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30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

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For many of us, January is about resolutions to eat better and get back in shape. I've been busy for the last few weeks and didn't go to gym as much as I should. I also ate cookies and other low-carb treats.

Low-carb candies, cakes, bread, crackers and other similar foods are not supposed to be eaten on a daily basis. I personally try to avoid anything that may trigger cravings and have them only as occasional rewards. There are exceptions like fat bombs, which I may have more frequently.

This challenge is over but you can join any of my new challenges including giveaways here!!

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What is 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge About?

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

What is Clean Eating? In general, it's all about avoiding processed foods, unhealthy additives and artificial sweeteners.

If you follow my blog, you know that I follow a low-carb, paleo-friendly, ketogenic diet. Although I usually include raw full-fat dairy such as yogurt, cheese and cream, there will be none for this challenge. The following rules may seem strict, especially if you are new to low-carb eating, however, you'll find it easier after a week or two. My inspiration for this challenge was the Whole30 diet plan, a type of paleo-friendly diet plan.

Many people on low-carb diets simply focus on carb content and overlook the health effects of eating or avoiding certain foods. On the other hand, while the benefits of paleo diets are well established, paleo itself won't always move the scales down.

My challenge combines the health benefits of the paleo diet with the weight loss efficiency of the ketogenic diet. What this means in simple terms is that all unhealthy, inflammatory, gut-disrupting, hormone-unbalancing food groups are to be avoided for 30 days. On top of that, you avoid anything high in carbs that can cause cravings and impair your weight loss. It's like a super-healthy diet plan that is based on eating REAL food naturally low in carbs.

Basic Rules

  • Keep your macronutrient ratio keto-friendly, 5-10% calories from carbs, 20-30% calories from protein and 60-75% from healthy fats
  • Keep your net carbs intake low, 20-30 grams of net carbs a day
  • Keep your protein intake moderate, 0.6-1 gram of protein per a pound of lean mass
  • Do not count calories, but be aware of the amount of food you eat
  • Eat simple foods, avoid any "healthified" foods
  • Drink enough water and but don't force yourself to drink too much
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Eat Freely

Eat in Moderation

Avoid Completely

Grass-fed and wild animal sources
  • grass-fed meat, eggs, gelatin, ghee (beef, lamb, goat, venison)
  • offal, grass-fed (liver, heart, kidneys and other organ meats)
  • wild-caught fish & seafood
  • pastured pork and poultry
Healthy fats
  • saturated (lard, tallow, chicken fat, duck fat, goose fat, clarified butter / ghee, coconut oil), don't be afraid to eat saturated fat!
  • monounsaturated (avocado, macadamia and olive oil)
  • polyunsaturated omega 3s, especially from animal sources (fatty fish and seafood)
Non-starchy vegetables
  • leafy greens such as lettuce (romaine, little gem, chard, radicchio, bok choy, Swiss chard, etc.), spinach, endive, chard, watercress, rocket, etc.
  • some cruciferous vegetables (white and green cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, radishes, etc.)
  • avocado (technically a fruit), asparagus, summer squash (zucchini), celery stalk, cucumber
Condiments and other
  • home-made, sugar-free and additive-free
  • fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha and sauerkraut
  • bone broth
  • all spices and herbs
  • vinegar (apart from malt vinegar)
  • mayonnaise, mustard, pesto
  • pork rinds for "breading" instead of breadcrumbs
  • nut and seed milk (almond milk, etc.)
  • water (still)
  • tea (herbal, green and black) with no sweeteners or other additives
Grain-fed animal sources
  • beef, poultry, eggs and ghee
Nuts and seeds
  • max a handful a day
  • all nuts, seeds and nut butters (sugar and additive-free)
  • rich in monounsaturated fats and omega 3 fatty acids (macadamias, hazelnuts, almonds)
  • only few pistachio and cashew nuts (high in carbs)
Vegetables and mushrooms
  • nightshades (e.g. peppers, tomatoes, eggplants)
  • winter squash like pumpkin (not butternut and coquina squash)
  • some cruciferous vegetables (red cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.)
  • onion, chives and garlic
  • sea vegetables (e.g. nori, kombu)
  • some root vegetables (carrot, celeriac)
  • water chestnuts, bamboo shoots
Low-carb fruit
  • berries (blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberries)
  • coconut and coconut products (not for low-carb sweets)
  • rhubarb, fresh lemon and lime juice and zest
Some processed foods
  • coconut milk (contains guar gum)
  • tomato products, olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, tuna, etc.
  • ham and bacon, pastured
  • ketchup, dips and sauces
Low-carb substitutes
  • almond, coconut flour or flaxmeal only for "breading"
  • arrowroot powder only for gravies
  • raw cocoa powder and carob powder
Factory-farmed pork and fish
  • factory-farmed pork is high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids and farmed fish may contain PCB's
  • avoid fish high in mercury
Grains and sweeteners
  • grains (wheat, rye, rice, pasta, cereal, etc.) and quinoa
  • sugar, HFCS, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, molasses, etc.
  • all low-carb sweeteners (Erythritol, Xylitol, Swerve, chicory inulin, stevia, etc.)
  • artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Equal, etc.)
  • chocolate, even dark
All unhealthy fats
  • trans and interestified fats (e.g. margarine)
  • processed animal fats and vegetable oils (sunflower, safflower, cotonseed, canola, soybean, grapeseed and corn oil)
Processed foods and alcohol
  • carrageenan (e.g. almond milk products)
  • MSG (e.g. in some whey protein products)
  • Sulfites (e.g. in dried fruits, gelatin)
  • BPAs (they don't have to be labeled!)
  • wheat gluten (added to processed foods)
  • all alcohol and food extracts
All "low-fat" and "low-carb" products
  • Atkins products, diet soda and drinks, chewing gums and mints (may be high in carbs or contain artificial additives, gluten, etc.)
"Healthified" home-made foods
  • coconut and nut flours, arrowroot powder used in low-carb sweets, tapioca flour, xanthan gum
  • low-carb ice-cream, cakes, pancakes, waffles, bread, pizza, etc.
Dairy and legumes
  • all dairy products from cow's, goat's or sheep's milk (even whey protein)
  • beans, peas, lentils, peanuts
  • all soy products (soy sauce, tempeh, tofu, edamame, miso, soy lecithin)
Starchy or sugary paleo-friendly foods
  • white and sweet potatoes, bananas, dates, figs, butternut and coquina squash, chestnuts, parsnip, beetroot
  • fruit and fruit juices, coconut water, unless it's used as a spice
  • dried fruit (dates, raisins, figs, etc.)
Additional tips:
  • Be very careful with nuts - you can easily eat too many of them!
  • Make sure you get enough electrolytes (sodium, magnesium and potassium).
  • It depends on what you perceive "healthified". For me, using lettuce leaves instead of tacos, chia seeds and nuts in low-carb unsweetened "oatmeal" or Cauli-rice with meat dishes is fine.
  • Add or remove any rules to fit your needs in case you have allergies, food intolerances, etc.
  • For better weight loss results, try Intermittent Fasting or High-Fat Fasting.
  • If you can, add exercise like HIIT, resistance training and walking. Even 30-minute walks a day will make a difference!
  • Do not weigh yourself or take body measurements during the challenge. I recommend you just compare before & after results.
  • Plan what you are going to eat at least 3 days in advance to avoid any "accidents". Have quick snacks like nuts, cooked meat, boiled eggs and vegetables always at hand.
  • Eat until sated, do not rely on portion sizes.

Why Join This Challenge?

You won't be alone! Support and encouragement from others will keep you focused and motivated in reaching your goals!

You will benefit from clean eating in many ways:

  • improve your gut health and reduce inflammation in your body
  • absence of insulin spikes will help you shed a few pounds of body fat
  • eliminate your cravings and eat only when you're hungry
  • break through a weight loss plateau
  • improved digestion and flatter tummy without all the grains, legumes, sugar and dairy
  • skin, nails and hair health will improve
  • your sleep cycle will improve and you'll regain energy

How To Join This Challenge?

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Simply share your thoughts, questions, recipes and achievements on my Facebook wall or my Facebook group. At the end of this challenge, I'll give away many free copies of KetoDiet for the iPad and KetoDiet Basic for the iPhone.

Although my challenge starts on 6th January 2014 (until 4th February 2014), it doesn't matter when you start as long as you follow the rules for 30 days.

You should stick to the plan 100% to get the best results, it's only for 30 days! The problem with not sticking with the plan completely is that you may easily slip off and revert to old habits. If you plan to "cheat", ask yourself if you really have to.

How Will I Contribute?

Firstly, I'll post frequent meal ideas on my Facebook wall and even more recipes and articles here on my blog. Also, I'll update you on my progress, challenges I faced and practical advice.

I've already made a list of recipes on my blog that are suitable for 30-day Clean Eating Plan. Some of them use stevia - please, avoid using it. I also included some of my "chips & crisps" recipes but these should only be consumed sparingly. For more recipe suggestions, check out my post here.

Although you won't need to count calories during this challenge, we've developed KetoDiet Buddy, a free on-line Keto calculator, that will help you find your ideal protein intake. Why is protein intake important? Too much protein may disrupt ketosis, while too little protein may cause muscle loss.

Also, I've created two diet plans: 7-Day Diet Plan and 7-Day Grab & Go Keto/Paleo Diet Plan for busy people, so you can easily follow this challenge.

A Diet Planner May Help

You may also find it easier using a diet planner & food tracker. The KetoDiet for iOS and Android is specifically designed for low-carb, ketogenic and paleo diets. You can plan your days in advance, track and monitor your progress and learn all you need to know about healthy eating.

KetoDiet App (progress monitoring)

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

Let us know what you think, rate this post!

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Comments (65)

Just wondering if you still run the 30 day clean eating challenge?

We do indeed! 😊

Good morning Martina,
I am 40 going on 41 this year, 5' 10", 220+ lbs.   I have a very restless lifestyle (mostly due to working 2 jobs and a father of twin 8 year old twin boys).  For years I have skipped mid-day meals and snacks.  I used to only have something to drink for breakfast and make up for everything when I get home for dinner.  I have tried filling in the gaps with smaller meals and noticed a little shift in weight (+/- 4 lbs) but nothing significant.  I do have old knee injuries stopping me from doing certain activities as well.
For the past few days I have been researching the do's and don't of a Keto Diet but wondering if certain supplements can aid with this type of approach.  I am trying to add more protein to my daily intake thru bars and shakes but those may be very high in sugar.
Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance and I love your efforts on this blog.

Hello Lo, there are several factors that play role in weight loss. You might benefit from certain supplements and I personally take magnesium every day. I don't think you need protein supplements though. Be careful with protein bars as these are often mislabeled (especially "net" carbs) and can be the reason for weight stalling. This post may help: How To Low Carb: 15+ Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Did you just say to avoid fish all completely? That's a new one to me! I thought that wild fish was the healthiest protein you could find in nature....

Hi Dora, this only refers to "factory-farmed" fish - please have a look at the green (eat freely) section for more details.

I think that avoiding diary completely will be my biggest problem. I don't think that I'm able to do it...

what is a unhealthy fat?

Check out our guide to fats & oils: Complete Guide to Fats & Oils on a Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet

I have been on keto since April with no weight  loss.  I'm big into dairy products and believe this is where I'm flawed.  I'm 5'6 165lbs sedentary.  Could use some advice I'm so disgusted with myself.
Psychology I'm hypothyroidism

Hi Monica, please, don't say that. You can do it - don't get discouraged! This challenge has ended but you can join the next one: We have a members-only support group are are ready to help you get through it!

I have a question regarding almond milk. You mentioned that eating nuts should be done in moderation. What about unsweetened almond milk? I use that in a protein smoothie. I run a lot and drink this after each run in the mornings, do I need to switch to coconut milk, unsweetened of course?

Hi Melissa, almond milk is fine - it's very low in net carbs, total carbs and very low in calories. You can use it as much as you need. Coconut milk has more carbs & energy from fat so it depends on how much fat you need to add to your diet. I'd generally be more cautious with coconut milk.

Thanks for the quick reply 😊 , i have lost about 23 kilos on a low-carb diet but i still have almost 40% fats and it's getting realy hard to lose weight , so my question is if ketogenic diet would work for me , also if i took less fat and uppes the veggies would this slow down the fat loss process ? . Thank you again you're an amazing lovely person!

Thank you Rana! You know this is individual. In general, I think you shouldn't restrict yourself and include non-starchy veggies, you don't necessarily follow a "zero-carb" diet to lose weight. Have a look at this tool - I think it may help: KetoDiet Buddy - Easy Macro Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet (as usual I'd suggest you follow the "moderate" or "slow" fat loss option). You don't need to stick with the calories, it's just good as an estimate. Hope this helps!

Hi martine
Thank you so much for the amazing website , i have a little question,is the cheat meal unnecessary in the keto-diet?

Hi Rana, thank you! It depends on what you consider a cheat meal - perhaps a "regular" high-carb meal? In my opinion, it's always better to avoid cheat meals if you want to get the best results. Hope this helps!

Where can I fing the 30 day challenge

Hi Danielle, this challenge has ended on 8th February and I'll soon announce the winners. However, another challenge will start very soon and will be a 90-day challenge. I'll announce details soon, within the next fews days!

Hey you all, I just wanted to thank you for making such a incredible app! It cost me $5 dollars but then you can buy more recipes, a s I pretty much got sucked in and bought all of them and now have over 250 recipes on hand! I find the measurements and the creative recipes to me very helpful because I just got started. I am actually trying to only eat 15 to 20 carbs per day and have been doing great with that. I am trying to find something out though.
Okay I can not have chocolate because of the caffeine in it so I was thinking of using carob powder, I heard in the app that fiber is take out and only net carbs are left So I guess what I am asking is how many carbs are in 1/4 cup of roasted carob powder?
I get all sorts of different answers on this. I figure it is 10 to 12 total carbs and if I was to make chocolates or brownies out of it and only eat one piece that would only be 2.5 carbs total.
I just want to make sure I am right because I am trying to find chocolate alternatives.
Anyways you can email me anytime and let me know what that is. Thank you!

I agree, finally a keto app!!!! I can't believe what I got for a few bucks. This app is like a keto bible with hundreds of recipes and I get more recipes from their blog :-D I love that I can track what I eat and immediately see if I don't eat enough magnesium or protein, just love it!! I realised I've been eating too much protein and once I reduced it I started losing again. A while ago I paid 60 dollars on another keto site for just a few ebooks and still regret I didn't get a refund. I learnt nothing new and then I wasted even more for keto consulting. Then I found this app and never looked back =-)

Thank you Loretta!

Hi Jaimie, thank you so much for your kind words! Carob powder has 12.3 g net carbs / 22.3 g total carbs in 1/4 cup (1/4 cup of carob powder weighs 25 grams). Hope this helps! 😊

Looked at some recipes from clean eating from your link. Several contain cheese and butter... Dairy is ok? If not then substitute what? Or, go through and pick dishes that do not contain these items? Just curious. I have been keto for almost 60 days, writing everything down, using grass fed meat and wild caught fish, green leafy veggies grown above ground, no sugar or substitute sweetener other than stevia and the occasional Swerve in FB's, very low carbs, monitoring protein, drinking water, using FitBit to track steps (10,000 per day), Total Gym 3 days a week and ... I gained weight and my measurements are staying the same for the last 3 weeks; Under caloric goal by 500 calories a day. Weight should be falling from me, nothing could be farther from the truth. I am hoping this challenge will kick me in gear, I need to lose 50 pounds.

Hi Thom, there may be some dairy is some of my recipes but I always try to add a dairy-free alternative (e.g. coconut milk instead of cream - it should be included in the recipe). I have another diet plan containing raw dairy and that's why some of my recipes contain cheese, cream, etc.
You may want to have a look at my new challenge: 30-Day Keto Weight Loss Challenge (two diet plans are included and you can choose which one you prefer to follow).
I think you gained muscles - that's why only your weight went up, not your measurements. If you also want to lose body fat, you have to make sure your overall macros, especially protein, are right: KetoDiet Buddy - Easy Macro Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet
Hope this helps, good luck!

Having done a whole 30 before I am so ready to start this challenge.  I do not own an ipad and (yes I will admit) I don't own a cell phone either. I do however own a lap top computer, do you know of any easy to use technologies that would help me plan and stay within my diet plan.  I've used the keto buddy to determine the calories and macros I need to follow but I don't know how to actually make it happen.  Do you have an application for a lap top by chance?  Any other information you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Hi Anne, we don't have anything at the moment but we have been working on bringing it to other platforms, including a desktop PC so you'll be able to track & monitor everything from your computer. This will, however, take some time. Until then you can use on-line tracking, not specifically for keto diet but for any diet tracking. Hope this helps!

Morning Martina,
I'm going for option 1. Love your iPad App and it's going to make my planning and staying on track so much easier.

Thank you for your kind words Juria! Wishing you good luck with the challenge! 😊

I'm so happy I found your website and app especially because it's paleo and focused on healthy eating.
Thank yo for your hard work. Can't wait to start challenge.

Thank you for your kind words Lilly! Glad you're joining 😊

I'm in!

Great, thanks for joining! 😊

Hi Martina,
Athough my son and I have been on the Keto diet for some time now, I discover I have not been following it totally and completely. I have lost 11kgs while being on the keto diet but it has taken me a very long time to do this which takes me back to the fact that I have not been doing it properly and as we are in zimbabwe we have not always had access to the internet so it had been difficult... (Actually I think that is just an excuse... not a reason).... Right i am now going to do this properly and have been onto your pinterest and pinned most of your recipes... i am now going to do this properly and i will keep you posted as to how I do.... unfortunately i am unable to do any form of exercises besides a small amount of walking as I have go one major hip problem... have had the one fixed and am having the other one done next year in march so would love to be smaller for the next one...... wish me luck and I will be chatting all the time.

Thank you for your kind words Lynette! Don't be too harsh on yourself, we all make mistakes, it's natural. I hope you get well soon! I understand how difficult it must be with such health issues. Don't worry about exercise, diet is by far the best tool for weightloss. Even moderate exercise such as walking has beneficial effects.
No one expects you to follow the diet without having a small treat every now and then. I follow the 80/20 (or maybe 90/10)  rule and allow myself small treats such as sweet fruits I wouldn't usually eat, potatoes or rice. I don't do it often and I am not trying to lose weight so I'm not sure whether this would be an ideal way for you.. What I always avoid is processed foods, soy and gluten. Maybe once a week,  you can have a meal you wouldn't usually have? Some people find it easier to include a "cheat day" while others avoid any kind of cheating.
Good luck Lynette and please, keep me updated!

thanks for posting the guidelines, I will give your 30day clean eating a try, as I have hit a plateau in my 4th month of my ketogenic diet,
and about the only carbs I intake of note are from 2-4 Mission brand cabr balance tortilla's .. 6.32g carb ea after subtracting fibre
total carb 19 pre fibre .. I am going to cut back to 2 of those a day maximum.. basically one in the morning with eggs, and one midday ...
I am pretty sure going over my meal logs, that 4 of these is just too many.. 80 TOTAL carbs .. has me just outside of trace ketosis, which isnt bad IF you have hit your weight loss goal, but has been holding me back the last 2 weeks.  I need to drop another 40lbs over the next 2-3 months as the new goal, I will focus on keeping to the clean eating guidelines and record my results as I go... thanks again

Hi Chad,
I haven't tried this brand and I avoid these products in general - they cannot always be trusted (like Julian's bakery bread of Dreamsfield's pasta which are just frauds). If you can, avoid this product and try using other subs - maybe making your own tortilla from flax, egg whites, psyllium, etc.? Even if the net carbs are correct, the total carbs are really high. Although I don't count total carbs either, this is way too high. Some soluble fibre can affect blood sugar, and therefore this may be the reason why your weight is stalling. Weight stalling may be caused by several reasons but these are the most common:
- eating hidden carbs
- eating too much fat and therefore calories (your carbs are low while your protein is always "fixed" if you use my keto calculator - on the right hand side of my blog)
- exercising too much or doing the wrong type of exercise (excessive cardio is linked to an increased appetite)
- eating low-carb treats, sweeteners, too many nuts & too much cheese
- dairy doesn't seem to be a big problem but is easily overeaten (the most likely reason for stalling)
In any case, I hope my challenge helps! Try my weekly plan (Grab & Go) and see if it makes any difference. Keep in mind that no diet plan fits all and you may need to add or remove protein / fats based on your needs (by adjusting portion sizes). Good luck!

I'm doing a slightly modified version of this diet, and I'm loving it so far. I was fairly lean to start off, but I'm finding myself less bloated at the end of the day, and it seems to be helping with some... eh.. lady issues.
I do, however, want to make an opinion of mine known; nitrates/nitrites in meat (and veggies) become dangerous when cooked at high temperatures. Ingesting nitrates and nitrites doesn't seem to be a terrible issue, though ingestion of pre-formed nitrosamines appears to be potentially problematic. (I'd like to cite this paper-->
I'm a biologist, and as such, I concede that my opinion is subject to change with new evidence, but it's currently enough for me to make a few modifications to this otherwise awesome diet plan. I really enjoy studying macronutrient metabolism, and now I get to be my own guinea pig. Thanks for posting all of this information!

Yes, that's a very good point Becca, thanks for your input and your kind words! High temperatures convert nitrates to nitrosamines which are potentially linked to cancer (I do have some updated info in the post I'm linking to, in the comments section). I think it's reasonable to avoid cooking anything at high temperatures (not just foods containing nitrites and nitrates). I don't personally eat bacon every day (maybe once a week) but when I do, I cook it at low temperatures for longer.

Will we be able to save our favorite recipes to Pinterest?

Yes, you can either pin directly from my website or follow me on Pinterest. I have recipes suitable for this challenge here:

Hi, just a quick question regarding pork.  I notice you've mentioned not to eat farmed pork in the article.  Does this refer to all farmed pork, or does it exclued free range, or sow stall free pork, or it is solely to do with being grain fed?  Bit confused on the subject as I thought bacon was considered ok!
Thanks for the help 😊

Hi Charmian, this refers to factory-farmed pork. Thank's for telling me, I'll make that clear. Outdoor reared, pastured pork is absolutely fine!

So glad I joined! It's easier than I thought and I could already feel my jeans getting loose! They are the best indicator for me, I don't use scales. Day 3 today, 27 more to go... or maybe even more 😊

So happy to hear that, keto on! 😊

I hope I am not heading for an accidental suicide.  I am a picky eater.  So I have no problem eating the same thing for the most part.  My concern is I am not doing this diet correctly.  I eat 3 scramble eggs, 3 either regular or turkey bacon & few small chunks of block cheddar cheese for breakfast ,  lunch some sort of meat (Johnson sweet Italian sausage, hamburger,roast or chicken, I hate seafood) with broccoli with cheese (green giant single servings) or edamame. Dinner pretty much the same but  more variety of veg.  Was eating onions in a stir fry forgot they are a veg below ground. The meats are not grass feed but I have lost weight and the bloating is going down.  Oh and handful of mixed nuts for afternoon snack. I have only been doing this for 5 days . Use real butter & olive oil.  I gave up my orange juice reluctantly  just drinking water and a little tea. Sorry for the lengthy post.  Is the goal to keep carbs below 20 g or would is it safe if you go a little over?  I have high cholesterol & managed high blood pressure . If I eat better which I had not  all that gets in check. So I was hoping the LCHF would reduce them.

Hi Patty,
Although grass-fed meat is the best, even grain-fed meat is not that bad. It depends. I'd personally avoid farmed pork but wouldn't worry so much if you eat some grain-fed beef… Still a step forward from the traditional bread & pasta diet 😊
If you don't like seafood, get fermented cod liver oil as a supplement (tablets). These will ensure you'll get healthy omega 3 fatty acids from animal sources. While fish oil is good, fermented cod liver oil is the best one (high in vitamin D).
When it comes to onions, I use them but always make sure not to put too much. I often use spring onion which has less carbs.
You can definitely eat more than 20 grams (net carbs, finer is excluded). Here is something I've recently posted on this: How Many Carbs per Day on a Low-Carb Ketogenic Diet?. Also, have a look at the posts here: Guides & Articles
Or if you want to learn even more, I've also got a kindle book (now at 50%) and apps. You can learn more here:
I hope this helps and wish you good luck! 😊

Wohoooa! I knew that avoiding dairy may help but this worked better than expected… I managed to break through a 2-month plateau! Thank you for all you do for us 😊

I'm glad it works for you! It made a huge difference for me. For some reason, avoiding dairy for a while always helps 😊

I'm totally in!!!! Thanks

Great! Let me know how you're doing!

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