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Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse

4.3 stars, average of 178 ratings

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This creamy low-carb 5-ingredient chocolate mousse is dairy-free and so easy to whip up. All you need is literally 3 ingredients: coconut milk that you cream in the fridge (so you only use the thick part), cacao powder and low-carb sweetener. I also added cinnamon and topped it with toasted coconut flakes but feel free to keep it super simple.

Which Coconut Milk Should I Use?

You'll canned coconut milk for this recipe. I recommend. Thai Kitchen Organic is a good option. Do not use any liquid, carton coconut milk. Although it wouldn't work here, it's ideal for making frothy Low-carb Cappuccino!

Good to know...

  • Guar gum, which is often added as thickener in coconut milk, may cause digestive difficulties. However, most people use it with no issues.
  • Use BPA-free coconut milk. Even if it's not on the label, it doesn't mean there is no BPA: Products are not required to include this information on their product labels.

Hands-on Overall

Serving size about 1/2 cup

Allergy information for Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse

✔  Gluten free
✔  Dairy free
✔  Egg free
✔  Nut free
✔  Nightshade free
✔  Pork free
✔  Avocado free
✔  Fish free
✔  Shellfish free
✔  Beef free

Nutritional values (per serving, about 1/2 cup)

Net carbs7.4 grams
Protein6.6 grams
Fat43.1 grams
Calories426 kcal
Calories from carbs 7%, protein 6%, fat 87%
Total carbs13.9 gramsFiber6.5 gramsSugars0.4 gramsSaturated fat37.9 gramsSodium7 mg(0% RDA)Magnesium76 mg(19% RDA)Potassium528 mg(26% EMR)

Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients (makes 2 servings)


  1. Place a can of coconut milk into the fridge overnight. Don’t shake the can before opening. It should get very thick and the solids should separate from water. If it doesn’t, you need to try another brand. Once thick, transfer to a bowl (without the water!). The extracted cream will be used for the mousse. To get a cup of creamed coconut milk, you'll need 1-2 cans coconut milk.
    Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse
  2. Whip in the raw cocoa powder - electric mixer will make the mousse really smooth and works best. Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse
  3. Add cinnamon and stevia.
    Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse
  4. Whip until smooth and creamy. Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse
  5. Place in a serving glass and garnish with a pinch of shredded coconut or toasted flaked coconut. You can also top the mousse with some berries (blackberries are the lowest in carbs).
    The mousse is best served after chilled for at lest an hour and then topped with toasted flaked coconut. To toast the coconut, place it on a non-stick pan and let it brown while stirring (1-2 minutes). Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse

Ingredient nutritional breakdown (per serving, about 1/2 cup)

Net carbsProteinFatCalories
Cinnamon, spices
0.2 g0 g0 g2 kcal
Cocoa powder, raw (cacao)
1.7 g1.6 g1.1 g18 kcal
Coconut cream, creamed coconut milk (organic, unsweetened)
5.3 g4.4 g41.6 g396 kcal
Stevia extract (SweetLeaf or NuNaturals, natural low-carb sweetener)
0 g0 g0 g0 kcal
Coconut, dried, desiccated, shredded (organic, unsweetened)
0.2 g0.6 g0.4 g10 kcal
Total per serving, about 1/2 cup
7.4 g6.6 g43.1 g426 kcal

Dairy-Free Keto Simple Chocolate Mousse

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (53)

Hi martina,
First i love this app!
I was wondering if it’s possible to use thick cream instead of coconut milk, where I leave now it’s bit hard to find
Thanks so much

Absolutely! You can use this recipe instead (you can add any flavour you like - vanilla, cinnamon, orange zest, ...): 5-Minute Keto Chocolate Mousse

Mine didn't come out like the pictures at all T-T the coconut milk was separated like it said threw away the water and I mixed everything together but didn't like the liquid stevia so added powdered erythritol and it seperated so I had half mush half liquid no idea how or what went wrong D:

That is sadly the case with some types of coconut milk so this is down to the brand. I noticed a similar issue with coconut milk from Biona. If you order from Amazon, check the reviews - they will mention it!

Oh, my gawd if I didn’t have any discipline this would have been one serving!   It was so good!  

Thank you!

This is very deceptive! I know of no canned coconut milk that is sugar-free, and yet your nutrtional listing shows no sugar. If you know of canned coconut milk - or a substitute for it - then I think you should either add it here or correct the nutritional information.

Dear Terry, I have nothing to correct and would appreciate if you did some research before leaving such comments. I find it shocking that you call my instructions deceptive, especially when you are completely wrong. There are loads of products that contain no sugar, you just have to give it a try other than going to a single grocery store. The only ingredient that is hard to avoid is guar gum or other thickeners.

Unfortunately, the Tahi Kitchen Coconut Milk did not get thick or separate for me. I tried to whip it up anyway,  but the cocoa didn't mix in properly. Over all a fail for me. In the future when I try a different coconut milk, can I open the cans in advance and chill the milk in a different container? There was no way of knowing until you open the can.

Thank you for your feedback Libby. I'm sorry to hear that! The tutorial I found the first time I learn about this technique used Thai Kitchen and it seemed to be a great option as many bloggers use it. I wonder if they have a product that has no thickeners - or if they changed something? You could buy "coconut cream" that is generally very thick and only contains a small amount of water. It still needs to be "creamed" in the fridge.

Aroy-D makes a wonderful coconut cream that only has a small amount of water and much more cream then the milk! I use it everyday, it tastes wonderful in chai tea.
I can’t wait to try your recipe for mouse.

I looove Aroy-D! 😊

Can  we use cacao instead?

Yes, you can use unsweetened cocoa (Dutch process) or raw cacao powder (I updated the list of ingredients to list both options).

Does this keep in the fridge? How long can i jeep it for? I plan to make it to have for a few days, depending obviously on how well it keeps.

Yes, you can keep it sealed and refrigerated for 3 days (possibly up to 5 days).

I have used the stevia powder in some of the sweet recipes but seem to get a  bitter/after taste. How much powder should be used in recipes or should i use some other sweetners?
Want to try this but dont want to waste the coconut cream etc if the end result has a bitter taste.

I think that powdered Erythritol would be the best option here (1-2 tablespoons). I haven't tried powdered stevia so I'm not sure how much to use - I'd guess just a pinch.

I just made this, without realizing I didn't have every ingredient... I used the 1/2 can chilled coconut milk, 1 avocado, 2 tbsp Myan Cacao Powder, a few drops of vanilla extract, and a few drops of dark chocolate balsamic vinegar.  And I literally mean, a few drops because balsamic vinegar of any kind has a ton of sugar -- the dark chocolate version is just too yummy, but to cut out alot of the sugar, I only used a few drops.  Put it all in the blender for a few minutes - stirred it up - blended another minute or so - and the taste is absolutely perfect!  The avocado adds alot more of the 'good fats' and then I didn't have to use any of the fake sweetners.  woo hoo!

The avocado sounds like a great addition - Yum! 😊

Recently made this and it is BY FAR my favorite version of this delicious treat!
In fact, I ate it for breakfast one morning before work, (what can I say- it was in the refrigerator, yummy, and I was being lazy); it kept me full till lunch!  
It's a keeper!

Thank you Jeanne! 😊

A tip on the Coconut Milk if you are having trouble getting it to cream (and your grocery store doesn't carry Thai Kitchen like the store nearest my house). Make sure you look for one that with an ingredients list that is just Coconut Milk or Coconut Milk and Water.
The ones that list other lengthy unrecognizable compounds (generally ending in the suffix -toyl) are formulated with those extra ingredients to keep he fats from solidifying. They are probably not as healthy for you either.

Thank you for the tips Jean! Here is my new post for more tips: How To Make Coconut Cream

hi, just started looking at this diet it was referred  to me by a close friend, i have recently been diagnosed with diabetes so i have to take my eating seriously ,i need to loose about 80 pounds , yup almost like giving birth to a 8 year old kid sounds like a lot but i would be happy if i could loose at least 40  pounds , i have to change my whole way of cooking to reinvent my life my question is do i find these products at a regular grocery store? ,i need new ideas in to what my grocery list would look like any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Hi Doris, I get most foods from a local grocery store but there are some products that I get online, usually from Amazon - they are cheaper and you can buy them in bulk. If you don't make any low-carb sweets or "breads", your local grocery store should provide all you'll need. Here is my Amazon store product list in case you live in the US:
Also, some tips...
KetoDiet food list: Complete Keto Diet Food List: What to Eat and Avoid on a Low-Carb Diet
I have a guide & links to all the must-read posts here: How To Start Keto: All You Need To Know
and lastly,  I think you will like Franziska Spritzler's blog. She is a friend of mine and also a brilliant dietician who has been using low-carb approach with her clients for several years:

Just made this for dessert I added a few fresh rasberries for sweetness, I liked it but others family members thought it was too bitter

Glad you liked it! Yes, I think most people would need to use some sweetener so you may want to add some 😊

I just made this & put in fridge for dessert tonight added coconut flakes & a few fresh rasberries for sweetness as I don't have the sweetner.
1st Keto recipe ever (new to this) & vegetarian house hold

I am a tad confused . What part of the coconut milk do I use in the recipe - the water or the solid part ? Thanks

Hi Amber, it's the solid part that I used - the creamed coconut milk. The water is not used in this recipe.

Just wondering, your creaming coconut milk, but would coconut cream not work?

Hi Bec, I think coconut cream should be the same as "creamed" coconut milk. At least it is based on the products I've tried 😊

Hi, new to keto made choc mousse, found cinnamon, a little bitter, so made again without, really yummy! Thanx for recipe

Thank you Julie, glad you liked it! You may want to try vanilla extract / vanilla bean instead 😊

I made it today (THANK YOU) and used pumpkin spice instead of cinnamon. It was very nice! I'm also thinking that lavender extract with my vanilla stevia drops would be a fun alternative.
THANK YOU again! I don't cook--I barely even prepare or throw together (I live at Chipotle), so if I bothered to do it, just about anyone can/should. Love this recipe!

That sounds yummy! I've tried lavender ice-cream which I personally liked but it's an acquired taste. I'll share it soon 😊 Thanks for trying my recipe Tara!

I have a android tablet. Tried several times to download keto app. Wouldn't download. I bought another app that did download but it was not as good as yours with totals of my macs so my question to you is when will it be available for me on my lenovo android tablet. Really like your blogs and recipe but need a good app for total macs. Pam

Hi Pam, we are actually planning to make our app available on Android this year. We will do our best to have it ready asap 😊

Martina -- I love using the creamed portion of the canned coconut milk but dislike wasting the liquid portion that remains.  What could the water portion of the milk be used for?

Hi Stephanie, how about adding it to smoothies? 😊

I'm in for the challenge - I have just downloaded your app and am trying to read as fast as I can to understand it all!! Will need LOTS of help and motivation, please!!

That's great Gina!! and I'll be here to help! Throughout the challenge I'll be posting recipes and tips on my blog & FB page 😊

Just made this for the first time, it is amazing! Too easy to make, yum. Anyone who is a fan of chocolate needs to try this out. I'm just glad my husband doesn't like chocolate, so it can all be mine 😊 One serving was so very filling too, a great way to end my day.

Thank you Rose!!

Got back from dinner out at a ritzy restaurant and I was Good. Came home and wanted 'something' -made this. I'm all better now. 😊) Totally satisfied. Got another can in the fridge for next time. Whew! Made it through! Thank You!!😊)

Thank you Monica! Glad you liked it! 😊

How do you figure out the nutritional value in the cream after it separates from the water?  

Hi Betsy, I used nutrition values for "coconut cream" which is basically "creamed" coconut milk. There are 4.5 g net carbs in 100g / 3.5 oz.

just used this as frosting on low carb cup cakes! THE BOMB

Sounds yummy! 😊

Is this the diet that you follow? You look thin and so pretty! I was wondering though as I'm new to this type of eating, I see this recipe for the chocolate mouse and am wondering about the coconut milk. I was afraid to eat this much saturated fat, mine is 10 grams per 1/3 cup, is this something I need to watch out for, and can I eat it several times a week without worrying that I will clog my arteries?

Thank you so much! Have a look at my post here (saturated fat / cholesterol is nothing to be worried about): The Obesity Epidemic, the Truth about Cholesterol and Saturated Fat
When it comes to saturated fat, it's all myth. Neither saturated fat not cholesterol cause heart disease. Unfortunately, we've been told this lie for decades and it won't change in the near future (too much money in the low-fat high-carbs business).
Coconut products are very healthy - they contain saturates fat and MCTs: Is Coconut Oil Healthy?
Check out my "Diet & Nutrition" section, I'll keep adding more content, especially about the ketogenic diet 😊