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60-Day KetoDiet Summer Challenge

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Hi Friends, it's summer and time for another KetoDiet Challenge!

The results of the previous 90-day challenge will be out soon and I'll be giving away several amazing prizes worth over $2,000! Those who took part still have time to send me their final results until July 12th. Make sure you don't miss out - details and prizes to win are listed in this post.

Just like in my previous challenge, you won't need to use my app and it's completely free for anyone to join. You can follow the challenge to lose extra pounds or simply to feel great. I wish you all good luck!

How To Join: Giveaway worth over $1,500 at the end of the Challenge!

The challenge will start on Monday 13th July 2015 and will last for 60 days (July 13th - September 10th). Don't worry if you miss the beginning - you can always join us a few days later!

To motivate you even further, I will be giving away two iPad Minis 3 and even more prizes worth over $1,500 in total!

60-Day KetoDiet Summer Challenge

The rules of my giveaway are simple:

  1. Subscribe to the KetoDiet Newsletter to get weekly updates, tips and recipes to help you stick with the challenge. If you have already signed up, you can skip this step.
  2. Send me your starting stats at (weight or measurements, photos, etc). Don't worry if you missed the beginning of the challenge, you can send me your results any time during the challenge.

  3. Send me your final results and any tips you'd like to share with others at by September 20th. Don't worry, I'll keep reminding you in the newsletter :-)

When the prizes are announced, I will share your progress stats the same way I did in my previous challenge. Don't forget to mention if you don't want your progress pictures to be shared. I will not share your email or surname with anyone.

All the participants will have an equal chance to win - the winners will be chosen randomly, not based on weight loss results. My aim is to promote healthy and gradual weight loss.

The giveaway will only be limited to the US, Canada and UK. However, everyone can take part in my challenge to feel and look great!

Free Tools, Diet Plans and More

Here are several ways you can use my blog to help you stick with the challenge:

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (73)

Hi Martina-will you be having any more challenges?  I fell off the bandwagon 😞 luckily I have maintained/fluctuated between 3lbs.

Hi Maggie, that's great that you maintained! Yes, there will be one soon - see comment above 😊

ooops i just missed this.Is there another one coming soon?

Yes, there will be one soon - in October. I'll announce it as soon as I get time to prepare the details of the challenge 😊

I didn't join your challenge, but have been on Keto for 8 weeks losing 10lbs. I'm very happy with my keto progress and am so happy I found you and your site! Its been a big help 😊 thanks for all the great info

Thank you, well done Amanda!! 😊

This should be interesting. I'm definitely joining

Great, hope you join us in the next one! 😊

Hi dear, Can I join the current challenge or it a late? Thanks

Hi Siham, yes, I'm afraid it's too late but I'll start another challenge sometime in autumn, as soon as I finish working on my cookbook.

When will there be another challenge starting?

Hi Allison, it will be soon after the current one finishes, I'd say a couple of weeks after it does so that should be during the first week in October.

I'm in and I started at the beginning. Love your challenges! Great inspiration for staying on target and feeling good about this lifestyle.

Thank you Maria! Well done! 😊

I just found your blog and it really makes me feel like a Keto diet can be SIMPLE. Thank you for all your information. Question for you... Can I still join this 60 day challenge? I know I'm a little late but I'd love to win an iPad so I can get your Keto App. I currently don't have an iPhone or iPad. Thx in advance.

Thank you! Yes, you can join us - or any other challenge because I plan to run one after another 😊

I am so glad I've joined your challenge. After the first week, I lost 1.6 pounds! Thrilled!! I know I can keep going and improve my health! Thank you for sharing these meal,plans with us!

That's amazing Becky, well done!! 😊

How is everyone doing?  I found last Saturday hard as I was in a town with no food stores and the family made hotdogs. I had a couple buns and potato salad. But other then that it is going very well for me 😀

Reminds me of my week. I had a piece of cake... I know I shouldn't but it was my hubby's bday and it was just once. Other than that, I did lose 3-4 pounds since the beginning. Feeling strong and determined to lose the last 15 pounds! 😊

I'm excited to join this challenge (a few days late in the game).  I followed the keto lifestyle last summer and never felt better (or had more success).  Unfortunately, after some changes in my personal life, I went off the diet and gained a ton of weight back.  I'm looking forward to getting started again and making the keto lifestyle permanent this time!

Great to have you on board Aly! Good luck on the challenge 😊

Hi to all, I am joining for the first time this kind of challenge. I am from Romania, started keto woe beginning of July and had some nice results until now - I am also exercising (interval running) 3 times/week. Good luck to all!

Thanks for joining Gabriela and good luck!

Hi. I'm trying to join the 90 day Keto challenge that started yesterday, July 13th. Not sure how I do this. I put in my email address but have not received a link to join. Is that how I do it... through the email link?

Hi Eileen, I think you meant the 60-Day Challenge? The 90-Day challenge was the previous one and is over. There are 3 steps (see this post above) to join
First, you subscribe to the newsletter (you've done it).
+ "Send me your starting stats at (weight or measurements, photos, etc). Don't worry if you missed the beginning of the challenge, you can send me your results any time during the challenge."
+ final results (after the challenge is over. hope this helps!

I think I already said I was in for this 60 day challenge but not sure.  I am not trying to lose any more weight as I succeeded by losing 43 lbs. BUT I want to maintain this as a lifestyle.  My goals are to maintain where I am so I am trying to adjust my macros to make that happen.  I am finding it a bit tricky as I continue to lose about a half pound  each week.  I am sure it will just take time to figure it all out.  Count me in!

Hi Joylynn, thanks for joining! If you want to maintain your weight, make sure you are eating enough. It's the satiety effect that determines how much you are eating on a low-carb diet and you might need to add some fat to eat enough calories. Try this tool: KetoDiet Buddy - Easy Macro Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet

hi, what starting info do we need to send? Really want to get started!! 😊

Hi Andy:
"Send me your starting stats at (weight or measurements, photos, etc). Don't worry if you missed the beginning of the challenge, you can send me your results any time during the challenge."
So any stats you would like to track 😊

I'm in!

I'm super excited!! Just sent in my stats email. 😊

Thank you! I won't be able to reply to all emails individually but I got the stats 😊

So looking forward to doing this!

I'm in!I've already started dabbling in keto and feel good but the scale isn't cooperating fully. I've also started strength training the past 3 weeks so I'm hoping that I'm already building some muscle which may account for the scale not showing results. My clothes do feel looser and I don't have the sweet cravings as much so I'll take those as good signs for now. :0)

That's great Elizabeth! Thanks for joining 😊

I'm so excited and doing the 60 days challenge. Quite new to this and hoping it would be fun trying out healthier ways to eat.

Awesome, thanks for joining! 😊

I am excited to join. Can't wait to get started!

Hey Martina, i'm so excited to start the challenge tomorrow 😊
i'm from Egypt and i like all your keto-recipes and i'm so interested to benefit from your ideas to create middle eastern keto-recipes, using our ingredients and go with our taste and culture in food
let's start the challenge !! 😊

Thank you Hala! I will definitely be posting more dishes inspired by the amazing Middle Eastern cuisine 😊

I'm in! I know I need to give low-carb a good effort, especially since diabetes runs in my family and I've got some symptoms of possible insulin resistance. I try to keep gluten free all the time and mostly paleo, but cutting out wasted carbs (like sugar and starch) will be a good challenge for me.

It's always a challenge for the first 2-4 weeks but once you get over that period, everything becomes easy! 😊

I'm so excited for this challenge. I have a big goal in mind for this year, and I know the next 61 days (doing a lot of reading, prep and shopping today) will be life changing! Thank you for this summer challenge!

Thank you for joining Stevi, good luck! 😊

I'm in, it will help keep me motivated


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