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90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/Autumn

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90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/AutumnShareFollow us 261.1k

Hi Everyone, I have some exciting news for you!

The next KetoDiet Challenge will start in less than a couple of weeks. Are you ready for it? :-) If you've been following my Keto Challenges, you know that we've been continuously working on improvements based on your feedback. Before I get to the new features and improvements, I'd like to thank everyone who joined the previous challenge for their amazing feedback!

In this challenge, we focused on your most popular requests:

  • Increase the duration of the challenge
    The upcoming challenge will last for 90 days
  • More prizes, more winners
    We will have 5 winners and bonus prizes for up to 50 participants
  • More frequent updates/newsletters
    We will send you more tips and advice to help you stay on track
  • A closed forum specifically for the challenge
    We created a members-only Facebook group for everyone joining the challenge. You can ask questions, join discussions, share your progress with others or even find an accountability buddy! Community support and accountability are the most powerful tools to help you achieve your goals. All without the distractions of public forums.

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/Autumn

  • The ability to share your progress with others
    You can now share your progress - either with everyone, or only those who joined the KetoDiet Challenge. If you change your mind at any point, you can stop sharing your progress by disabling this option in your Progress tab.

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/Autumn

Why Join the Challenge?

  • Completely FREE subscription with NO monthly payments!
  • Tracking tool to help you monitor your progress.
  • Quick access to FREE tools (guides & tips, three diet plans, keto calculator, and more).
  • My 400+ low-carb, keto, paleo & primal recipes will help you stay on track.
  • Members-only community for support and motivation.
  • Giveaway in November with prizes worth over $2,500.
  • Anyone can join no matter where they live. Alternative prizes will be given in case the listed prizes are not available in all locations.
  • Anyone can join no matter what their goal is. The KetoDiet Challenges are not just about losing weight. Everyone will get a chance to win and the focus is on healthy eating and overall progress - not just on weight loss. Five winners will be chosen based on overall accomplishment and their commitment to healthy eating, not based on the number of pounds lost.

Please, make sure you click on "Create a free account" when signing up. If you already have a KetoDiet Challenge account, simply sign in.

I Joined the #KetoDietChallenge! How About You?

Awesome Giveaway Prizes Worth over $2,500

As always, there will be a giveaway at the end of the challenge in November. Below are some of the amazing prizes worth over $2,500 for our five winners + even more bonus prizes. A big thank you to all our sponsors who contributed to this challenge!

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/AutumnPin itFollow us 148.4k

  • 5 x Nuzest: premium plant-based protein powder, 5 flavours to choose from (5 containers + Shakers by NuZest)
  • 5 x Bulletproof pack: Ground Coffee, Brain Octane Oil, protein powder, mug and t-shirt

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/AutumnPin itFollow us 148.4k

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/AutumnPin itFollow us 148.4k

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/AutumnPin itFollow us 148.4k

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/AutumnPin itFollow us 148.4k

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Summer/Autumn Pin itFollow us 148.4k

Bonus Prizes & Alternative Prizes

90-Day KetoDiet Challenge Prizes

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (44)

Hello, I started Keto plan on 7-8-17. I just signed up for the 60 day challenge that started yesterday. Am I still in the running since I just found out about this challenge today? I am also wanting to do the 90 day starting late summer. Do I sign up now with picture or wait until 60 day one is over?

Hello, this is a post from 2016 but there is currently a 60-Day challenge (that is the one you joined). The rules are listed here (you'll see them once you sign in):
The giveaway rules are listed here:
I hope this helps!

It would make me feel better if I knew there were more menopausal women that do this diet I would have more hope that it might work do you are no such people

I logged on this morning to wrap up the 90 day challenge only to find the Nov challenge
sign up page. Where is the page to complete the last one?? Please help.

Hi Lisa, I'll send you e-mail with instructions.

SO excited about this Challenge! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Ever grateful for you and to you for all you have given! May you be greatly blessed. 😀

I've been trying to sign up for the challenge over last few days but it won't let me sign in. I've tried reset password but it just comes up with "invalid username or password" in red ?

Hi Kirsty, please, send us an email via and we will try to help. Please, make sure you sign up (create an account) first. We realised that some people tried to sign in but haven't created an account (sign up) yet - this sounds like that case.

I started this on June 23 because of the research on the neuroprotective aspect. My mom had Alzheimer's.  It was horrible watching her go through that. The fact that this also results in weight loss is an added benefit for me. I started at 197.6 and now weigh 183.1. I feel so much better. I did have my annual physical and my total cholesterol was elevated. My provider is repeating it in 3 months. When I get to the weight I desire (130 ish) I will maintain it on the keto WOE.  The only thing I miss is my sweet tea.  

Have you considered using stevia or other low-carb sweeteners? Complete Guide To Sweeteners on a Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet

I want to join. I can't cook to save my life. I am already doing the diet for the past 2 weeks. Even started drinking coffee for the first time in my life so I can drink Keto coffee. 2 cups. Yuck but whatever. I have to get the fats in. Can I drink decaf? I haven't lost a pound yet even though I am near 0 carbs per day.
So, back to the challenge. How can this help me? My focus is not winning the prizes. I just want to lose the visceral fat I have been unable to lose with HIIT Cardio and Strength training.

Hi Mike, you don't have to drink coffee at all. Many people following the keto diet don't drink any butter coffee/ bpc coffee and that's just fine. I think that there is a lot of misinformation over the Internet - you don't need to follow a "zero-carb" diet - in fact, keeping your carbs too low may have the opposite effect.
I suggest you read the main posts listed here: How To Start Keto: All You Need To Know
Once you join the challenge (, you can join our secret Facebook group to keep motivated and ask any questions you may have during the challenge.
There are 3 eBooks (diet plans) you can download and a lot more (see Tools in the link I provided above, once you join the challenge).

Thanks Martina. I will check these out. I am OK with drinking Keto coffee as it seems to be an easy way to get about 55g of fats in early morning. The butter, coconut oil, heavy cream seem to lessen the bitter taste. But I will check out the resources you had pointed out. The calculator on your blog advises me to get 133g fat, 103g of protein and 20g of carbs per day to lose weight. I think I am coming in lower than that in all categories.

It's common not to feel hungry and it's ok if you eat less than the recommended amounts - at least when it comes to carbs and fat. It's generally better to get the right amount of protein but it doesn't matter if you are slightly below your target. I don't think you need to count calories if you started following the diet, it should be enough to eat to satiety - only focus on your fat intake (calories) if you reach a plateau (2 or more weeks of stalling).

Would I be able to track the macros if I get your App? I don't feel that hungry anymore. Previously I used to snack on almonds, cherries. Now I don't. If there is one thing I hate about Keto is that I can't eat my favorite fruit cherries. But I digress. I am going to start a blended whey protein shake from tomorrow to get 50g of protein from that. It does come with 14g of carbs. Is it important to get carbs from spinach, brocolli, etc and not from a protein powder? I should start adding the veggies i think.

Yes, if you have an iPad the fully featured KetoDiet app will enable you to track your food and macros (not the KetoDiet Basic app).
If you like cherries, try one of there recipes (a small amount is ok): Low-Carb Dark Cherry Chia Jam and Low-Carb Cherry Amarenata Sauce
I'm not sure what protein powder you are using but it looks like a blend of carbohydrates & protein rather than protein isolate? Yes, it's better to get most of your carbs from vegetables.

I will get the app for my iPad. I used Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein. It is fast acting. I have just switched to a slow release protein called MusclePharm Combat.
Do you have any recommendations for a body composition scale? I currently use Tanita scale which gives me Body Fat%, BMI, Fat free mass, visceral fat, BMR, etc. It isn't very accurate as it give me two very different readings an hour apart. Thanks.

I'm not sure about these protein powders but I think they are a blend of protein & carbohydrates. I think it's whey protein concentrate, not isolate. The later one has 5 grams of carbs per serving which is what I would expect per 100 grams, not 35 grams. The brands I've been using are Nuzest (plant based): Product Review and Giveaway: Nuzest, Reflex Natural whey protein isolate, Pulsin whey protein isolate (unflavoured). Jay Robb is another option and they make both whey and egg white protein.
When it comes to body fat percentage, this post lists a few more options: KetoDiet Buddy - Easy Macro Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet (body callipers are a reasonably accurate and inexpensive method).

I am starting with 2 of my daughters, my first time joining any kind of challenge, hope I can make the 90 days.

I'm sure you can! Don't forget to join our secret Facebook group for daily motivation 😊

Just signed up for the challenge. Is the first step to pick of one the 3 diet plans then go from there starting August 1st?

Hi Lily, you can pick any of the diet plans - or just make your own using your favourite recipes. Everyone can follow the challenge at their own pace. Make sure you request an invite for our Keto Challenges group (see home page: I hope this helps!

You app is awesome!!!
I would like to joint this Challenge, and join the Facebook group, because I believe participating would help me stay focused on my goals.
However, I cannot find the terms of the challenge, or your privacy policy.
Would you please let me know how to find them, or send them to me?
Thank you so much for your.guidance and help!

Hi Jane, you can find the Giveaway terms and conditions in Challenges -> Giveaway tab: (you will see it once you join the challenge). Anyone can join the challenge and the terms and conditions only apply to the Giveaway. We will not publish or share with anyone your personal information. We may publish your before/after photos and your "story" - but only with your approval (see terms and conditions).

Hi I am very much interested in doing the challange but I a vegeterian (I take milk cheese but no eggs). Is it possible to follow Keto Plan as a vegeterian???

Hi Suniz, yes it is but it's not easy if you can't eat eggs - you are mostly depended on cheese as the main protein source. One of the free diet plans that I created is vegetarian but includes eggs (you will see it in the Tools once you sign up & join the challenge).

Hi Martina.. where can i see the Challenge Guidelines?  is there a pre-set daily menu plan to follow? thanks Mich

Hi Mich, yes there are 3 diet plans that you can download for free (see Tools once you sign up & join the challenge). The guidelines for the challenge are also included in the Home tab in the Challenges:

Hi, I am definitely interested in joining this challenge. I only just embarked on a keto diet 2 weeks ago -- so much more to learn.  I have actually downloaded the KetoDiet App, but I am currently using MyFitnessPal to track my food and macros - as it's on my phone and convenient for that reason.  Will it be ok to be on the challenge and using a different app for tracking?  
How will we enter our data and how often?
I'm asking this because I'll be working in the field for a few weeks in late Aug/early Sept and will not be online daily.
looking forward to it!  Love all the materials you've created and this work you're engaging in - thank you!

Yes, definitely, you can join the challenge. Thank you for buying my app! We are working on bringing the planner features to the iPhone and Android devices. Once you sign up and join the challenge, you will be able to update your progress here: (challenge guidelines are included).

I have been doing a Keto diet since June 13th but could use some extra support and guidance. Just found your site recently.Lots of good information! I am going to join the challenge for the accountability as well. Looking forward to it!

H, I live in China and can't get a lot of ingredients like psyllium husk powder and cold cuts. Also Facebook is blocked, but I can get on every couple days with a vpn. Is this ok?  Thanks!

Yes, you can still join the challenge - you don't need to join the group but it may help you follow the challenge 😊

the cost for the android app; is that a one time charge or monthly?

Hi Sybil, there are no monthly payments for any of our apps. The only cost is the purchase price (plus optionally, 6 in-app recipe packages, $1 per package, each with 30+ recipes).

I have Facebook, but I don't check it regularly.  Will I need to be more consistent with checking it in order to join the challenge?

Hi Anne, you don't actually need a Facebook account - it's just easier for you if you do. We will still send out weekly newsletters so you won't miss out. You can sign in to Challenges and update your progress as often as you like 😊

Thanks!  Looking forward to signing up!

So happy about the new challenge!!
As I am not on facebook, is there any chance to get further support?

I'm afraid you may need to join FB is you want to join our group. That's what we've been using right now + Instagram ( We may decide to make our own forum but it's a lot of work and we are working on other projects (universal app, cookbook), so it will take some time.

I'm so interested in this challenge but I don't have a FB account, does that mean I can't do it? 😞

Hi Teresa, please, see my comment above. You don't need to join the support group to be following the challenge but it's better if you do.

Hi just wanted to know if I can join if I live in Australia? Can you still win the prizes? Are you in the U.S?

Absolutely! We will have alternative prizes if the listed ones are not available where you live 😊