KetoDiet Beta iOS

Before you start

Beta Version: A pre-release & incomplete piece of software that is given out to users to test under real conditions. You join Beta-testing of KetoDiet at your own risk.

Existing KetoDiet Users

Existing KetoDiet users must back up their device(s) on iTunes. If you don't back up on iTunes and you lose your data, we won't be able to help you.


  • An iOS device running iOS8 and later - ideally latest iOS (currently iOS 10.1.1)
  • Users will need to install TestFlight from the AppStore. TestFlight is a tool used to install & upgrade Beta Releases.

Quick overview

Below is a quick overview of our Beta testing plan. Our current plan is to Beta-test throughout November & December and release the final version of KetoDiet in January 2017.

How do I provide feedback and ask questions?

Your feedback matters, please use our dedicated forum to let us know what you think. Do not send us support emails for the Beta version. You'll only get a response if your post your question in our forum.

What's new?

The new version of KetoDiet is a complete redesign that took us years to develop. Every aspect of the app has been improved and there is little resemblance to the current version. The main benefit of the new KetoDiet app is that it works on both the iPad and iPhone. All features will be available on either device.

Here's a quick summary of the new features:

  • KetoDiet app is now Universal and supports both iPhone and iPad
  • We have improved every aspect of the current app:
    • New profile section with integrated Keto Calculator allows you to estimate your macronutrient targets
    • KetoDiet Meals can now be added directly to the planner from the Meals tab
    • Custom meals, Ingredients and Restaurants are now top level items with enhanced features
    • Blog meals are auto-imported and ready to be used (under Custom meals). You wont have to manually import them anymore.
    • Basket can now group meals by ingredient type, meal, etc
    • Planner provides finer portion adjustments and is simpler to use
    • Progress allows you to focus on specific date ranges
  • Sync data between devices (requires free KetoDiet account - will be available in Final Beta 10.7)
  • Switch between multiple accounts (requires free KetoDiet account - will be available in Final Beta 10.7)

Note: The Data sync and Multiple user account support will be introduced in a follow-up update currently scheduled for Dec 12, 2016.

How do I Join?

To be included in Beta testing, reply to this message with the device(s) you'll be testing on (iOS only)

What should I be focusing on?

Users should focus on testing the overall UI and usability. Let us know how you find the app, e.g. creating custom meals, custom ingredients and planning your days. Is there something you find confusing? Something seems wrong? Please, let us know.

Known issues and upcoming features

The current Beta release is almost complete but we still have some features to implement before the final version is ready for release on the App Store. Below is our list of features that will be added during Beta testing.

Known Issues Scheduled fix Dev status
We'll add links from Planned meals to Recipes/ Custom Meals/ Blog Meals. This will allow users to quickly look up a recipe for any meal in the Planner Dec 2, version 10.5
The 'Add To Planner' browser will be enhanced to include frequently planned meals Dec 12, version 10.7
Wrong restaurant meal added to Planner Dec 2, version 10.5
Restaurant browser for adding meals to the Planner will be improved Dec 2, version 10.5
We'll add improved warnings when macro targets are not met in Planner (not just net carbs, but also protein, fat & calories) Dec 12, version 10.7
We'll add the ability to restore deleted Custom Meals and Ingredients Dec 12, version 10.7
Data Sync and Multiple user account support will be enabled in December Dec 12, version 10.7

Reported issues

Reported Issues Scheduled fix Dev status
Link to "Traditional Czech 'Potato' Salad" was mistakenly linked to "Czech Meatballs" instead - reported here Dec 2, version 10.5
Planned quick meals switch from grams to common weights in the Planner - reported here Dec 12, version 10.7
Planner meal cells seem to have incorrect layouts. Possibly related to cell recycling - reported here Dec 12, version 10.7
Add maintenance as a Goal option - reported here Dec 2, version 10.5
Timezone bug leads to incorrect day being selected in the Planner. Also, date formatting incorrect - should be English not user locale - reported here Dec 2, version 10.5
Find out more in locked recipes is not working - reported here Dec 2, version 10.5
Filtering for KetoDiet meals not working in the Planner meals browser - Will simplify the UI here and remove the filtering, sort and create options - reported here Dec 2, version 10.5
Custom meals visible following deletion - reported here Dec 2, version 10.5

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