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Dark Cherry Chia Jam

Fruit is generally not the most "keto-friendly" food. However, if it's used moderately with other nutritious meals, it can be included in every low-carb diet, even Atkins Induction.

This recipe doesn't require any pectin or other thickeners such as arrowroot powder. I used my favourite ingredient instead: chia seeds. They are almost zero-carb and low in calories. Add to your homemade jams and you will get a nice jelly texture. You can try this sweet cherry jam in yogurts, parfaits or even low-carb baked goods. It's also the main ingredient in my Dark Cherry Crunch Pie which is grain, sugar, egg and dairy free!

Preparation time


Nutritional values (per serving, 1 tbsp / 20g / 0.7 oz):

1.5 grams 0.57 grams 0.32 grams 0.36 grams 0.03 grams 12.5 calories
Total Carbs2grams
Net Carbs1.5grams
of which Saturated0.03grams

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (56.5%), protein (12.3%), fat (31.2%)

Ingredients per jar (makes 22 servings, 440 g / 1 lb / 15.5 oz):

Note: The lemon zest is used only for brief cooking and does not add any nutritional value. When looking for ingredients, try to get them in their most natural form (organic, without unnecessary additives).


  1. Wash and pit the cherries and place them in a small sauce pan with a cup of water.
  2. Slowly heat up and simmer for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Peel half of a lemon and place the peel into the sauce pan for about a minute or two.
    Note: Pell the lemon with a knife rather than using a zester, it will be easier to remove the peel using just a tablespoon.
  4. Don't leave the peel in the sauce pan for too long or the jam will get bitter.
  5. Open and scrape the vanilla bean and add the seeds into the mixture. Sweeten with Erythritol and stevia.
  6. Take off the heat, add chia seeds and mix well. If you are using the jam straight away, leave to rest for 15-20 minutes until it becomes jellied and firm.
  7. Mix before using.
  8. Otherwise, transfer into a glass jar, let it cool down, seal and keep refrigerated. Use within 5-7 days.

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Comments (11)

Thank you for a very nice recipe!! I will definitely make this. I love cherries and just started using chia seeds. This combo made a really nice presentation and I bet it tastes wonderful! Keep up the good work, young lady!! Best wishes.


Thank you Darlene!


I heart cherries... thanks for sharing this!


Can strawberries be substituted for the cherries?


Sure! Smile Or you can try my recipe here (strawberry & rhubarb jam):


Thanks for sharing! I made the cherry crust pie you have on your blog and topped it with sour cream. HEAVEN!


Look yummy. I made a very similar cranberry version.


Thank you, I love using chia seeds in jams!


This looks delicious!  My husband loves anything cherry.  I like chia jams and have made several now. I'll try this!


Thank you! Chia seeds are just amazing. I use them for making "puddings", jams or even low-carb muffins Smile


Loving it! I will make the jam this weekend... and maybe top an almond crust with it Smile


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