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Stalled in Fat Loss on Keto?
Introducing The Stall Slayer by Amy Berger

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Stuck in a fat loss stall? This article is for you!

Some people start a ketogenic diet for weight loss and body fat seems to melt off of them. They reach their goal weight quickly and easily, and it’s smooth sailing the entire way.

For others, losing body fat is much more difficult. They hit roadblocks and obstacles along the way, and then… the dreaded stall.

They’re sticking faithfully to the diet, keeping carbs low, eating healthy fats and getting good quality protein, but fat loss is stuck at a standstill. They’re doing “all the right things.” Their meals are crafted with the kind of precision a German auto engineer would envy.

Every single calorie, carb gram, ratio, and macro is calculated and tracked, and you could set your watch by the timing of their meals and fasting windows. And still, their body fat isn’t budging.

If I’ve just described you—you’re following every rule, listening to every podcast, watching every video, implementing every tip and trick you can find, but your weight loss is still stalled—take heart. You can get things moving again!

Introducing The Stall Slayer

You can find solutions to your frustrations in my book, The Stall Slayer: Seven Roadblocks to Keto Fat Loss and What to Do About Them. Stalled fat loss is the most common reason people contact me for help with their low-carb or ketogenic diet. It’s incredibly frustrating when you see other people losing weight effortlessly while you’re struggling for every ounce or half kilo. The good news is stalls are usually fairly simple to get past once you have the right information to guide you.

In a previous article for the KetoDiet blog, I offered some tips on how to stay motivated during a weight loss stall, but The Stall Slayer goes further and tells you how to actually break a stall and get your fat loss moving again.

The Stall Slayer is available at and also on Amazon as paperback and Kindle.
To get 15% off your purchase of the PDF e-book version at, enter promo code Martina at the check out.
Note: This is not a sponsored post and we are not affiliated with Amy Berger. We simply love what she does and want to support her work. Amy has written countless useful articles for our website so make sure to check them out. Please note that if you purchase from Amazon, we earn a small fee as we are taking part in the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Stalled in Fat Loss on Keto? Introducing The Stall Slayer by Amy Berger

Book Highlights

What can you expect from The Stall Slayer? How about some basic stumbling blocks you might not even be thinking about?

Too Many Carbs and Too Much Fat Can Stall Your Progress

For example, eating too many carbs. This might seem obvious—after all, the single most important thing about a ketogenic diet is keeping your carbs very low—but extra carbs can be very sneaky and lurk in places you don’t realize.

Sauces, dressings, and other condiments are often high in sugar and packaged foods labeled “keto” sometimes contain large amounts of sugar alcohols and fillers that can affect blood sugar and insulin for some people.

And don’t forget the little bites of this or that you might be taking here and there: those small pieces of high-carb foods add up when you do this multiple times a day or week. Getting back to being very strict about your total carb intake (not net carbs!) often helps break a stall.

But What if You’ve Mastered a Very, Very Low Carb Intake?

If you know for certain that “carb creep” isn’t an issue for you, it’s possible you’re overdoing dietary fat. What? Eating too much fat? On a ketogenic diet? Yes! This is very common. What makes a diet ketogenic is not the presence of copious amounts of fat; it’s the absence of the carbs. So if your carbs are low and you know you’re in ketosis but your body fat won’t budge, you might be consuming more fat than your body needs.

If you have more than enough fat coming in—butter, heavy cream, cheese, nuts, lots of added oils—then your body doesn’t need to use any of its stored fat to fuel you. Being in ketosis means only that you’re burning fat. It doesn’t tell you whether you’re burning the fat from your food or the fat from your belly, hips, and thighs.

I know this might be confusing.

You’ve probably heard that your meals are supposed to be centered around a substantial amount of fat, or that your overall diet should have a certain percentage of calories from fat, protein and carbs.

But the truth is, your body isn’t a calculator. There are no magical “macros” or ratios that will automatically cause you to lose fat. If only it were that simple! The Stall Slayer will teach you more about the proper roles of fat, carbs, and protein on keto, and how to construct your diet to get fat loss moving again.

What About Thyroid Function?

The thyroid gland is often called the “master regulator” of your metabolic rate. If your thyroid hormones are not at optimal levels, you will have a very difficult time losing weight no matter how disciplined you are with diet and exercise.

Unfortunately, thyroid testing and proper treatment of thyroid hormone imbalances is fraught with misinformation and poor outcomes. If you suspect you have a thyroid problem, make sure you get the proper testing done and work with a doctor to find the right type and dose of medication for yourself if needed. All the details are in the book.

Other Weight Stalling Factors

There are other issues that can stand in the way of fat loss on a ketogenic diet.

It’s possible you’re taking a medication that’s interfering with fat loss. Do you have questions about exercise and intermittent fasting? And what about alcohol? Can you enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage on keto and still lose weight?

There are chapters dedicated to all of these and more in The Stall Slayer. Or maybe you’re actually already at a perfectly healthy weight and you don’t need to lose any more. There’s a chapter on that, too—having a proper perspective and setting reasonable goals.

If you want to read the book and start breaking your stall NOW, learn more about The Stall Slayer at

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Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP
Certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Amy Berger

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP, is a U.S. Air Force veteran, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in using low-carbohydrate nutrition to help people reclaim their vitality through eating delicious foods, and showing them that getting and staying well doesn't require starvation, deprivation, or living at the gym.

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Ok good article

Buy buy buy and we will tell you all the secrets, buy the supplements, buy the books. Once I bought the App and some books that’s all I get is solicitations to buy more. Seriously it seems it’s all a marketing game.  And yes after 6 weeks and 6-7 lbs I’m frustrated.  4 of that came off the first week. And yes I’m the one counting, weighing etc and am stalled but buy more stuff. No thanks

Dear Sharon,
I'm sorry that you feel frustrated. I understand why you feel that way with so many supplements and products promising all sorts of magic cures and miraculous fat burning effects.
I know this will sound harsh but I think you need to realise why what you said is simply wrong.
As you may know, we don't promote keto supplements, never have and never will so I'll just assume that you were referring to another website.
You visited our website that has a ton of free advice and recipes (content that is certainly not free for us), yet you still feel that you need to criticise a post that promotes this one book, a book that can help so many people understand why their weight has been stalling. Not to mention that unlike the vast majority of websites we have no third party advertising and pop overs (Not that having advertising is a bad thing but I'm mentioning this since it's relevant to your comment).
You can't automatically blame everyone and everything, especially when they are working hard to help, perhaps by publishing a book or creating an app.
I'm sure you can appreciate all the complexities of human biology and the benefits of personalised approach. If in your case generic diet plans and advice don't work, then you may benefit from a more personalised approach and work with a dietitian, otherwise you will keep spending more money and blaming more people for all the good they are truing to do.
When it comes to my books and the app, they have always been the tools that can provide help and guidance. Surely you didn't expect a tracking app to understand your unique needs that go beyond macros. I have never claimed and would never claim that our app (or any app) can do that.
Our app is free to download with a ton of features in the free version and advanced features that are part of our subscription plans. (Even before making our app free to download it was less than $10 USD and we made it free for life for all existing users - no subscription and full access). While the vast majority of what we do is freely available, I'm sure you understand that we also need to keep this project sustainable.

Your response was spot on. Mine was made out of frustration. But I am using the app and working the program and creating a new lifestyle. The tooLs do help and I will continue  learning and refocusing.
Thank you

Thank you Sharon, I appreciate that. I know you must feel frustrated - we have all been there. Please let me know if I can help in any way. We have a support group on Facebook - feel free to tag me (Martina Slajerova) in your posts and I will try to respond asap. Our group: