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6 yearss #
A couple questions:
1. Is there a way to copy a meal from a previous day to another day (when I click on the 3 dots I only see the option to add to planner? I see the option to copy meal when in the Custom Meals area but not the KetoDiet Meals area.
2. In the "Progress" option I see the different tabs. But I do not see where/how we add info like weight and measurements. Is there somewhere to add this info? If we change it in our "Local Account" settings will it then be logged in the "Progress" section?
3. I know this is more of a recipe/meal planning app and not necessarily a Weight Loss Tracker. Just wondering if there would be a way to track changes in weight/measurements (record our weight on any given day) so we can see how food choices week to week influence our weight loss.
Thank you so much for making this app available to us :)
6 yearss #
Hi Esther, for 1) there's no way (currently - this is something we'll do in the future, Nikos implemented on iOS recently!) to copy a meal from a previous day. You'll have to search for it again at the moment. For 2) that's correct if you update the weight/measurements in local account they'll be logged in the progress section. For instance with 3) If you go to local account and enter your weight/measurements (on the add screen there's a date option) it'll track changes to weight/measurements in the progress section. Hope that makes sense! Let me know if I can help anymore :)
Thanks, Dan