Low-Carb Eton Mess

by KetoDietApp.com

Step 1First, prepare the meringues by following this recipe. When the meringues are completely chilled, start whipping the cream with a hand whisk or in a mixer. I used double cream but you can use heavy whipping cream. Double cream has more fat than heavy whipping cream and is commonly found in the UK. Be careful not to over whip the cream or it will get buttery.

Step 2Place half of the berries in a bowl and mash using a fork. Keep the rest of the berries aside.

Step 3Place the mashed berries into the whipped cream. Add vanilla powder or extract.

Step 4Crush the meringues into smaller pieces and add half to the bowl with he cream and mashed berries.

Step 5Keep the other half of the meringues aside. Gently fold in using a spatula.

Step 6Start assembling the parfaits. Scoop the cream & meringue mixture into serving glasses or bowls...

Step 7... and top with some whole berries and crushed meringues. Add another layer of the cream mixture and top with the remaining berries and meringues. Serve immediately! :-)
For better results: If you are not serving the parfaits straight away, keep the whipped cream separate from the meringues and berries and assemble just before serving. Otherwise, the meringues will get soggy and the cream may curdle.