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Alix Hayden
Creator of


Alix Hayden lives and works in the Canadian prairies. She is an operations executive at Phenomenome Discoveries Inc., a company that works to develop new blood risk monitoring tests and preventive treatments for various forms of cancer and central nervous disorders.

In August 2012, at the age of 37, Alix was diagnosed with a grade two mixed cell type oligoastrocytoma - a malignant brain tumour. Because the tumour is located in an area of the brain which makes surgery risky, Alix is on a watchful waiting program, with brain scans every six months to monitor for progression. Since March of 2013, she has been using the ketogenic diet in an effort to limit growth of her tumour. Alix blogs about her diet, healthcare journey and experiences at

You can follow Alix on Twitter @alixhay

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