Creamy Low-Carb Chicken Chasseur

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It’s winter here in Australia and I live in the southernmost state of Tasmania, so it is cold!

There is nothing more comforting on a chilly night that sitting down to a bowl of rich, warm Chicken Chasseur.

I can find that tomato based casseroles don’t agree with my system, so I added some heavy cream to this one and the whole family loved the change. The cram gives it a decadent richness that is a great change from the traditional chasseur recipes.

This recipe is fragrant, creamy, full of flavour and really easy to make. We love to have it served over a bowl of simple herbed cauliflower rice.

Hands-on Overall

Nutritional values (per serving)

Net carbs5.2 grams
Protein32.3 grams
Fat23.9 grams
Calories425 kcal

Calories from carbs 6%, protein 35%, fat 59%

Total carbs6.6 gramsFiber1.4 gramsSugars3.9 gramsSaturated fat11.1 gramsSodium229 mg(10% RDA)Magnesium51 mg(13% RDA)Potassium674 mg(34% EMR)

Ingredients (makes 4 servings)

  • 4 chicken bone-in thighs (about 500 g/ 1.1 lb) - will yield about 60% meat
  • 4 chicken bone-in drumsticks (about 500 g/ 1.1 lb) - will yield about 60% meat
  • 1 cup sliced mushrooms (70 g/ 2.5oz)
  • 1 medium onion, sliced (110 g/ 3.9 oz)
  • 2 1/2 tbsp sugar-free tomato passata (40 ml)
  • 1 cup + 1 tablespoon white wine (250 ml)
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 1/2 tbsp chopped tarragon
  • 2 cups good quality chicken stock (480 ml)
  • 1/2 cup heavy pouring cream (120 ml), or coconut cream for dairy-free
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum (see note below for alternatives)
  • Serving suggestion: 1 to 1 1/2 cups cauli-rice per serving

Note for primal: you can use 1 teaspoon of glucomannan powder (use just like you would xanthan gum), or 1-2 tablespoons of ground chia seeds sprinkled over the surface and mixed in the sauce until it thickens.


  1. Heat a deep sided pan on the stove and brown the chicken pieces in batches until golden in colour. Remove chicken and place aside. Creamy Low-Carb Chicken Chasseur
  2. Using the same pan, gently cook the onions, mushrooms, garlic and tarragon until softened.
  3. Add the tomato passata, white wine, lemon juice and cream and stir through. Add the chicken stock, place the pan back on the heat until it reaches a gentle boil.
  4. Reduce to a simmer and whisk in the xanthan gum. Once gum is combined and sauce is thickening, return the chicken to the pan and cook gently until chicken is cooked through. Creamy Low-Carb Chicken Chasseur
  5. Serve on a bed of herbed cauliflower rice. Creamy Low-Carb Chicken Chasseur

Ingredient nutritional breakdown (per serving)

Net carbsProteinFatCalories
Chicken thighs (skinless, boneless, raw)
0 g14.7 g3.1 g91 kcal
Chicken drumsticks, raw
0.1 g13.6 g6.9 g121 kcal
Mushrooms (white), fresh
0.4 g0.5 g0.1 g4 kcal
Onion, brown (yellow), raw
1.8 g0.2 g0 g10 kcal
Tomato sauce (passata), unsweetened
0.4 g0.1 g0 g2 kcal
White wine (dry)
1.3 g0 g0 g52 kcal
Garlic, fresh
0.2 g0 g0 g1 kcal
Tarragon, fresh
0.1 g0 g0 g1 kcal
Chicken stock (broth), chicken only, homemade
0 g2.4 g2.4 g31 kcal
Cream, heavy whipping, pouring, full-fat (30-40% fat)
0.8 g0.6 g11.4 g110 kcal
Lemon juice, fresh
0.2 g0 g0 g1 kcal
Xanthan gum, thickening agent
0 g0 g0 g2 kcal
Total per serving
5.2 g32.3 g23.9 g425 kcal
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Comments (6)

Xantham Gum? Where do I buy this from, I guess it's nit in Coles or Woolworths! 😊
This recipe looks and sounds yum. I'm trying to convince my husband that Keto is for him too!
Many thanks


You can find it on Amazon, or your local supermarket might have it. I live in the UK and they have it in most of them 😊


This looks so fabulous just a couple of quick questions however.  How much Xantham gum? and what is  tomato passata.    Is that the same as a tomato sauce?  Can't wait to make this.  Thanks for the recipe


Thanks for spotting the typo - it is 1 teaspoon - fixed! Yes, tomato passata is the same as tomato sauce. I hope this helps!


This  sounds delicious. I'm going to give this a try in a few months when it gets cold in Arizona. However, I do not like drumsticks and thighs are definitely the last choice I would buy as chicken. I prefer using breasts.  How many breasts would I exchange for your drumsticks and thighs?


Hi Sharon, you can use about 1.3 pounds (600 grams) of boneless chicken breasts, ideally with skin on (adds flavour). I hope this helps!