Herbed Omelet for the Fat Fast

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I love creating recipes for Kyndra's blog, Peace, Love and Low-Carb. For this month, I created Herbed Omelet for the Fat Fast that you can find here. There are not enough healthy breakfast and dinner ideas that can be made in just a few minutes, so I hope you'll enjoy this one!

Just like my previous recipe for Kyndra's blog (Mediterranean Low-Carb "Risotto"), Herbed Omelet for the Fat Fast is easy to prepare, paleo / primal and keto-friendly made from commonly found ingredients. This is the type of meal I could eat every single day, especially since I grow my own herbs. You can add smoked salmon, cream cheese or slow-cooked meat on top to make a satisfying meal. As a bonus, this recipe is suitable for the FAT FAST!

Nutritional values per serving:

3.3 grams 3.9 grams 17.1 grams 63.3 grams 30 grams 719 calories
Total Carbs7.2grams
Net Carbs3.3grams
of which Saturated30grams
Energy (calories)719kcal
Magnesium52mg (13% RDA)
Potassium533mg (27% EMR)

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (1.9%), protein (17.1%), fat (81%)

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I make omelets almost every other day, not always with bacon but mostly with veggies like avocado, pepper, tomatoes and even kale. I sometimes a frittata in the evening and just heat it up for breakfast Smile


I make 1-2 frittatas every week! Smile


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