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I'd like to thank my friend and fellow blogger Brenda of Sugar-Free Mom for her fabulous review of the KetoDiet Cookbook and for sharing one of my keto recipes: Low-Carb Italian Meatza. What is a meatza? It's a pizza where the crust is made with ground meat instead of a regular pizza crust. I used spinach & mushroom topping and if you prefer something more traditional, you can try pepperoni & cheese instead.

Brenda's review of my cookbook and my Low-Carb Italian Meatza are at Sugar-Free Mom.

Here are even more recipes from the KetoDiet Cookbook:

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Nutritional values per serving (1 small meatza):

3.4 grams 2.3 grams 30.8 grams 41.7 grams 16.9 grams 520 calories
Total Carbs5.6grams
Net Carbs3.4grams
of which Saturated16.9grams
Energy (calories)520kcal
Magnesium88mg (22% RDA)
Potassium878mg (44% EMR)

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (3%), protein (24%), fat (73%)

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Comments (4)

These are delicious, quick and easy! I made them as individual meatzas so I can freeze a couple as suggested. Thank you, Martina. : )
I love The KetoDiet Cookbook! : )  I've made several of the recipes and each one is flavourful and delicious. The layout of each recipe, beautiful picture and nutritional info makes it easy to follow. Thanks for including alternative ingredients as well.


Thank you so much Shirley! Smile


Made this last night with your suggestion to use pepperoni topping (not a fan of spinach) and loved it!! Made the meat extra crispy and then added the topping. I'm definitely making this again Smile


Thank you Stephanie! Smile


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