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Vivica Menegaz
Creator of


I was born in Italy, at a time when small grocery stores still existed. I grew up buying veggies at the “verduriere” and meat at the “macellaio”. For the first 6 years of my life my parents had a restaurant and hotel in a small resort in the mountains of Northern Italy. There I spent a lot of time playing in the kitchen, and in the pantries. I visited herds of cows out on pasture and drank fresh milk, and ate cheese made over a wood fire.

Those memories shaped my future taste and understanding of food in a deep manner. I left Italy at 19. Lived in Germany for 5 years then in Spain. I moved to California in the early nineties, and decided to become a photographer, a food photographer! Working for national and local magazines gave me the chance to visit (and try) many amazing restaurants. I ate and photographed my way around Los Angeles.

Then for 10 years I lived between LA and Brasil, changed career, opened a new business. But in the meantime I was always around food, helping my chef friends with catering jobs, cooking, taking pictures. In 2009 I moved to Northern California with my husband, cats and dog. This has been the move that closed the circle. I am back in the landscape of my childhood, mountains and pine trees! For the last 3 years I have been realizing an old dream of living self-sufficiency. Growing my own food, being connected to Nature and the Earth.

My passion for food and the desire to help others has also found its ultimate calling: Nutrition. I am now certified as a Technician in Whole Food Nutrition. I work with Dr. Deborah Penner at Chico Creek Wellness and study for my Clinician certification.

Vivica's Blog: The Nourished Caveman
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