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User #DB2B044B
5 yearss #
Is it possible to use your meal recipes as a basis for custom meals? I would like to adjust the recipe for mini cheesecake bites. When I made them, I ended up with 7 crusts and enough filling for about 10 or 11 mini cheesecakes. The crustless cheesecakes weren't bad, so I would like to create one recipe with more crust dough and another one without crusts.
5 yearss #
This is not possible at the moment - we will support it in a future release. The reason it's not supported currently is that meal recipes have an optional 'nutritional factor' for certain ingredients that are partially or completely wasted (e.g. bone broth where bones and some veg are not used) which is not supported in custom meals.
User #1EA7EF0A
1 years #
Maybe try making things that will freeze well so you have more time to use up the leftovers.