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Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

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Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet ChallengeShareFollow us 261.1k

Big congratulations to all participants of the 60-Day KetoDiet Challenge! Let me just say that I'm very proud of you all!! That's why I'll keep running more KetoDiet Challenges.

When Will the Next Challenge Start?

Before we get to the results, I'd like to share some details on the next challenge. I know that many of you have been expecting the next challenge to start in October. However, due to my very busy schedule, the next challenge will postponed to January 2016. As you may know, I've been working on a new cookbook, KetoDiet universal iOS App and Android App - details on our progress will be announced soon!

The good news is that I'll found other ways to keep you motivated: I will be giving away more iPads and Amazon Gift Cards over the next 3 months before the next challenge starts in January! More details will be announced on my Instagram account and the KetoDiet Support Group on Facebook - don't forget to follow me on Instagram and join us on Facebook to find out more :-)

Prizes in This Challenge

For the 60-Day KetoDiet Challenge, I've given away 15 amazing prizes worth over $2,000:

Here are the winners of this challenge...

1st - 2nd Place Winners

Congratulations to Amy!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

I went from 214 lbs to 195.8 lbs (I'm 5'2", for reference). It came down to good old fashioned clean eating and routine exercising. My diet went low-carb (using many keto recipes), I only drank water, and made sure to work out 3-5 times a week for at least 45 minutes at a time (switching between cardio and strength training). It's been a tough journey but challenges like these keep me motivated and hopeful!

Congratulations to Katy!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet ChallengePin itFollow us 148.4k

Yay! So excited to be reporting back for my ending results! Best of all I have so much energy and feel amazing. This weekend I wore my 23 lb 1 year old on my back and hiked 5 miles in the mountains. This would have never happened when I started my journey in June! Your blog is very helpful and I am looking forward to more challenges as I found it very motivating to stay on track with this wonderful WOE.

  • I'm down to 173 lbs (-14 lbs)
  • Thighs are 22in each (-2 and -3in)
  • Waist is 30.75in (-1in)
  • Hips 44in (-1.8in)

3rd - 5th Place Winners

Congratulations to Bryan!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

I went from feeling horrible about the way I looked and felt to feeling fantastic! I still have a ways to go before I feel satisfied. My weight dropped from 255 lbs (a couple of days before the challenge began) to 230.8 at the conclusion of the challenge. THAT'S 24.2 POUNDS!!!! My waist dropped from a tight 40 inches to a comfy 36.

Again, thank you so much for such a delightful resource and inspiration that you've created for all of us. It surely helps each of us in more ways that you could ever know! Looking forward to more recipes and positive results from the other participants.

Congratulations to Deena!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet ChallengePin itFollow us 148.4k

Here I am 60 Days later. Have started weight lifting. Loving life. Results (July 10th - September 15th):

  • Neck 13 in - 13 in
  • Arms 11.5 in - 11.5 in
  • Chest 37 in - 36 in
  • Hips 36.5 in - 35.75 in
  • Thighs 18.5 in - 17.75 in
  • Calfs 14.5 in - 14.25 in
  • Body Fat 35.3% - 31.9% (so I know I'm converting to muscle)
  • BMI 26.1 - 24.7 (Normal for the first time in probably 30 years)

Congratulations to Eunice!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

Wow.. What a lovely challenge. Before I weighted 122,5 and now.. 113,7 (!) that's a weight loss of 8,8 kg! I went from size 50 to 46 or 48 with a belt :-) From day 1 I kept a food diary at Instagram and that really helped me. I'm feeling happy, free,and the best thing is it doesn't feel like a diet. Low-carb is my new lifestyle,I'm not going to stop now,I'm going to continue and reach my goal! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity ,thanks so much for the support and the lovely meals.

6th - 10th Place Winners

Congratulations to Alessandra!

This keto journey has been fun and rewarding in so many aspects! Weight loss, the power of "I can!" and now a gift card!

Here are my results from the 60-day challenge! I have lost 11.2 pounds and now weigh 149.4 pounds! It was a great 60 days! I was never hungry and my energy levels were so much higher!!! I adapted many recipes to be able to follow the diet and was able to have desserts and even cake (thanks to your mug cake recipe!). The app was very useful too as I could find different ways to cook protein, so it didn't feel I was eating the same thing over and over! Thank you for keeping your blog going, making it such a great resource for people interested in following a ketogenic diet!

Congratulations to Tanya!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

I've been on keto for about 2 months now and have lost 9 lbs since I started following this diet. I am also a first time mom and am 5 months post partum! I didn't complete my goal of losing 10 lbs in this challenge but I lost 3 inches in waist and belly!

Measurements: Thigh - 23 inches, Waist - 28 inches, Belly - 36 inches

Weight : 142.4 lbs, 4 lbs lost

Congratulations to Cassie!

I participated in the 60 day challenge. I am 56 years old. 6 months before the challenge I lost 33 pounds, and during the challenge I lost another 4 pounds putting me at a total of 37 pounds lost. There have been many health improvements through the Keto WOE. My eyesight has improved, I have had high blood pressure since my 20s and it is now at 106/68, endometriosis pain has decreased, arthritis is much better, and my energy level is remarkable. I work with college aged adults and I have much more energy than they do, I run circles around them! I will be going to the doctor in 6 weeks to have my cholesterol checked, I am anxious to see the results.

Thank you for encouraging the 60 Day Challenge. I have met others through the Support Group and gained tips and wonderful recipes! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your recipes as they have been an inspiration and asset in continuing with Keto. Keto on! Cheers!!

Congratulations to Christianne!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

Thank you so much for running the challenge. I love keto and I am glad that someone out there is helping get people into the lifestyle I love so much!

I am 5'10", 27 years old. My starting weight was 158 lbs. My weight at the end of the challenge was 152 lbs. I'm glad to have been able to put on muscle despite being on prednisone for 8 months and counting. (I have mixed connective tissue disease... so lupus, scleroderma, and polymyositis)

Congratulations to Amanda!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

Here are my results from your challenge:

Current weight: 250 Lbs (-15 lbs lost!) I am not sure on inches but here are pics. Great challenge. Looking forward to more!!

Bonus Winners

Congratulations to Aneta!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

I'm now 82kg so I lost 6kg. My start measures were 116-102-117 and current 110-96-110.

I feel like different person, had just 3 cheat meals and sugar free for 3 months. My sugar levels are ideal at 4.6. I am full of energy after first week of being tired. I intent to keep keto as my way of life as I found it very easy upkeep. Thank you for amazing meals you putting on FB.

Congratulations to Tara!

After years of hunger and denial I can finally enjoy my food without the fear of regaining the weight. Thank you Martina for a great site and a great app.

This is my second challenge and my fifth month on the KetoDiet. When I began the diet I was already at my goal weight so I have focused on maintaining that weight. This has always been difficult in the past, but it seems relatively easy on this diet as long as I continue to track my macro nutrients and be mindful of my calories. So my stats are exactly the same as last time: 130 pounds, waist 30.5 inches, 30 percent fat, etc. This time I took pictures and I think you can see that although my weight and measurements are the same, there have been changes. My flesh seems much firmer and I have fewer wrinkles and folds than I did in July.

I am excited because I am nearly seventy years old, have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and spend two thirds of my day in bed. I am unable to exercise (I do have a garden) or even walk very far yet I seem to have improved muscle tone and my skin is healthier. Before when I would lose weight my skin would sag and I would become very flabby. This time has been very different. Dr. Sara Myhill treats persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and she has begun recommending what she calls the “Stone Age Diet”. I don’t think the diet has improved the CFS, but my gastritis and IBS are both under control and it has reduced my anxiety considerably. I am so very pleased with this new lifestyle.

Congratulations to Olivia!

Here I am, a happy girl on my way to remission thanks to low carb eating and great inspiration from your website. I am probably the only person in Brittany (France) that even cares about low carb high fat lifestyle. It doesn't help that people think I have an eating disorder. The truth is I used to have one. Even nowadays it is hard for me sometimes. But controlling my blood sugar levels helps a lot.

So, after such a long rant, my results are 5.2 kgs less , and over 7 cm off all over. I feel great compared to when I started the challenge! No pictures as I hate taking pictures of myself now, but my jeans fit better and that's what is most important. Please continue inspiring people like myself who need being reminded how important it is to take care of our health and also how delicious is can be to eat LCHF.

Congratulations to Melodie!

Thanks for running the challenge. I started at 187.1 lbs and am finishing at 175.5 lbs. I am loving the Keto lifestyle and how it makes me feel. I have more energy and generally feel so much better. I can't believe I lost 11 lbs in the last 60 days. Thanks for running this challenge and creating the app, I am loving the recipes and support.

Congratulations to Amber!

Results of the 60-Day Summer KetoDiet Challenge

Keto has officially changed my life. It is more than a "diet". It's a lifestyle.

First off, thank you so much for doing this challenge. It kept me accountable longer than I ever would have before. I want to live like this forever. I don't even feel the need to cheat. Temptations are everywhere but when it comes along, I think about how far I have come. My mind is clearer, my skin is better, my body is just overall better. I first weighed in on day 1 of the keto challenge at 295 lbs, a size 20 pant and 2X shirt. In day 60, I have weighed in at 273.8 lbs, size 16 pant and XL shirt. I am beyond excited for my keto future and everywhere I am about to go with this journey. Thank you again for this amazing challenge. Looking forward to the next one.

Congratulations to Jennifer!

I am now down 89 pounds since January 9th and I can't wait to see where this journey takes me!!

First of all, thank you so much for hosting this challenge! I love the Keto diet and it has changed my life forever! Here are my stats, which I am so excited to share!!

  • Starting Weight: 262
  • Current Weight: 241
  • Weight lost: 21 pounds!!!

Starting Waist Measurement: 42 inches, current Waist measurement: 38 inches (-4 inches!!) Starting Hip measurement: 51 inches, current hip measurement: 46 inches (-5 inches!!)

Congratulations to Cara!

My results: down 22 lbs!

Congratulations to Jessica!

My name is Jessica. I am 31 years old. And I have been following a ketogenic diet since May 15th. I don't have much weight to lose at this point. My ending weight was 152.4. So I lost 3.2 lbs.

Congratulations to Nicky!

I’m diabetic and I have also reduced my fasting blood glucose from around 6 mmol to around 4.8 mmol, which is a big plus for me.

I was diagnosed as diabetic 5 years ago, but about 6 months ago started taking medication which has made me put on over a stone, and this has affected my blood glucose control. (I'm the heaviest I have ever been). I was on a mission for this challenge was to lose the weight and get super fit by doing loads of exercise. Thank you for setting this up and motivating me, and thank you for the great recipes on your site.

Here are my results for the 60 day keto challenge:

  • Weight loss: 9 lbs (from 10 st 4 kb to 9 st 9 lb)
  • Waist: 2 inch loss (froom 30 inch to 28 inch)
  • Hips: 1.5 inch loss (from 39 inch to 37.5 inch)
  • Body fat: 1.3% loss (from 29.8% to 28.5%)

Tips that helped me:

  • Calories do matter, it wasn’t until I started tracking everything that I started to lose weight. I can eat fat even when I’m not hungry!
  • Cutting my protein helped, when I started eating less, my fasting glucose came down and I started losing weight.

Congratulations to Cathrine!

  • Neck 12" -> 12" & Bicep 10 5/8" -> 10 1/2"
  • Forearm 8 1/2" -> 8 1/4" & Chest 34" -> 31 1/2"
  • Waist 26 5/8" -> 25 5/8" & Hips 32 1/2" -> 30 3/4"
  • Thigh (single) 20" -> 19 5/8" & Calf 12 1/2" -> 12 1/4"

Total inches lost: 6 1/4" & Weight: 111.8 lbs -> 105.4 lbs

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (13)

Hi I want to do the challege, well I do not care if it's even a challenge anymore. I would like to do it for myself. how can I get started? How did you guys get started?
Can someone please email me?

Hi Mark, to join our challenges, please, follow the steps here:

I have been on and off Paleo diet since I got brain tumor diagnosis in 2012, in the age of 30. Since then I've been on and off chemotherapy too. Tumor growth has been slow and up and down with 6 month controls.
I never had weight issues, but When my condition collapsed last autumn (bloodwork, under weight and heart issues) after very hard treatment period, I decided to try keto diet that has already been tested on epileptic and cancer patients. I was on the verge of dying because of the side effects of my medication.
I've regained my energy and could even recover quite a lot of my lost muscle mass. The best of all, after I had to stop my chemo treatment half a year ago, in the last scanning one month ago the tumor showed reduced size! Just because of the diet, without any conventional treatments! My cancer is incurable, but I believe I have finally found a way to live a "normal" life without the destructive treatments! I am so happy and absolutely staying on this diet. It is a life saver!
Another big benefit for me came related to my epileptic condition. I've been able to reduce my medication considerably and now almost free of symptoms!
This is a miracle I've been waiting for!

Great to see such good results.
I will be starting the nov challenge and am trying to decide to the keto primal program or the keto paleo. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I need  to lose 6 kgs.

Hi Judy, have a look at this page (tools, resources, etc): How To Start Keto: All You Need To Know

Hey Martina, I was just wondering when the next challenge might start?

Hi Jasmine, the next one will start in January - I will announce it sometime in mid December 😊

Wow it's so motivating to see how this way of eating helps others! I've lost about 20 pounds so far and still have 30 to go. It''s been slow over the last few weeks so I used your calculator to realise that I wasn't eating enough protein. And guess what, I started losing again! I have more energy so I started going to gym and best of all... I actually enjoy working out 😊

Congratulations Sally, that's great!!!

Hi Martina, thanks for the challenge! I really appreciate all your hard work and will definitely be joining in January. I was hoping for the next one to start in October but I know that making the universal app is your priority and I can't wait to have the planner on my iPhone. Keep up the great work!

Thank you Melissa! Unfortunately my busy schedule doesn't allow that right now. I would like to contribute to the challenge rather than just starting a new one so that's why the next one is scheduled for January when I have more time. I will at least organise a few giveaways to help everyone stay motivated before the next challenge starts Smile Glad to hear that you will join us - keto on!

Congratulations to everyone, well done!!! I'm so determined to stay keto and can't wait for the next challenge 😊 I've already followed the 90-day one and lost over 40 pounds in the last 6 months!

Congratulations to you Kalyn, that's a great success!!