Homemade Low-Carb Kahlua

by KetoDietApp.com

Step 1Prepare all the ingredients for the low-carb kahlua. Start with the coffee. The better the coffee, the better the end result. I used fresh brewed espresso.

Step 2Combine coffee, erythritol and water in a pan over medium heat and stir until the sweetener is completely dissolved. This is important, otherwise you can get a film on the top of your bottle. It won’t hurt, it just doesn’t look as nice if you are planning to gift the bottles.

Step 3Remove from the heat and cool until tepid. Add the vodka (or you can use dark or light rum) and the vanilla.

Step 4Pour into bottles to store. It can be served straight away but tastes better after a few days/weeks.

Step 5Allow to fully cool before capping.

Step 6Store in a cool, dark spot for 2-4 weeks before opening. If you do get a film on top, just give it a shake before opening.

Step 7Serve over ice or use in cocktails such as White Russian (see intro for instructions on how to make it).