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Ultimate keto buns

If you miss bread, this is the best recipe to try. It's foolproof, tastes and looks like real bread!
4.2 grams 8.1 grams 1.5 grams 10.1 grams 15.2 grams 2.3 grams 208 calories 398.9 mg

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

Total Carbs 12.3 grams
Fiber 8.1 grams
Net Carbs 4.2 grams
of which Sugar 1.5 grams
Protein 10.1 grams
Fat 15.2 grams
of which Saturated 2.3 grams
Energy 208 kcal
Sodium 398.9 mg
Magnesium 93.8 mg
Potassium 367.7 mg

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