Keto Chocolate Coconut Fat Bombs


Step 1Place the extra virgin coconut oil into a small bowl and melt in a microwave oven on low heat for just about a minute. Add raw cocoa powder, vanilla extract, Erythritol and stevia.

Step 2Erythritol doesn't dissolve easily unless heated up. For a smoother texture you can blend it until powdered.

Step 3Mix everything well, make sure there are no clumps.

Step 4Spoon the chocolate mixture into the silicone mold to about 1/3. I used these heart-shaped ice silicone molds but you can use any other (the ones I used take 1 1/2 tablespoons each). Place the molds in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes or until the chocolate solidyfies.

Step 5When the chocolate mixture solidifies, add 1/2 a teaspoon of home-made coconut & pecan butter into the mold. The best results are achieved when the butter is chilled.

Step 6Top with the remaining chocolate mixture and place back in the fridge for at least 30-60 minutes or until firm.

Step 7When done, keep refrigerated. Coconut oil gets very soft at room temperature. Now, whenever you get sugar cravings or before you go to gym, pop them out of the molds and enjoy!!!
Note: You may end up making more than 30 candies. This depends on the size of moulds used.