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Easy Low-carb Bagels

23. October 2014|Martina|10
Before I get to my recipe, I'd like to let you know that over the next few months I will be busy working on my new cookbook which will include 150 low... Read more

Reuben Egg Muffins

21. October 2014|Martina|4
Egg muffins are quick to prepare and great for busy people. As I get bored of the same flavours I constantly try new ingredients which are still easy ... Read more

KetoDiet Recipes Featured in OK! Magazine

12. October 2014|Martina|12
Hi everyone, I would like to share some news with you all. I few weeks ago, I was contacted by the editor of OK! magazine asking for permission to use... Read more

Keto Diet on a Budget & Meal Preparation Tips

8. October 2014|Martina|22
Before I started working on this post, I asked my readers what was most challenging about going low-carb / paleo for them. Based on their feedback, I ... Read more

Amarena Cherry Ice-cream (Low-carb, Paleo)

5. October 2014|Martina|10
This is one of the best ice-creams I've ever made. I LOVE cherries and was wondering if there was a way to include them in a low-carb diet. Typically,... Read more

Amarenata (Low-carb, Paleo)

28. September 2014|Martina|6
First some great news: I've been working on a new cookbook project! This will be my second book and because many of my readers have requested a hardco... Read more

Bacon & Onion Cookies

19. September 2014|Martina|8
Not everyone can tolerate low-carb sweeteners. For some, sweeteners like stevia or Erythritol cause cravings and increase appetite while others may be... Read more

Almond & Cashew Butter

17. September 2014|Martina|5
Nut butters are best when made from soaked nuts and are great sources of magnesium which is an essential electrolyte often deficient in low-carb diets... Read more