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Keto Toad in the Hole

A healthier take on a classic British recipe made with grain-free ingredients. All of the flavour with none of the carbs!

Andy's Keto Success Story

Today I'd like to share Andy's success story who won the third prize in our KetoDiet Challenge! Andy joined the 90-Day KetoDiet Challenge in summer aiming to lose body fat in a healthy and sustainable way. He succeeded and joined our next challenge to consolidate his weight loss and lose a few more pounds.

New Update - Maintenance Release

Hi Everyone, The new version of KetoDiet is finally on the AppStore. However, we have found a small issue with purchasing the optional packages (in-app purchases). We have uploaded an update to fix this issue and should on the AppStore in a few days. Please, keep in mind that you can never pay more than ...

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Low-Carb Pickled Avocado

These tangy slices are delicious on tacos, soups, salads, and even smashed as guacamole sans lime juice.

Easy Keto Mackerel Patties

These easy canned fish cakes are a great option when you don’t have any fresh protein in the fridge. They are perfect for lunchboxes or a simple keto dinner.

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Adina's Keto Success Story

Today I'd like to share another inspiring success story. Adina joined the 90-Day KetoDiet Challenge in summer aiming to lose weight. She succeeded and joined our next challenge to stay on track and reach her long-term target of 120 pounds! Click to Join the KetoDiet Challenge - it's free! To take part ...

Low-Carb Bonfire Meatballs

These low-carb Bonfire Meatballs are perfect for Guy Fawkes Night. Hearty, comforting and ridiculously tasty!

Guest Post: Healthy Tips for Keto Meal Preparation

How do you eat healthy, follow keto / paleo way of eating and and don't spend hours cooking and break your budget at the same time? I am pleased to introduce you to Andrea Singer, who will share her time and money saving tips with you! Within the last couple of months I stopped eating my bodyweight in ...

Low-Carb Berry Chia Pudding

This simple low-carb chia pudding is made with berries and coconut milk. It's dairy-free and perfect for meal prep.

The KetoDiet Cookbook: Free Bonus Content

Creating my first cookbook was one of the most challenging and rewarding projects I've ever worked on. After a year of developing, testing and capturing the recipes, my cookbook has just been released. You'll find over 150 low-carb, keto & paleo/ primal recipes. Over 80% of the recipes are unique and ...

Reducing carbs isn't just a diet trend
it's a proven method for weight loss, backed by over sixty scientific trials. This isn't just about weight loss; it's about cultivating a healthy lifestyle to maintain your ideal weight.
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