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Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

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The winners of the 100-Day January-April KetoDiet Challenge have been chosen! Big thanks to all of those who shared their inspiring success stories and to our admin team who have been supporting our participants throughout the challenge!

It was really hard to pick just five winners and some of the results were extremely close. We had to focus on the tiniest of details. Apart from individual stories, we looked at overall results, health achievements and commitment to healthy eating.

So we didn't pick just 5 winners, we picked 3 more KetoDieters who won a special prize! You can read their stories below.

For more success stories, daily tips and motivation, make sure to follow us on Instagram @ketodiet_challenge!

I hope to see you in the next challenge!

The Winners Are ...

Congratulations to Jackie!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Jackie has been on and off low-carb for 10 years. She joined the KetoDiet Challenge to lose weight and have more energy to play with her grandchildren.

Jackie lost 26 pounds, especially round her tummy and she looks fantastic! After the challenge, Jackie's doctor suggested that her thyroid medication is decreased as she doesn't need as much as she used to. Her blood lipids have improved, including triglycerides that dropped from 97 to 56 — well done Jackie!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

"This challenge is a life saver for me in so many ways. From lab results to my mental health well being. I truly 100% know and feel that I would never have achieved these medical breakthroughs without this challenge.

As you can see in my before and after photos, there is a wonderful difference. Not just in how my clothes fit, but my face is not bloated anymore (which unfortunately brings on the wrinkles). I used to always say that I don't have the wrinkles because my bloated face filled them up. But now, I am happy to have these wrinkles because I have earned them!

I love all the recipes! I have the physical copy of Martina's Keto All Day Cookbook along with the kindle versions of her other books. Those recipes have really helped me not feel deprived. I have learned that you can adapt just about every recipe to fit the Keto lifestyle."

Jackie's Prize: 1,200 USD voucher OR an iPhone 8 with a case of her choice and a Vitamix blender. She will also get to choose any of my cookbooks!

Congratulations to Rodney!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Rodney joined our challenge to lose weight and also motivate his wife. Apart from weight loss, his goal was to get rid of knee and back pain.

By the end of the challenge, Rodney has lost 21 pounds! His main motivation was the compliments he received when people started noticing his results. The KetoDiet Challenge helped Rodney learn about nutrition and commit to a healthy lifestyle. For him keto isn't about perfection, supplements or following a strict diet plan every single day:

"I wasn't 100% dedicated to this during the 100 days, why? Because this is what makes it a lifestyle change and not a diet. Meaning I understand more about the nutrition I consume now, pay attention to what events we attend to make arrangements for myself."

Rodney's Prize: 750 USD voucher OR a Le Creuset Dutch Oven and a Breville Food Processor. He will also get to choose any of my cookbooks!

Congratulations to Cecilaine!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Since May 2018, Cecilaine joined several of our challenges.

Being a busy mom and a pescatarian can be tricky, especially when you travel and your food choices are somewhat limited. Cecilaine joined the challenge to lose weight and commit to a healthier lifestyle, especially by limiting take-away meals and working out regularly. Her main motivation were her friend's compliments after losing 10 pounds!

"Knowing I am in a challenge and tracking my progress is what kept me motivated.

From the keto recipes I love the salmon quiche, salmon with asparagus, cookies and cream shake, shrimp and deviled eggs, crab cake, scallops with lemon and garlic, cauliflower rice all flavors, cilantro sauce, zoodles with shrimp, frittata, asian spice broccoli. Desserts are great so I am never left out at gatherings."

Cecilaine's Prize: 500 USD voucher OR a KitchenAid Mixer, Cuisinart Classic Stainless 11-Piece Cookware Set and a Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker. She will also get to choose any of my cookbooks!

Congratulations to Allison!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Allison joined the KetoDiet Challenge for accountability, weight loss and kicking her sugar addiction.

Allison suffers from PCOS and keto can help manage her condition. She would like to be an active mom to enjoy physical activities with her boys. Apart from losing weight, she would like to be able to sit crossed legged comfortably and wear a shirt tucked into her jeans.

By the end of the challenge, Allison lost 42 pounds!

"I believe in keto as a sustainable lifestyle so it was easier than other programs to stay on track. I like how you can eat food that tastes good and feel satisfied unlike other eating plans. From the recipes I like most the keto broccoli slaw/salad and keto Reese's peanut butter cups."

Allison's Prize: 300 USD voucher OR a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, Nespresso Espresso Machine, Spiralizer, and Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. She will also get to choose any of my cookbooks!

Congratulations to Harley!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Harley is a busy father-of-two with a sedentary job. He joined the challenge to lose weight and change his lifestyle.

By the end of the challenge, Harley lost 38 pounds and feels less achy across his body. During his weight loss, his wife kept him accountable, and he appreciated the motivation and support in our challenge community.

"The way KetoDiet helped was through the great support system and comments in the community section. Admins who have been very helpful. The easy and keto-friendly recipes available."

Harley's Prize: 200 USD voucher OR an Avalon Bay Air Fryer, NutriChef Food Saver, and Silicone Kitchen Utensils 5-Piece Set. He will also get to choose any of my cookbooks!

Special Prizes Go To ...

Congratulations to Jason!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Since early 2018, Jason joined several of our KetoDiet Challenges. He placed second in the challenge last summer and won a bonus prize a few months later. The transformation Jason went through since summer 2018 is incredible (see comparison below) and he now looks and feels better than ever! Since last summer he lost a total of 146 pounds. Well done Jason, keto on!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

"I reached, and surpassed goal weight that I set for myself during the May-sep challenge when I first started Keto, thanks to the #ketodietapp challenge (down 145lbs). Now I’m all about building muscle and toning the loose skin I grew over the years when I was that other person."

Jason's Prize: 100 USD Amazon gift card.

Congratulations to Sarah!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Sarah joined the challenge to lose weight and get her type 2 diabetes under control. What motivated her was the challenge community and being able to discuss with other KetoDieters.

By the end of the challenge, Sarah lost 39 pounds!

"I feel so much better and I even start to go to the gym. I have more energy and I'm not 24/7 tired.

My favorite recipe is the bone broth. She was ja damn life saver! More than once. If I was afraid with my kcal or if I was just in a bad mood and wanted to cheat. Just the brew and I start feeling better."

Sarah's Prize: 100 USD Amazon gift card.

Congratulations to Abigail!

Winners of the 100-Day KetoDiet Challenge

Abigail is a mom-of-three who had a very stressful year. She joined the KetoDiet challenge to lose weight and improve her health.

Throughout the challenge, Abigail was tracking her ketones, glucose and inches. By the end of the challenge, she lost 28 pounds and her fasting glucose is now normal!

"The KetoDiet Challenge has given me a great foundation to keep going. I am a long way from my finish line, but I am healthier already."

Abigail's Prize: 100 USD Amazon gift card.

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Keto is so great. I love the challenges. I’m waiting for our next one to begin. So far I’ve hit my goals and I’m pleased to say that in periods of emotional stress, I have not reverted to eating my head off! So, on with our next challenge! And a big thank you to Martina and the gang!

Thank you Karen! We are now working on a major update that includes the challenge so we had to postpone the next one until further notice. It will satrt again but I can't promise it will be this year (we are aiming for January 2020 as it's a BIG update). The best way to stay up to date is to sign up here (free):
In the meantime, feel free to join us on Instagram:
And Facebook (support group):

What amazing results in such a short period of time!  So encouraging and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your successes. 😊

This is fantastic!  Way to go everyone!  Thank you so much Martina for these challenges and inspirations!