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Is Keto a Fad Diet?

Some people say that keto is a fad. Is it? When one thinks about evolution, the answer is clearly no. Keto is the oldest human diet rebranded.

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Announcing the KetoDiet Quiz!

Learn how to follow a healthy low-carb diet in a fun and intuitive way. Take the Keto Diet quiz and share your score with friends!

How To Follow a Low-Carb Diet If You Are Busy

Busy people's guide to a low-carb diet step-by-step: What to keep in your fridge, freezer and pantry; how to use leftovers and speed up the cooking process; essentials you should always have at hand, and more tips to keep keto simple.

Free Holiday Survival Guide plus 4 Free Diet Plans

5 KetoDiet Challenge Success Stories

With the 60 day summer KetoDiet challenge coming to an end in less than 2 weeks, I'd like to share 5 inspiring success stories of those who participated in our previous 60 Day May-June KetoDiet Challenge and won prizes worth over $2,000! I usually share all success stories within 2-3 weeks of announcing ...

5 Keto Diet Success Stories

See how the Keto Diet is changing lives for all our ketofams. Some success stories to inspire you with your weightloss goals.

The #1 Keto Diet App
Keto Diet App for iOS and Android
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