Keto Marinated Cheese Balls


Step 1Make the labneh according to the directions here

Step 2Allow to strain for 12 hours or up to 48 hours so that it has thickened.

Step 3Form the labneh into 8 balls, rolling lighting between your palms to shape them.

Step 4Choose your flavourings — dukkah, herbed or spicy lemon — and spread out on a plate.

Step 5Roll the balls in the flavourings to coat.

Step 6Add to a glass jar (I used an 800 ml/ 28 fl oz capacity jar) and then pour over olive oil until the balls are all covered. (You'll need enough oil to cover the cheese balls but only a fraction is used to calculate the macros.)

Step 7Allow to marinate at least 8 hours before consuming.

Step 8Store in a sealed glass jar container in the fridge for up to a month.