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I am Portuguese and live in Mozambique. For the past 5 years I am dedicating my cooking to healthy food, for the last 3 to mainly low carb high fat recipes, although I also create recipes suitable for other diets. One of the most enjoyable things for me is to come up with new recipes or to take existent recipes and give them a twist of my own.

As Portuguese, fat from meat, fish, dairy was always part of my life, but unfortunately so were refined carbs and sugar, and sadly so were the low fat diets infused to us for decades. Having put on 14 kg on my late 40’s, that I could not lose anymore, and as I have always been the kind that studies and investigates a lot, and I started reading about LCHF and ketogenic "diets". They caught my attention since day one so I started reading, studying, investigating, searching for reliable websites, people, doctors.

Came across Volek and Phinney, Tim Noakes, Jason Fung, Eric Westman, David Perlmutter, Andreas Eenfeldt, Peter Attia, Eric Berg, and many more. I was suddenly realising how stupid I have been, how the food and drug industry play tricks on us forcing us to believe that a Low Fat High Carb Diet is the healthy way of living.

Long story short, my LCHF journey is now more than 3 years, I lost 14 kg, I feel better than ever, and all my blood results are amazing. I was not at anytime trying to lose fast, I was not on a fad diet, I found my way of living.

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