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This is probably not a beta-test question, but it is the only link I can find on the website to post a forum question.... In the process of trying to add an ingredient (no bar code available), it has 8gm of Carbs, 7gm of fiber, but after everything is entered, the program calls the net carbs to be 2.8, not one. There is no option to add an ingredient as a serving or a scoop (which many supplements have), only grams, preferable 100gms it seems which makes no sense at all to me. I don't understand: am I supposed to divide the grams given in the serving into 100, then multiply all the values by the result so that everything is calculated according to the 100gms? Or what? I deal with grams, milligrams, milliliters, liters, etc., in the medical field all the time, but not everything in the USA related to nutrition and especially cooking is calculated that way but instead uses what used to be called the English foot-pound system. I wish we in the US would join the rest of the world in the metric system in all things, however we have about a "zillion" cookbooks and recipes using the foot-pound system and that is the only way I know to cook, other than "a pinch of this and a handful of that!" I don't know if that is why the calculated carbs are not right (higher in this case and most other cases.) But when you're counting carbs, it is very frustrating to not be able to get a simple 8gm carbs - 7gm fiber = 1 net carb result. Any suggestions? Anyone? I really like this program better than any others I have tried, the barcode program seems to be working well so far (except Natural Force Organic Whey Protein bar code did not compute) - so far everything I have tried to scan seems to be working except for that one. BUT...the gram vs ounce vs serving, etc. is a real issue. I am still looking for a program that meets my needs that is conducive to U.S. standard measurements...sigh. Any help to get this to work is greatly appreciated because I would really like this be "The One."
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HI, you are correct the 2.8g vs 1g has to do with serving size vs 100g. To be certain please post a couple of screenshots that show the different values? it may be a bug :) When it comes to cups etc unless we know the density of the food we cannot deduce common volume sizes. For many foods the data is available and we do utilise it to show cups/ tsps/ tbsps etc but for most it isn't. I'm working on enhancing the data sources we use at the moment, that will help. Thanks