni 😉

I subscribed to newsletter few days ago, but still didn't get any confirmation. I read in the comments that people who susbscribed were supposed to receive a conformation letter. Unfortunately, I didn't get one. Is there any way to check if you on the list or no? My email is

I just checked my newsletter list and your email address is not included so I added you manually - you should receive a confirmation email - make sure you check your email, including junk. Hope this helps!

I got your letter. Thank you so much!

I just bought your app, and I can't wait to get back into this WOE. I tried going Keto and did great until the holidays. I am excited to get back on track and get into amazing shape for my wedding in October.
Thank you for making a tool that will make this so much easier for me to get healthy.

Thank you so much, I hope you find it useful 😊 Good luck!

So excited to be starting keto and this challenge. I'm a carb addict and have a whole other human's worth of weight to lose. It's going to be a long road and this is a good jumpstart

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