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Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

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Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & GiveawayShareFollow us 261.1k

The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is over but you can still join us in the new 90-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge and win an iPad Mini!

When I announced the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge in January, I didn't realise how many people would be interested in taking part. It was amazing to see so many people motivated and determined to get fit & and feel great. Your response to the challenge has been incredible and I'd like to thank everyone for taking part!

Based on your feedback, I came to realise two things:

  • Most people would like the challenge to last for longer
  • Giveaways are a great motivator, maybe we need more of them ! :-)

So how about starting a 90-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge? I bet you are all in! ;-) The rules and starting date will be announced soon, so stay tuned. I'll keep you updated and let you know in advance - several times! The reason I don't wan't to start the new challenge yet is because I've been working on changes to my blog including improvements related to organising giveaways. Apart from easier access to giveaways and challenges, this update will add many new features that will make it easier to discover meals based on your dietary preferences. Soon I'll have a preview of my new Blog for you to try and provide feedback.

Here are some interesting stats from the challenge:

  • All of the participants lost weight and some of them managed to break through long-lasting weight loss plateaus
  • Weight loss achieved by the participants in this challenge varied from 1.6 lbs to 19 pounds! Don't worry if you didn't lose as much as you would have liked to. Weight loss plateaus are common and there are several factors which play role in weight loss. Don't get demotivated and keto on!
  • Some of the participants tracked their body fat percentage. Losses varied from 1% to 4% body fat!
  • Some also tracked their body measurements. Improvements in the waistline varied from 1/2 inch to 4 inches!
  • During the challenge and even after it ended, most of the participants followed one or more of my 3 keto & paleo/primal meal plans (a month's worth of meals in total).
  • Many of the participants used the KetoDiet iPad app to track their progress - it was great to see all the screenshots! I know everyone doesn't own an iPad and I'd like to ensure you that we do whatever we can to make the KetoDiet app available on other devices.
  • Several participants also provided their progress pictures and agreed to share them with you! Huge thanks to all the brave ladies & gentlemen!

Announcing the Winners!

All of you did a great job! I'd love to give each one of your a prize - you really deserve it! The least I could do was to add 10 more prizes for this giveaway - 10 more bottles of Now Foods MCT coconut oil!

There were so many of you and it took me a few extra days to process all the emails. Like I said before, all the participants had an equal chance to win - the winners were chosen randomly, not based on weight loss. My aim is to promote a healthy and gradual weight loss rather than quick or extreme.

1st prize - iPad 3 Mini

Big Congrats to Missy!

Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

I would like to say thank you. In the past I have tried changing my eating lifestyle but would give in to temptation 2 weeks in. This contest gave me the motivation to stick to it. Now that it has been 30 days. It is a habit now. They do say it takes 18 days to make or break a habit... well the cooking comes second nature now. I love trying the recipes you post and haven't cooked something twice ... yet. Just so many options!

I can't tell you what I weighed when I started cause my scale would say ERROR.. :( even the medical scale we have at work (the counter weight ones) only went up to 350, I had to put it all the way to the end so my guess would be 360 or 365. When I weighed my self on Sunday Feb 8th the scale now reads 347... super happy about that!! I am 6' tall and want to lose about 120 more. It will be a long road but this time next year I hope to be halfway there.

Thank you again for changing my life. I feel so much better health wise and about myself. Missy

2nd prize - Breville Fast-Slow Cooker)

Congratulations to Terry!

Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

Thanks for hosting this challenge. I feel great and am very happy with my results after following the "regular" keto plan.

From January 10 to February 8, I lost 7 pounds (263.8 to 256.8). I now fit in a size smaller jeans (size 20 to 18). I lost 1/4" from my neck, a 1/2" from my bicep, 1" from my chest, 1-1/2" from my waist and 1" from my hips. I'm thrilled!

I have another 75 pounds to lose, so I am happy I feel so good and have energy with my new keto lifestyle. Thanks! Terry

3rd - 20th prize Now Foods MCT Oil, 32 fl oz

Congratulations to all of you!


Martina, first, I would like to thank you for the knowledge and assistance you provide on your blog and app! Keto has definitely been made easier for me through your accomplishments and contributions. Your site is also the one I have sent family members and friends who are interested in starting keto to, and they have been impressed with the factual knowledge as well! Thank you again!

Results (January 10 2015 vs February 8 2015):
- weight: 185 lbs / 180 lbs
- bust: 41" / 40.5"
- waist: 31" / 30.5"
- hips: 47" / 45.5"
- belly: 41" / 40.5"
- thigh: 28" / 27.5"

My Tips:
- Plan your meals ahead! I find that meals can be stressful if I haven't created a plan, or end up eating too much protein and throwing my macros off!
- Having a great support system is a must! My husband has been my biggest supporter since beginning keto.


Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

I started Keto on Dec 9. I've lost a total 23 from the start. It's really working for me. I bought your app and love your recipes! Thanks for all you do!

Jan 10 - Feb 8
Started at 240
Ended at 229
Bicep. 17.5" down to 16.5"
Hips. 55" down to 51"
Waist. 48" down to 44"


Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

Hello, Thank you for doing this challenge it was a fun way to stay in track. I followed the regular keto diet plan and enjoyed several of your yummy recipes. I even out your grab and go options in to good use on busy days.

My guess my only tip would be that enjoying your keto smoothie helped me stay on track by being able to save my macros for later in the day so that I wouldn't end up eating too much too early in the day.. I started this challenge at 198 and am happy to say I am now 179!!!

The biggest changes I've seen this far.. It's totally amazing to see how small my backside had gotten.. Can not wait till your next challenge!!! Thank you!!


Here come my results:
- from 76,8kg to 72,3kg BW
- from 75cm to 73cm waistline
- from 103 to 101 hip line

- I followed the menu that has got dairy options.
- I was having a quest bar as a treat - it gave me a 1 week plateau - after I stopped eating them my weight dropped
- I drank plenty of water but stopped at 20h, my water retention and my morning weight improved and also my quality of sleep
- I did not consume any milk and yoghurt. Cheese for me its ok but in moderation
- I found out that I put on weight and my water retention gets worse if I increase protein intake

Overall feeling: amazing, no hunger, no cravings even during PMT, which is awesome for me!


Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

Martina, I am really enjoying learning new ways to cook. So far it has been a fun and creative journey. I keep telling my friends and family I'm not on some temp diet, that this is my diet for a healthier life thru good and delicious food choices. So here are my weight & measurements:

Before: weight: 150 lbs
chest: 38 waist: 32 hips: 40
After: weight: 133 lbs
chest: 36 waist: 28 hips: 36

I would just like to add thank you for all your assistance in my journey to a better me. Cindy


Hi Martina! My name is Georgie, I’m 20 years old and I also suffer from Hashimoto’s! I guess that’s initially how I found you, looking for answers regarding weight loss/maintenance with Hashimoto’s. I absolutely love the keto diet app and its blog; you offer so much great info, the recipes are delicious and the recipe plans are great motivation!

Once I saw you were running the 30 day keto weight loss challenge, I was so excited! I have to say though, my approach to the challenge was a little different to just losing weight. My main aim of the challenge was to gain some muscle!

After struggling with a heap of weight gain from Hashimoto’s, I began to deprive myself of food in an attempt to lose weight. Eventually this developed into a full blown eating disorder and I was diagnosed with anorexia. I worked hard in recovery with an aim to restore my weight and build some muscle, however I also have Addison’s disease, and one side effect of the medication I have to take is muscle wastage. Now I’m in a much better head space and my weight is restored, however I still struggle with the muscle wastage and desperately wanted to build some muscle (I wanted to be able to flex and actually have a bicep)!

So I chose to do the 30 keto challenge as an experiment to see if I could gain some muscle. I always get sick of people saying ‘oh you need carbs to gain muscle’ and ‘if you eat low carb you’ll only lose water weight’ but I thought I’d take the opportunity to prove them wrong! I chose the 7 day keto/paleo menu plan, which I repeated 4 times to make it go for a month. I find it really hard to eat nuts with my Hashi’s related gut issues, so my snacks included herbal tea with 95% cacao chocolate, and my secret weapon: homemade pork rinds! My local butcher stocks organic, free range, grass fed pigs and let me have the skin for free! So I just popped it in the oven with some celtic sea salt until it puffed up and went crunchy! Delish!

Anyway, now for my results! Because of the anorexia, I no longer weigh myself, so I chose to measure my progress via skinfolds. I’m studying a bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology and know the cheapest yet most accurate measure of body fat is skinfolds. So my results are as follows:

January 2015: 19.3% Body Fat February 2015: 16.5% Body Fat

I lost 2.8% body fat!! I am so happy with my results! I can now even squat 20kgs!

I just want to thank you so much for helping me along my journey! I have always followed your blog and used your apps however this challenge gave me the incentive to really stick to your plan and I got some great results! Now I can also say that it is possible to put on muscle whilst eating low carb!


Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

My name is LeAnna. I have had a tough journey with Fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, and gut issues. I decided to try a Ketogenic diet since nothing else has worked. Your challenge was right in time! I tried Keto in December, but I was misguided. After following your plan I started to get things right. Here are my results: 9 lbs lost and 12 inches!

And just Keto Adapted this week! My biggest advice to others would be to buy a gluco/ketone meter and measure how certain foods affect you. Stay on the plan and stick with it! Thank you!


Hello Martina, I've followed a Keto diet for a while now, but I really derailed over Christmas so your challenge was the motivation I needed to get back on track. For the challenge I followed a regular keto diet (under 25g net carbs and including dairy). I didn't take photos, but here are my results:

10th of Jan: weight 82kg, waist measurement 102 cm (height 178 cm)
13th of Jan: weight 79.5kg, waist measurement 101.5 cm
29th of Jan: 77.8kg, waist measurement 100 cm
8th of Feb: weight 76.2kg, waist measurement 99 cm

So basically I'm back to a healthy BMI (though only just) and almost exactly where I was before Christmas. Now I just have to stick at it, which your yummy recipes help me do. So thank you for all your hard work! I don't really have any tips to share, except that following a keto diet should be fun. I eat really delicious food and have a great time trying out different recipes. That helps me focus on real food, since it's often a mix of boredom and stress that makes me reach for the junk food. And of course, getting rid of all sugar in the house is a must, at least at the beginning. I find that once a low-carb diet becomes a habit for me, then sweets just lose their appeal. Christmas is the most difficult time of year though. I'll have to think up some strategies for next year. All the best, Jenny


My weight loss and other changes are as follows
Body weight- Before: 217.6 After: 208.0
Body Fat- Before: 38.2 After: 36.7

Body measurements:
Chest- Before: 46.5" After: 44.5"
Waist- Before: 44" After: 43"
Arm (left upper 4" from shoulder)- Before: 17.25 After: 16.75
Thigh- Before: 26 After: 25.5
Hips- Before: 47 After: 46.5"


Total weight loss is 4.8 kg but I have lost an amazing 8.5 cm from my waist - hard going for me as I have PCOS so very insulin resistant. However I am amazed at how well I'm sleeping (tough at times as I'm a nurse doing shift work) and loads of energy so now I have started running and doing yoga. Really happy and this is just the start for me. A big thanks to you for your great app that I use daily and for keeping me motivated all the way over here in Tasmania! I am way too shy to share photos at the moment, but I'll make a deal with you, when I make it too my goal weight around 60 kgs (I am 72 kg now) I will do it then as I feel I haven't lost enough to have that 'wow' reaction! Susan


Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

Completed the 30-Day Chellenge the other week (although I'm actually still going). Did the regular keto plan. Here are the benefits that I saw:

1) Weight loss: went from 231.2 lbs to 220.6, which is about a 10 lb loss. I was doing low carb prior to doing the challenge so probably would have lost more had I come from a typical American diet.

2) Measurements: I lost about 2 inches off of my waist and hips. My jeans fit a lot better!

3) fasting blood sugar: I take my blood glucose every morning fasted. Before I started the challenge it was above 100 about 50% of mornings. Now it is rarely above 100.

--Started following the "Ketogenic Dieters" facebook group and upped my protein while lowering fat a bit. Found my muscle recovery from exercise improved dramatically.
--Started playing tennis mid-Dec, and continued through the challenge. Lowering carbs further did not impact my performance and I had plenty of energy.
--Lift weights 2-3 days per week with heavy weights so that muscle mass is preserved.

You can tell I've lost weight by my face, but my body shots don't look all that different with just 10 lbs. But, I've attached the facial shots (pic 1 before and pic 2 after).


Hi Martina, I started the challenge on January 13. My previous stats were:
thigh:26 (I have a mole midway up my thigh so that's where I take measurement)
arm: 12

my current stats are:
weight: 156
thigh: 23 3/8
arm: 11 3/8

I'm pleased because I did lose but I am disappointed because I thought I would lose more. I did carb cycle after the first week and those carb up days really set me back, also I didn't customize macros or tracked what I ate, so that might have also slowed my progress. I have only just started to really research the keto diet and what my macros should be. I do feel and sleep better than I was before in most ways. However, I have fibroids and I'm not sure whether the high fat is making them worse (since estrogen can be metabolized from cholesterol) but I can't find any information on that anywhere. Anyway, thanks for this challenge,it really made me see there were other low carb options besides eggs, bacon and lettuce. I've tried some of your recipes on Instagram, thanks for your hard work.


After having been stalled for a while, I finally lost some weight during the last week of the challenge. I am happy to be losing again. I am hoping for better results during the upcoming 90 day challenge. I lost only 1.6 pounds, but hey, I have begun losing again! My waist and hips are each down by 1/2 inch and my upper arms are down by 1 inch! I am following a regular Keto diet plan. Looking forward to the next challenge. This is my lifestyle and in the meantime, I will be continuing on. Thanks for doing this!


Martina, My wife, Barb, has been very diligent with her Paleo/Keto lifestyle, but her results seem to never line up with her effort. Barb is very discouraged because she keeps careful track of her food consumption on your app but she's not loosing much weight. She started MCT oil last week, and it helped her get into ketosis the first day and has had no effect since.

With the exception of a three month detour after her dad died, she's been working at this for more than a year with almost no results. I'm inspired by her commitment and perseverance every day, but I'm sad for her.

She's on a supplement plan to help regulate her thyroid a bit, but I'm assuming her body just isn't in balance yet. We're going to get some more lab work done to determine what else could be interfering with her weight loss. If she does lose her extra 20+ extra pounds, she will definitely be a case study, but for now reading about everyone's remarkable results is depressing.

Thank you for your work and your effort to help people life this healthy lifestyle.

--Sam Results:
-2.75 inches -4.8 lbs


Hi Martina, My result from the challenge is just 3 kilos, lost during the first 10 days and no more so far. It could be even water😔 I chose the dairy free keto -plan. I will not give up, I want to continue with the keto way of eating. I keep reading and every day I learn more and more. This is thanks to you. Before that I used to eat LCHF, but not keto.

The good news is that I do not experience keto flu anymore, I feel better. I consume a lot of coconut oil and take supplements. I will continue experimenting in order to find out why I am not losing weight. Thank you very much for that challenge. It was a motivation for me to be strict and to become so enthusiastic about ketogenic diet. If there is another challenge, I am definitely in😊


Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

Martina: I really enjoy using the Ketodiet iPad App. There is so much much to learn from it. Here are my stats for the 30 day keto challenge. My weight started off at 138 and I ended at. 131. My % body fat went from 16.9 to 15.2 with the lowest reading of 13.8 (see the screen shot).
Thanks a million for the app and the contest, Michael.


Hi there, thanks so much for all the motivation. I started following your Ketodiet support group on Facebook and I love all the support out there! Between 10th January and 8th February I've lost 6 pounds and 2 inches off my waist! I thought it could have been more because my pants feel quite loose but overall I'm really happy with the results. I've been stuck on the same weight (189 pounds) for over 3 months an this was a nice surprise :-)


Hi, My name is Pamela. Thanks for allowing me to be in the challenge, it got me motivated again. My starting weight was 213.8 and ending weight was 203.6. I suffer from neurological and thyroid issues so it's coming off slower than it use to but that's ok with me. I have a hard time working out because I am dizzy all the time, but I try to do 20-30 reps of little things here and there. I look at it as it's not much but I am doing more than someone sitting on a couch.

I'm 10.2 lbs smaller now, yay! The pics I included, you can see my face is not so round and slimming out. Some tips to share would be to make stuff in advance, sometimes hunger strikes out of no where and it is best to be prepared. I always had sugar free jello on hand for a sweet craving, making a different flavor each time and adding 1 tbsp. HWC, mmm... If you end up one day going over, don't beat yourself up, start anew the next day. I use to just give up and days would go by turning into weeks and I felt horrible about not sticking to it. I am tired of that old me and I am more determined this time around :)


Hi there, I started January 1st at 79.2kg - up quite a bit during 2014 despite following lc for over two years. I finished the challenge at 75.8kg so am pleased though would have liked to lose more. I found limiting meals to twice a day and trying to eat those within an eight hour window to be helpful as it reminded me to eat only when actually hungry.

Having tasty lc options available to eat was a big thing - I made sure there were always things to look forward to (like chorizo meatballs or taco soup) so I didn't start craving other things. And always being prepared when out - either eating slightly more or taking something with me meant avoiding making mistakes when on the run.

I made daily use of the Ketonix analyser to try and make sure I was in the weightloss zone. I tried to avoid going out for dinner this month simply because getting accurate nutritional info is so difficult. And of course, using my KetoDiet App was important for me to keep track of my macros as its much more accurate than just taking a guess.

Next month, I'm going to try and add in some more gym work (injury permitting) and will consider eliminating dairy but am still not sure! I want to try and ween off aspartame but so far, its been a big struggle.

Honestly, its such a pain when the scale says something you don't like! I hit 75.7 back in Dec 13 and then bounced way up come the following month and have been struggling with that for an entire year! Certainly the app has helped me identify some slip ups that I didn't realise! But I also know being hypothyroid doesn't help either regardless of being on what feels like the right desiccated dose! Oh well. Deep down, I know I need to cut the aspartame so will be working to that goal (speaking as an addict)!

Will def join another challenge but not sure about this one as am going to cancun in March and am not sure if I will partake in pina coladas or not this time. I went last year and had quite a few every day, but strangely didn't gain.

Anyway, thanks for inspiring the challenge! I have a lattice of bacon covered meatloaf with a molten layer of cheese in the middle cooking away in the oven right now :-)


Hey! I started my keto journey in July and am now 62 pounds down. Four weeks ago I started your challenge at a stalled out point at 210. I was frustrated. After starting mild weight lifting and supplementing coconut oil / eating a tiny bit less. Today I weigh 198!!!! That's a 12 pound loss in 30 days. Yayayayay! Thanks for the motivation, Kyle


I started at 192 and ended at 176, so 16 pounds down. I'm very happy about that! I'd like to lose maybe another 5 or 10 pounds. We'll see after that. My biggest tip is to log EVERYTHING you put in your body, including water. It helps immensely. Thank you for the challenge.

Results of the 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge & Giveaway

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Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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I did HCT with a Doctor last year and I lost 60pds, I never did the Maint and when I reached my goal, I think I just ate everyday as if it was a free day of ( I broke my keto eat all the bad carbs you want ). Soon I not only gained back the 60pd loss but gained an additional 10. So I have 70 to loose. I would like to join in on the 90 day challenge although a month has 60 day challenge. I need to stay focused to do this all over again. Can I send you a picture? What do you need? I weigh 230pds Goal is 150pds. ( 80 pd loss, but 70pds I Might stop and maint. )...Let me know...

Hi Alicia, to join any of our challenges, click on this link to register and join the challenge (the current one is almost over but you can join the next one once it's announced):

Hello guys! I have been on the plan for 2 weeks now and have already gone down 4lbs! I purchased "Ketostix" which help indicate whether or not I am in Ketosis. You can purchase them over the counter in Canada from almost any drug store pharmacy. They are around $8.00 and have really helped me stay motivated and in control so far. I still plan to lose a few more pounds and would like to make this a lifestyle change!

Thats great Christie! Congratulations and keto on! 😊

I would love to be part of the 90 day challenge!

It will be very soon! My new blog will go live this weekend and then I'll announce the challenge 😊

You say you made daily use of the Ketonix to make sure you were in the weight loss zone. I am wondering what color needs to show up to be in thr weight loss zone or in the keto-adapted zone? I have a Ketonix but am not sure about this.

Hi Cheryl, if you use the ketogenic diet for weight loss (not therapeutic purposes), you don't need high levels of ketones - any level is fine: Ketosis & Measuring Ketones: All You Need To Know

Thanks so much for this challenge, can't wait for the prize to arrive! Will join your next challenge too and hope for the iPad :-D

You never know! Hope you join us again 😉

Awesome!! I'd love to take part in your next challenge, need to lose 20+ pounds and will be keeping an eye on it! 😊

Cool! Hope you join us in the next challenge! 😊