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Healthy low-carb, keto and paleo recipes plus free guides and diet plans to help you achieve your goals on the ketogenic diet

Guest Post: Healthy Tips for Keto Meal Preparation

How do you eat healthy, follow keto / paleo way of eating and and don't spend hours cooking and break your budget at the same time? I am pleased to introduce you to Andrea Singer, who will share her time and money saving tips with you! Within the last couple of months I stopped eating my bodyweight in ...

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Product Review: Primal Life Kit (Spring 2014)

UPDATE: This offer has expired I've been quite busy this week trying as many recipes from the Primal Life Kit as I could. The amazing 97% sale ends on Monday 28 April 11:59 pm Pacific Time so you still have time to get hundreds of recipes, diet plans and more. The offer includes well known titles such ...

Free Holiday Survival Guide plus 4 Free Diet Plans

Primal Life Kit: A Must-Have for All Health Conscious People

UPDATE: This offer has expired Recently, I had the opportunity to contribute my own recipes to the Chowstalker Community Cookbook. The two recipes I contributed were created exclusively for it and are not included anywhere else (Porky cauli-tortillas and Bacon & onion soufflé). Starting today and lasting ...

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Product Review: Natural Ketosis

After years of following a ketogenic, paleo-friendly diet, I have been able to experience some of the great health and weight loss benefits of eating real food low in carbs. Don't get me wrong, there are exceptional people who do well on a high-carb diet but most of us benefit from a low to moderate ...

New Big Update of KetoDiet and KetoDiet Basic!

Hi everybody, we've been hard at work on another big update. It took us longer than expected but we added many features mostly based on YOUR feedback! The new version will be available to download in a couple of weeks. As always, all updates are free. Apart from the new clean iOS7 look, here are some ...

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