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I have been beta testing the app on my iPhone 6S. Once syncing is available, I hope to also test it on my iPad Pro. I am comparing it to two apps - MyNetDiary and MyPlate (AKA the "Livestrong Tracker") - into which I've entered the nutritional values of many of your meals (neither supports a ketogenic diet in particular, but can be used to do so). Worth noting: both of the apps I'm comparing the KetoDiet app to are for planning/managing a diet. While I LOVE your recipes, I find printed cookbooks best for use in my kitchen, as they survive messes better than electronics. If this is NOT a primary mission of your app, please feel free to disregard any and all of my feedback. I would LOVE to have a diet planning/management app that helped me meet the nutritional goals of a ketogenic diet.
Pluses so far: easy access to your recipes for meal planning. Can't wait until I can access blog meals as well. Awesome collection of instructions for surviving meals out at restaurants Issues:
1. As mentioned in earlier f
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I can't believe it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Suggestions:
1. Please add the ability to scan in ingredients via UPC as mentioned earlier. Adding ingredients is not as simple as in other apps.
2. There seems to be no way to delete custom meals. Clicking delete after clicking the right arrow next to a meal doesn't do anything.
3. Add instructions to the app under help. Figuring out how to add custom meals based on their ingredients was painful without guidance. 4. Link the planner code to the custom meal code. Why can't I simply tweak an existing custom meal while planning lunch/dinner/etc.? Your app clearly wants to me a) ensure all my ingredients exist, b) create a meal in custom meals (which can be added to the planner - thank you!) and then go into the planner. IMHO, having access to all that when in the planner makes sense.
5. Track water? Other apps do and it's important when dieting. Thanks!!!!
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Thank you for doing this!
1) We don't plan on doing UPC scanning unless we can find a DB with accurate nutritional data.
2) Is fixed and will be in the next update. 3) Would a step-by-step flow instead of the single screen editing be easier? i.e. Create Meal > Pick Name & Photo > Select Define By Ingredients > Add Ingredients.
4) If I understand correctly, you'd like the ability to edit a custom meal in the planner without affecting it, effectively doing a copy & edit in the planner - would you want that modified version available in your Custom Meals too?
5) I know some apps track water but I'm not sure how useful it is - I'm the developer and my knowledge on nutrition is not extensive but I'll talk to a few people and see what they think. In the end if users really want it we'll add it :)
Thank you!
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Hi Nikos. 1. Good luck with yes. 2. Thanks!
3. Sounds much better. 4. That is what I mean. And yes to your improvement on it. 5. I'll stay tuned. Thanks!
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Heres a great cookbook I use myself… all the recipes are awesome… and its free… you just have to pay shipping for it to arrive to your house.