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User #9FA310DF
24 days #
Following on my message earlier - I would like to manually input my own macros as I use different ones to those specified in the KetoDiet plan. (I use OKL). I think this option would make the app more attractive to a wider audience as there will always be a number of people who prefer customised macros or who have already started using slightly different macros. Also, will there be more flexibility in inputting the Stones/pounds for weight? Like many Brits I use this system but there isn't enough flexibility to record a precise weight as shown on a digital scale e.g. 10st 8.2lbs is there any chance of having this facility? At the moment I have to convert to pounds and input it then it reverts to stone and register the .2lb. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help. Happy New Year and thanks for a great app.
22 days #
Thank you - Happy New Year! :) Do you mean set your own macro targets under Profile? Yes you can do that if you change the Goal to 'Custom targets'. You can then specify your protein and fat target as you like. Adding more accuracy is not an issue but to be honest it doesn't offer much as .2lbs is pretty much noise when it comes to measuring weight. However, I can see the point that maybe people want to record whatever the scales show. I'll add it to my list and see what we can do about it. Thank you!
User #9FA310DF
22 days #
Thanks again. It's a great app does everything I need. 😃