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4-Week Primal Keto Diet Plan

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After several months of hard work, I'm excited to announce the arrival of our new 4-week keto & primal diet plan! It's a whole food based diet plan optimised for accelerated fat loss and improved health. It's ideal for sedentary to moderately active people, especially women.

Do I need this Diet Plan or your App for the KetoDiet Challenge?

The challenge is and will always remain 100% free - anyone can join the KetoDiet Challenge! Buying my Apps, books or diet plans is not required to join the KetoDiet Challenge.

Is This Diet Plan Free?

No, it's not. There is only so much free content we can provide. Over the years, I've shared over 450 low-carb recipes, guides and tools, organised several challenges and created 3 free diet plans.

All this is very rewarding, but also takes an incredible amount of time to create and maintain.

We simply need to keep this project sustainable. In reality, we have two options to cover our costs: Either we run adverts - which we really want to avoid - or, we charge a fair price for premium content.

If you like what we do and want to support us, you can buy one of our Apps (KetoDiet or KetoDiet Basic), keto cookbooks, or even our new Primal KetoDiet Plan!

You can buy our 4-Week Whole Food Primal KetoDiet Plan for $19.99 USD until January and 31st 2017, and for $29.99 USD after January 31st 2017.

4-Week Whole Food Primal KetoDiet Plan

Whether you are new to the keto diet or want a fresh start after the holiday season, our new diet plan may be just what you are looking for. It takes the guesswork out of healthy low-carb eating and includes:

  • 28 days of day-by-day plan and preparation tips
  • 4 weekly shopping lists
  • Designed to reduce time spent in the kitchen and eliminate food waste
  • Optimised for accelerated weight loss, and ideal for sedentary to moderately active women
  • Over 60 whole food based keto easy to prepare recipes. These are some of the best recipes from the KetoDiet App, the vast majority of recipes are not found on my blog. (Note: recipes include full-fat dairy)
  • Unlike other available diet plans, no low-carb junk and overindulgence of sweet treats and other foods that would only trigger sweet cravings and overeating

Please, note that this diet plan is not integrated in our Apps (cannot be auto-generated in the Planner)

4-Week Primal Keto Diet Plan

FREE Bonus KetoDiet Guide

Our KetoGuide Guide will explain all you need to know about the ketogenic diet, including:

  • A complete guide to the KetoDiet Approach
  • Basic ketogenic principles
  • What to eat and what to avoid, including the KetoDiet food pyramid
  • Answers to frequently asked questions that will help you avoid common mistakes

4-Week Primal Keto Diet Plan

Fair Price

  • Others charge anything from $50 to hundreds of dollars for a single diet plan
  • Limited time offer $19.99 USD until January 31 2017! (Regular price is $29.99 USD)

Works on Any Device

The KetoDiet Guide and the Whole Food Primal KetoDiet Plan are distributed as a single PDF bundle to make it easy to read everywhere.

  • Beautifully designed eBook that is print-friendly
  • Works on any device, PC or Mac

4-Week Primal Keto Diet Plan


To celebrate the arrival of our new diet plan, I'm giving away 3 copies! Best of all - anyone can enter this giveaway no matter where they live! Simply reply to this question:

What would you like to achieve on the KetoDiet Challenge?

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (365)

Hi there, I just bought the 4-Week Primal Keto Diet Plan and I love it so far. I recently was diagnosed with hashimoto and would like to increase my carb intake to 30 gm net carb per  day as you suggested, any suggestions what yo add or how to change the plan slightly to accommodate that?
Thanks a lot

Hi Dalia, the best way to add carbs is to use vegetables, berries and nuts. This list includes carb counts. Also, liver and seafood contains carbs and is very nutritious: Complete Keto Diet Food List: What to Eat and Avoid on a Low-Carb Diet
Feel free to join our support group onFacebook if you have any questions:
I hope this helps!

Hi Martina,
I am interested in the 4 week program but need to know if it makes heavy use of dairy.  I am lactose intolerant and cannot consume dairy.
Thanks so much.

Hi Julie, I think you'd like my dairy-free diet plan (keto & paleo): I hope this helps!

Hello! I also have Hashimotos along with IBS. I do not tolerate gluten, corn, soy or dairy very well right now. Is this plan going to be ok for me?
Thank you!
Jamie M.

Hi Jamie, my dairy-free paleo diet plan excludes all these foods:

I have all your diet plans and I want to try this keto primal one.
I'm completely blown away because of all the "cheese". Why ? 2 reasons. I've never been a "cheese" person and also because the common advice in articles or weight loss plans is to drop cheese in the process or in the case of weight stalling.
I know the decision is mine but what do you think ?
Thank you for your work.

Hi Solange, thank you for your kind words! I'll actually be sharing an expert article on dairy this week -  it also includes common myths about dairy and weight loss. Although there are valid reasons to avoid dairy (e.g. milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance), there is no need to exclude dairy for weight loss if you can tolerate it. Only overconsumption of dairy may stall your progress: How To Low Carb: 15+ Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Hi,  I would like to know if this diet plan has alot of avocado in it.  I noticed alot of the recipies seem to be avocado heavy and I am allergic to it.  What is a good substitution in terms of fat and nutrition for this?

Hi Julie, I think this diet plan may not be the best option for you, as several recipes include avocado. You could substitute it with some cheese or  macadamia nuts but it won't work for every recipe. From nutritional perspective, a combination of macadamia nuts, olives or olive oil, and leafy greens would provide similar values.

Is the nutritional information included for each recipe?

Yes, it is - and also for each plan day.

I have been eating Paleo for over 12 years and I weigh 200 lbs and just cannot lose any weight. I have been exercizing and always been active and doing weight training all my adult life at 65 years young. I have a yeast problem that is  under control and I also have Heavy Metal poisoning. My Dr recommended your site to me to help me lose this weight. I am also allergic to a lot of foods. Like Salad, I am allergic to lettuce and any leafy Green except spinach, and I love spinach. So, what would l=be a good substitute for the salads listed on your plan? Any vegetable that I can eat that is acceptable?

Hi Laura, if you can eat spinach, then I think it's the best alternative to lettuce and leafy greens in salads. You could also try watercress but I'm not sure if you're ok with that. Other than that, you can bulk it up with other low-carb vegetables such as cucumber, green peppers, kohlrabi, radishes, zucchini, asparagus and celery  stalks. I hope this helps!

Hi, is this 4 week diet plan suitable for weightloss and for a vegetarian?
Thank you

Hi Marco, this diet plan has been optimised for weight loss but I'm afraid it's not vegetarian. I've been planning to create a new vegetarian diet plan in the next few months. In the meantime, you can try my free 2-week diet plan (one of my 3 free diet plans is vegetarian):

I would like to gain control over my body and give it healthy energy to function better for me. I could use more natural energy and look forward to the many benefits the Keto diet has to offer. I am so excited!!

I would like to gain control over my weight and diet once and for all.

LOVE your Blog!!!

I'd love to get my body back and feel me again after having two babies! I've been trying every program to loose weight on the market with no success!

I would to continue to improve my overall health and lose more fat along with toning my body.

Healthy body and more energy for a life


Hi 😊 I have need doing keto for 2 months and I have used this web page to teach me all I know about. I would love to be about to strengthen my knowledge and increase my success. I weighed305 nov 2106 and I currently weight 280. I have diabetes and high blood pressure, I am hoping more than to lose weight, to be able to control my health issues and teach my children how to eat and enjoy life.

I want to know how to teach it to my teenagers and how to send them with good lunches that won't sabotage the good we do with our other meals.

After having a rough 2016, I need to get back on the Keto track and lose 20 pounds!

On the Keto Diet Challenge I would like to achieve the knowledge and tools needed to be successful with the ketogenic diet. My ultimate goal is to lose 100 pounds  I realize that is impossible to do iin just 30 days. But 30 days is enough time to undo some bad habits and start building new ones. I need a new way of life  and I'm hoping this is it.

I would love this! I need to lose weight for health purposes and I struggle daily with not knowing what to make our how to make things. The kitchen is definitely not my strong point.  

I have been doing Keto for the last three months.  I have lost about 12 pounds, but seem to stop at that point and I get frustrated and regain.  I am hoping that your program and the 30 day challenge will propel me forward and beyond.  I am committed to this challenge and then hopefully a 90 day challenge in the future.

I am looking to get a bit leaner but mainly have more energy upon waking and not exprience the carb crash in an afternoon

I would like to lose about twenty pounds and be able to keep it off and still enjoy eating.

Be an inspiration for my husband to commit to doing Keto, I am on a journey to not only weight loss but more importantly to optimal health, this information would be such an asset. I find your site easy to navigate and the information is fantastic in helping me understand and follow a Ketogenic diet.Thank you!

I am looking to be held accountable, to some degree, for progress and keeping up the work towards my goal. Posting somewhere gives me the perfect opportunity for that.

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