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User #9FA310DF
18 days #
I have previously advised that when I enter food items using grams it then reverts to common weights, which still seems to be happening - see screen prints below. Also, since the last update, every time I launch the app it asks for my iTunes password - tapping cancel clears it without having to give my PW though. I bought the full app and wonder what will happen at the end of the testing period. Will it go back to the old version or automatically update to the new version and will there be any costs for getting the new app? Many thanks for your help. Susan Marshall
16 days #
1. Grams to common weight is not fixed yet. It's on our todo list. 2. If you enter the password once it should go away. This is happening because the app cannot find the purchase receipt to determine which in-apps to enable so it has to fetch it from the AppStore again. 3. When the new version is on the AppStore you simple install it over the Beta and you're good to go. Your data/ settings will remain intact. The upgrade is free so there is no charge for it. Thank you!
User #9FA310DF
16 days #
Thank you Nikos. Happy New Year