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4-Week Paleo Keto Diet Plan

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After several months of hard work, I'm excited to announce the arrival of our new 4-Week Keto & Paleo Diet Plan! It's a whole food based diet plan that is dairy-free and easy to follow. It's optimised for accelerated fat loss and improved health and it's ideal for sedentary to moderately active people, especially women.

Do I need this Diet Plan or your App to join the KetoDiet Challenge?

The challenge is and will always remain 100% free - anyone can join the KetoDiet Challenge! Buying my Apps, books or diet plans is not required to join the Challenge.

Is This Diet Plan Free?

No, it's not. There is only so much free content we can give away. Over the years, I've shared over 450 low-carb recipes, guides and tools, organised several challenges and created 3 free diet plans.

All this is very rewarding, but also takes an incredible amount of time to create and maintain.

We simply need to keep this project sustainable. In reality, we have two options to cover our costs: Either we run adverts - which we really want to avoid - or, we charge a fair price for premium content.

If you like what we do and want to support us, you can buy one of our Apps (KetoDiet or KetoDiet Basic), keto cookbooks, our 4-Week Keto & Primal Diet Plan or even our new Paleo KetoDiet Plan!

4-Week Whole Food Paleo KetoDiet Plan

Our new diet plan takes the guesswork out of healthy low-carb eating. It's 100% dairy-free and includes nut-free options. Here are the main highlights:

  • 28 days of day-by-day plan and preparation tips
  • 4 weekly shopping lists
  • Designed to reduce time spent in the kitchen and eliminate food waste
  • Optimised for accelerated weight loss, and ideal for sedentary to moderately active women
  • 55 keto & paleo recipes that are easy to prepare and ideal for batch cooking. These are some of the best recipes from the KetoDiet App, the vast majority of recipes are not found on my blog.
  • Just real food - no low carb junk
  • No overindulgence of sweet treats and other foods that would only trigger sweet cravings and overeating

Please, note that this diet plan is not integrated in our Apps (cannot be auto-generated in the Planner but can be manually created using our App)

4-Week Paleo Keto Diet Plan

FREE Bonus KetoDiet Guide

Our KetoGuide Guide will explain all you need to know about the ketogenic diet, including:

  • A complete guide to the KetoDiet Approach
  • Basic ketogenic principles
  • What to eat and what to avoid, including the KetoDiet food pyramid
  • Answers to frequently asked questions that will help you avoid common mistakes

4-Week Paleo Keto Diet Plan

Fair Price

  • Others charge anything from $50 to hundreds of dollars for a single diet plan
  • 50% off if you join our KetoDiet Challenge: $14.99 USD (Regular price is $29.99 USD)

Works on Any Device

The KetoDiet Guide and the Whole Food Paleo KetoDiet Plan are distributed as a single PDF bundle to make it easy to read everywhere.

  • Beautifully designed eBook that is print-friendly
  • Works on any device, PC or Mac

4-Week Paleo Keto Diet Plan


To celebrate the arrival of our new keto & paleo diet plan, I'm giving away 3 copies! Anyone can enter this giveaway no matter where they live! Note: you don't need a Twitter account to join the giveaway - you can pick any of the 3 options given in the instructions.

Why do you follow the ketogenic diet? Share your keto stories!

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Martina Slajerova
Creator of

Martina Slajerova

I changed the way I ate in 2011, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid. I had no energy, and I found it more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

That’s when I decided to quit sugar, grains, and processed foods, and to start following a whole-foods-based ketogenic approach to food.

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Comments (155)

Hello Martina,
Even if I can't have everything right, still I really try my best, and you are a big help. Hope you don't mind if I keep asking.
Today, my question is about your 2 latest ebooks (4-week WholeFood Paleo, and the Primal. I've noticed that the carb in the Paleo one is higher than the primal... is there any particular reason for that? doesn't it make a huge difference in terms of impacting the insulin
How to reduce the fat in a daily menu like this one:
Day 10, chard and pumpkin Hash, beef stir fry with zoodle and hamburger soup).
Thank you very much.

Hello Solange, I'm sorry for the delayed response. For future queries, it's best to contact me via e-mail as I cannot guarantee I will reply in time to blog comments.
The carb count in both diet plans is similar, but it is slightly higher in the paleo diet plan as dairy is not included. Dairy, which is almost zero-carb, is substituted with other foods with a higher carb count. This should not have an effect on your insulin levels but it is a generic diet plan which means it may not work for everyone. For that you would need to use a personalised diet plan.
The best way change the fat content is to reduce the amount of added fat (ghee, coconut oil, etc). If you significantly need to change the nutrition facts, you may need to swap meals instead.  Keep mind that a small excess of fat (in comparison with your target macros: KetoDiet Buddy - Easy Macro Calculator for the Ketogenic Diet) would not make a difference - the diet plans are already limited in fat and calories and optimised for weight loss. I hope this helps!

I am loving your stuff. Keep it up you are helping so many people. Congrats

I would love to get a copy!

I lost 100 pounds eating strictly low carb foods. Once I lost my excess weight, I eased up on the low carb lifestyle which resulted in me gaining some of my weight back. I can't seem to get back on track. I feel that your Keto Plan & Guide would be very helpful to me.

I am 48 years old and I had 5 pregnancies and 4 children. During my last pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. In 2013 I began to paleo and keto recently. I was having trouble recovering my weight from my 3rd pregnancy during which I was breastfeeding. Since I started ketogenic I can easily get into my clothes that I did not put on for more than 20 years. I am French and translated your recipe plans for two weeks and replenished your recipes. I recently bought the complete guide to hight fat diet 125 recipes that I have not yet applied but, intend to try soon. Thanks for everything, what you do and share with us 😊

I sort of 'fell' into Keto WOE as a friend had been on LCHF with great results in overall health and weight loss. They posted a few recipes on FACEBOOK And they looked pretty good so I gave them a go!
After being impressed with the dishes, I started to look more into the ,science' behind this WOE and being a Type 1 diabetic a lightbulb went off in my head specifically regarding the reduced carbohydrate producing less sugars in my body. Wow!!!
So I have been Keto for about 6 weeks now and still learning lots. I'm not the best at pre planning my meals to ensure I'm within my macros (although I am using the Keto app Planner!) and this is something I need to put more focus on so I don't get caught out with 'ad hoc' meals or going over (even under as I've done a few times with protein) my macros.
So the Diet Plan I think would be an opportune way to be guided by an expert into a a structure plan where a lot of the hard work has been done and I came focus on knowing I'm eating balanced meals within my macros which will give me confidence to continue Keto-ING on!

Having being diagnosed with chronic Lyme I have been advised this is the way to go. I can't think why I haven't done it before it makes so much sense. I'm starting to feel an awful lot better. Onwards & upwards.

I'm interested in learning more about this way of eating & would love the help in finding my way.

Love the chance to win something so that I can try it out first 😊 Thank you for putting these offers on xx

I follow a Paleo and Keto eating plan to reduce inflamation and for energy!

I am not currently following Keto but will be starting back at it next week. I previously followed it for two years.

I eat Paleo normally but when I add keto into the mix I notice huge changes. Last year I went completely keto and lost a tonne of weight really easily. I don't own scales so I have no clue as to how many kilos it was but I dropped 3 dress sizes in 6 weeks. It was super easy too. Using the Keto Diet App on my phone has made life so much easier, I found it about 3 weeks in and I just love it. It's great that I can add my own recipes into it as well as access the blog recipes.
Since Christmas I've been back to just Paleo but there have been a few indulgences with Easter and birthdays etc, so as of next Monday it's back to full time keto to bust some more of that tummy fat away! I'd absolutely love to win a copy of this plan, but whether I do or not I will be regularly checking in to get my fix of yummy keto recipes and advice.

I love your recipes and cooking tips, they are easy to make even if you never cook!
I eat keto because it makes me feel clear, mentally, and I feel in control of my hunger! This eating style eliminated cravings, enhanced my mood and focus, and beautified my skin. I also do this preventatively,  as I have a family history of Alzheimer's disease.  

Love your site, recipes and support. I'm very grateful for all you offer.

I am trying to keep my weight under control and avoid getting diabetic like my mother and uncles. Diabetes runs in the family.

I have epilepsy and keto was recommended to me by one of my "fitness-nut" friends.

Thank you for paving the Keto Way!

I want to know more about a Keto diet and the recipes

Keto lifestyle is the only way forwards👍
Keep the fibro quiet🤐

This looks like a well loved project come to completion Martina.  Thank you for all the work you put into developing recipes and making keto eating accessible.

I tried your keto recipes and loved them. I follow a keto diet for weight management.

I do my best to follow a ketogenic diet because it helps me feel good, healthy, and energetic from the inside out.

Excited for this new diet plan!!

Thank you for the great recipes!

I have the first Keto Diet Plan (4 weeks) + The KetoDiet Guide. I am very interested in the second 4-weeek diet plan.
In the webshop, it seems that you are now buying the first + the new + guide. Is that right?
If that is correct then that for those who have the first 2 already is not financially attractive. You should also be able to buy the new ones. Or have there been a lot of variations?
Sorry for the incorrect sentence structure. I'm from Holland.

Hi Cind, the KetoDiet guide is free so it's not included in the price.  The new diet plan comes with the same free KetoDiet Guide as well. If you join our free keto challenge, then the diet plan is 50% off (see details here: - in the Tools tab after you sign up/sign in)
I hope this helps 😊

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