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Create personalised weekly diet plans in 3 simple steps using our custom diet plan wizard.
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Trialed & tested low-carb recipes

Over 1,950 trialed and tested recipes developed by our passionate recipe developers. We test & fine-tune each recipe to ensure you get the best results at home.

Plan & track your diet and monitor your progress

Track every aspect of your progress to achieve your goals. The KetoDiet app tracks weight & body fat, body measurements, nutririon, ketone levels, blood glucose, cholesterol, mood & energy.

Barcode scanning

Scan and log any product. Use it directly in your day or in any of your custom meals.

Extensive food database

Discover keto-friendly ingredients from our hand-picked database and over 1.5 million popular foods and restaurant meals.

Daily activity tracking

Automatically adjust your targets based on your daily activity

KetoDiet App Feature Summary

Custom Meals & Ingredients

Create your own foods. You can quickly edit, clone & add your foods to any day

Integrated Blog

Our team of experts & recipe developers create amazing content delivered directly to the KetoDiet app

Ketogenic Diet Guide

Our complete guide to the ketogenic diet to help you avoid common mistakes and make healthy choices