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Spicy Chocolate BBQ Sauce

|Spicy Chocolate BBQ Sauce

Before I get to my recipe, I'd like to announce that my new book, The KetoDiet Cookbook is available for pre-order now. It will be out this autumn and will be packed with 150 delicious low-carb, paleo & primal recipes!

So I though that this was a perfect opportunity to share a recipe from the KetoDiet Apps. I really love this BBQ sauce. Although there are more ingredients used, the preparation is simple: just mix it, boil it, chill it & store it! If you have my home-made ketchup already prepared, it literally takes just a few minutes to make. It adds an amazing flavour to meat dishes such as BBQ Pork Ribs or even fried eggs which is how I like to eat them! In fact, this keto-friendly BBQ sauce seems to be popular in the KetoDiet Apps :-)

Brian: "... By the way, love the app! Such great, useful information and the recipes are awesome! Fat bombs, home-made protein bars and that chocolate BBQ sauce are all new to me and I love them. Keep up the good work!"

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Preparation time


Nutritional values (per serving / 2 tbsp / 30 g / 1 oz):

1.8 grams 0.9 grams 0.54 grams 2.2 grams 1.3 grams 29 calories
Total Carbs2.7grams
Net Carbs1.8grams
of which Saturated1.3grams
Potassium & Magnesiumtrace

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (25%), protein (8%), fat (68%)

Ingredients (makes 1 medium jar / 1 ½ cups):

Instead of the listed sweeteners, you can try other healthy low-carb sweeteners from this list. The reason I'm using both Erythritol and stevia is to mask the aftertaste some of the sweeteners may have.


  1. Weigh or measure all the ingredients. Peel and mash the garlic. Place everything into a saucepan: the ketchup, butter, garlic, ...
    |Spicy Chocolate BBQ Sauce
  2. ... coconut aminos, vinegar, ...
    Coconut aminos is a healthier alternative to soy sauce and is recommended as a healthy substitute on paleo diets. You can use any vinegar you like such as apple cider or white / red wine vinegar or even try making your own fruit vinegar. |Spicy Chocolate BBQ Sauce
  3. ... smoked salt, cacao powder, paprika, chili powder, Erythritol and stevia. Cover with a lid, cook for 5-10 minutes over a medium heat. When done, take off the heat.
    You can adjust the spiciness by using either mild or extra hot chili powder. |Spicy Chocolate BBQ Sauce
  4. Done! Transfer in a glass jar and keep in the fridge up to a month or preserve for longer (water-bath canning works best). |Spicy Chocolate BBQ Sauce Try with BBQ Pork Ribs and don't forget to also check out my Blackberry BBQ Sauce! |Spicy Chocolate BBQ Sauce

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Comments (16)

I just made this using your homemade ketchup recipe. I added a teaspoon of liquid smoke and used Chipotle chili powder as the chili powder. It was absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the recipe. I love BBQ sauce but it is so hard to find good low carb BBQ sauce.


I've never tried liquid smoke but it sounds like something I have to "test"! Smile


Wow! Great flavor and I had all of the ingredients at home! Thanks for your amazing work!


Thank you! I hope you like it Smile


Love this!  Only change I made was to reduce the cocoa powder by half and I used soy sauce because I cant get amnios.


Thank you! Smile


Great recipe! I came here looking for a keto version of Sweet Baby Ray's -- something smoky and sweet. This was perfect. I did add 1 tsp. each of liquid smoke and worcestershire sauce, to deepen the flavors.


Thank you! That sounds like a great addition! Smile


I found your website just yesterday. I made your ketchup and then your Spicy Chocolate Barbecue sauce. That sauce is incredibly good. I will be making a pork loin in the crockpot today and am excited to try the barbecue sauce on it. I am so glad I found your website. I have saved you to my favorites and look forward to trying more of your recipes.


Thank you Teri, I hope you like it! Smile


I was looking for the Spicy Chocolate BBQ sauce recipe. The link brings me to this page, with the recipe for the ribs, but no recipe for the BBQ sauce!


Thank you so much for noticing, Terri! I must have accidentally uploaded the wrong recipe when I was making some changes on the blog. Thanks again - it's all working now Smile


Since I'm allergic to tomatoes, I'm gonna try a variation/shortcut here:  using Sambal Oelek (which is chili paste with garlic already in it), and going from there.  I'll report back.


Thank you - sure, please, do!


Hi Martina, I just wanted to let you know that I'm totally getting your book!!! Can't wait for it to be published Smile


Thank you Kelly! Smile


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