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New Update - Maintenance Release

31. August 2014|Martina
Hi Everyone, The new version of KetoDiet is finally on the AppStore. However, we have found a small issue with purchasing the optional packages (in-a... Read more

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fat Bombs

28. August 2014|Martina|6
Whether you decide to follow the FAT FAST or you are just looking for healthy low-carb treats, these fat bombs are a great option. Compared to my o... Read more

Blackberry BBQ Sauce

25. August 2014|Martina|4
This week will be all about berries - blackberries, raspberries or strawberries - and I will be sharing several sweet and savoury recipes to make the ... Read more

Guest Post: Pork and Halloumi Fat Stacks

24. August 2014|Martina|6
I only joined Instagram a few months ago and got quite addicted to it. I love browsing through loads of delicious and unique low-carbs recipes and was... Read more

Healthy Home-made Ketchup

23. August 2014|Martina|4
Home-made ketchup is another addition to my collection of healthy home-made ingredients and it's also one of the many recipes included in my apps and ... Read more

Strawberry Cheesecake Fat Bombs

20. August 2014|Martina|13
I’ve been following Elviira’s blog, Low Carb, So Simple for quite a while and have tried many of her super easy and delicious recipes. All of them hav... Read more

Spiced Coconut Chips for the Fat Fast

19. August 2014|Martina|8
I know many of you are waiting for the upcoming update of KetoDiet. I would like to ensure you that the app is pending approval and it will hopefully ... Read more

Guest Post: Green Beans with Lemon and Almonds

18. August 2014|Martina|3
Today's guest post is a simple yet delicious side dish from the very talented Elviira, the author of Low-carb, So Simple. Elviira's blog is unlike any... Read more